1. Depending on how close to the border you are maybe you could import it? I know stouffers is based in Ohio and is fairly near the ports on Lake Erie to/from Canada

  2. Yes, I could care less about the rewards, I just want to be able to catch the legendaries

  3. The world building and design were amazing, loved going back to it time and again just to explore. I’m one of the few fans who actually prefer it pre-NPC as it felt very much in tune with that desolate post-apocalypse vibe

  4. Ohioan here, today is the first time I’ve ever heard of Buckeye Chuck, I thought everyone went off of Phil

  5. Over 1,100 people were murdered by cops in America in just the past year

  6. /uj actually had a scar there from it back when I did juniors racing

  7. It’s perfect to me, though trying to enforce that on a partner gives off super sketchy vibes

  8. Go above the RA to the housing director. RAs are still students and not necessarily great at conflict resolution. Worst case you guys may need to put in room change requests. If you all do at the same time they may take action and move him

  9. As someone who dealt with multiple safety issues due to roommates in Lincoln last year, unfortunately the school is not able to for a student to change dorms, they can offer other forms but typically the towers are lowest rung so there’s not much they can even offer in the first place

  10. The school definitely is able to allow students to change dorms. I did as a freshman and know multiple others who have. People drop out, switch to commuting, etc and open up spots in the dorm all the time.

  11. Sorry I must’ve worded it poorly, what I meant was that they don’t have the power to force a student to move, this was something made explicitly clear to me by my RA last year when I did not feel safe because of a violent roommate

  12. They can have it, that show disgustingly oversexualizes characters who are stated to look like middle schoolers

  13. Seems perfect for a trans woman to put that gel hrt stuff in

  14. Futari, you have to let her go, the incident wasn't your fault.

  15. Likeable doesn't necessarily mean good character there is lot more like development growth throughout series what they are known for etc.

  16. But that’s not the question being asked at the top of the post

  17. My father actually got to do shots with Vonnegut at his (Vonnegut’s) house because Vonnegut was the advisor for a club my dad was a member of at the university of Iowa and hosted house parties there regularly for it

  18. I saw a theory once that Stone Ocean took place after an alien invasion. That would explain a lot.

  19. Another sign of me being very bisexual, I love when women have arm and leg hair

  20. Well that is only one take on it. His plan was to rely on guerrilla warfare following the raid. While guerrilla warfare has been proven to be quite effective against the American army, it can also be quite risky, with the soldiers being much more isolated from each other. Perhaps he would have been caught further on in time instead. Perhaps that would fail to inspire more slave rebellions, there have been many other attempted slave rebellions and escapes throughout history, and yet the raid on harper’s ferry is the one that caused the civil war, not those other attempts. So perhaps if it played out differently the civil war would have been caused by something much different, or even just someone else instead. Some of the most influential figures involved with the civil war attended his execution: Stonewall Jackson, John Wilkes Booth, Robert E Lee, Edmund Ruffin, even Walt Whitman was there. All of these major figures who were potentially influenced by John Brown’s trial and execution.

  21. I can appreciate your perspective, comrade, and I agree that it's plausible and possible that Brown's plan could have failed.

  22. Frankly, at the time I wrote that, those were the most attention grabbing examples I was able to think of off the top of my head. And while it is true that they do share a common cause, from my research both in my free time and while preparing presentations for my various classes, I have seen multiple sources stating that his rebellion and trial were in fact what caused the south to fear an end to slavery. If I am remembering it correctly, there were even direct statements from leadership in the south written to that point, with Jefferson Davis even fearing “thousands of John Browns”. Additionally, this led to the southern militias being reorganized and strengthened. And even in the investigation following his raid, the topic was so polarizing that one representative attacked another with a bowie knife over the discussions.

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