1. They need to have the ability to change in the shower stall then. Puritanical nonsense.

  2. Read the article, it extends to showers too. Absurd.

  3. Sounds like it’s one of those open shower rooms by the article; which is even more ridiculous. If they want to solve the “problem” they can renovate the shower rooms.

  4. Inheritance tax is a fucking rort. Its double dipping and all it will do is hurt younger generations. If Labor so much as considers I'll be voting for the alternative next election.

  5. It’s the most crass intrusion into people’s lives the government could think off.

  6. Something seems off here. Your initial gravity reading appears to be around 1.18 and 4 days later is at 1.08. That would be a change of 0.025/day which is abnormally high. Did you use a turbo yeast or something?

  7. And why should it be banned? As bad as it is, they have the right to do it. It does no one any physical harm.

  8. The same reason it’s illegal to yell out racial slurs in public.

  9. There's a difference between a hate crime directed at an individual or a group and publicly expressing political opinions.

  10. So turning up to a trans rally and doing the salute of a regime that literally murdered trans people in death camps isn't expressing hate?

  11. Sorry..... armed teachers? Some schools can't pay for pencils for their teachers, and you expect them to pay for Glocks and training? That is mighty funny!

  12. Having armed teachers seems to more likely to lead to an increase in gun violence than offering any real protection.

  13. Awful everything is American gun culture that leads to this kind of shit happening all the time.

  14. Because Sydney is measured from the CBD to the blue mountains, all the way down to wollongong and campbelltown and north towards the central coast. The area of new york is just the main city. Such a dishonest way to measure size. Compare the metropolitan area of New York City. It's about 3x the size of Sydney

  15. Claiming that Marx's views aren't backed by facts and rationality has easily got to be the dumbest take I'll read all week, and I come across some astoundingly stupid people.

  16. It seems pretty clear to me what he’s suggesting, and your refusal to comprehend this comes across as bad faith.

  17. Explain how they are artificially increasing the coverage of the No side in an objective non abstract sense and without using anecdotes.

  18. I don’t work for you. Take your sea-lion somewhere else.

  19. I feel like you over reacted a bit, but your wife seems pretty pretentious. Surely you must have realised this before?

  20. Exchanging RMB to other currency. I think they can help sending money between China and overseas, though not sure if there is any advantage to it compared to using a local bank. Maybe if you have an account with them in China it’s more useful.

  21. If we can print 300+ billion for defence, we can print the same amount of housing, health and social services.

  22. Social services and health is over $300 billion in a single year. In 30 years when the project is done, it will be far more than that, being several trillion a year.

  23. Define “popular” - radio listening has been declining for years as boomers drop off the twig and everyone from Gen X onwards has moved to podcasts and streaming.

  24. People listen to it in the car. I doubt his audience is “boomers”; primarily Western Sydney bogans listening to him as they drive around in their commodore Ute.

  25. I think they’d heard “pissed” but didn’t remember it properly, or they couldn’t resist writing “piss drunk” as Americans would think that means angry.

  26. The difference between English and Spanish settled colonies is that the English actually established industry etc but the Spanish just pillaged resources.

  27. I always wondered why there was such a difference, but am not familiar with the history. That seems to make sense!

  28. What, why? If we can be competitive shipping the raw materials I don't see why we can't be competitive shipping the finished material.

  29. You don’t know anything about manufacturing and shipping. Australia is disadvantaged all around in this regards. We are geographically isolated so it costs more to ship, we have high wages so it costs more to make things, we have a small population so we don’t have the domestic demand that gives us the ability to develop the scale of industry that is necessary to bring down costs of production.

  30. On a positive note my kid now says “biscuits” instead of something ruder when she curses.

  31. I’m making a traditional now with macadamia honey. Tastes pretty good so far. Orange blossom is also available. Leatherwood is supposed to be interesting and is freely available.

  32. Obviously. Everyone’s nuclear is small. The point of that graphic is to show that the low-carbon (renewables + nuclear) share of energy is the same in China and the United States. One has a legacy (and shrinking) share of nuclear the other has a legacy (and shrinking) share of hydro.

  33. So are you against the 2nd ammendment or just when trans people use it. Taking a picture of a different person and applying it to yesterday's tragedy is sleazy as fuck

  34. The second amendment and also the dumb American obsession with treating the constitution like a bible is stupid.

  35. I agree. My point is the picture isn't unlike anything you would see from a 2nd ammendment protest. It makes me wonder why OP would tie a random trans protester to the school shooting especially when there have been so many more perpetrated by cis het white dudes.

  36. Doesn’t matter. Economy is still growing at 88.8% per year, as Xi intended.

  37. they used him horribly in the last few games. A death might force the devs to make him a last cool scene

  38. He becomes cringey and cliché and not really realistic or relatable like he is earlier.

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