1. Hate being that guy buts it the one time I’m free this week. RIP

  2. Yeahhhh right now is that small window i have to chill and play. I just sat down too lol

  3. I dont mind it but they gotta be consistent. Our guardian isn't actively engaged in conversations most of the time and then will randomly start speaking out of no where.. Like they gotta be apart of conversations entirely or just completely voiceless.

  4. Don't worry the trolls always come out on launch day to try to convince everyone not to play it.

  5. I'm not really convinced of this theory but I can definitely appreciate the theatrics lol

  6. Thank you! I’m not saying it’s a 100% chance. All I am saying is there is a Ghost at the tower(or will be) with no Guardian who is similar and shared a certain quirkiness to a beloved character.

  7. Its a good point. There is a guardianless ghost and he will most likely be teamed up with someone. It might be someone we haven't met yet. Dude in the trailer that said "not all of us have lives to spare"

  8. I like the rallying effect it has online. Everyone gets really talkative and hype. Its good vibes.

  9. I’ve thought of this multiple times and each time it leads me to think what the direct opposite of arc would be… interesting food for thought.

  10. Hmmm it would probably have to be something earthly. Maybe. I do know that diamonds don't have any free electrons and they are a powerful insulator. Thats as far in that thought as I got though

  11. Project blue beam. Its interesting because the whole conspiracy is outrageous and not too believable to be honest but it still leaves you itching the back of your head because Serge Monast suspiciously died. Its a weird one

  12. Supposably instead of Supposedly. Or when people say Aks instead of Ask

  13. YTA. Yea you defended your wife but you had no ground to stand on from the start. Its 2023. There's massive amounts of raw data clearly stating that smoking can cause serious and devastating birth defects You say your mom smoked and you turned out ok but did you really? You allow your pregnant wife to puff smoke into your unborn child's face. It is undoubtedly hurting your child as we speak.

  14. This post came up when I googled sunbracers and monte carlo to see if anyone was doing this. I came here to say its absolutely ridiculous and I love it.

  15. Or they'll release a game in an unfinished state, rake in the money and then finish it.

  16. Anthem. Its great material. It could have been an incredible game but they tossed it in the trash and abandoned it

  17. Death Stranding assuming the actors/actresses remained the same

  18. I had the exact same one and thought the exact same thing too lol

  19. You're talking about the sheriffs? Because I have a funny story about that.

  20. I loved the show in general. I’m always down for a story tho lol

  21. I was almost on that show. So right off the bat I'll tell you that I had an amphetamine addiction for about 5 years. I cant remember what year this happened but it was between 2011 and 2014. My friend and I were hanging out at my girlfriends house and took a drive down the street to get cigarettes at a gas station and some breakfast food from macdonalds. As we drove up to the gas station we noticed a few undercover vehicles(still very obvious that it was the sheriffs). I remember staring at them with my bug eyes because I was high at that time. I also remember laughing and saying someone's in trouble lol. After we got our cigarettes we drove across the intersection to the McDonald's and they pulled us over in a grocery store parking lot. 1 sheriff came up to the car and in Arizona, you're supposed to announce that you're armed when you get pulled over. So my friend kept his hands on the steering wheel and I was actively eating a sandwich and we told the sheriff we are armed. These guys just spazzed out hard. They all came rushing up. You remember that female blonder sheriff? She had her service weapon pointed sideways in my face. I was looking down the barrel. She said "if you move, I will fucking shoot you". Anyway these guys thought we were driving around looking to rob some stores or some shit because we technically lived out of town because we were at mt girlfriends house. They let us go because we didn't do anything wrong but it was a whole thing. I remember them lifting my 9mm up to a camera and talking about the specs. They also moved stuff around in my friends car with a camera saying "oh no dope here". They sound like jackasses when you're there in person. Even as we drove away they were still talking in front of a camera. Now was I a no good piece of shit drug addict? Yes but I wasnt committing any crimes. It was wildly unprofessional of them to pick on us for the sake of the show. Anyway in case you're wondering ive been clean and very sober for almost 8 years now. Married, child, good job etc.

  22. That would honestly be fuckin terrifying. That would induce some serious claustrophobia.

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