1. "It turns out that our atmosphere warps in weird ways that the human brain likes to interpret as physical objects, but if we actually say that then I'm going to have to stop getting blazed and watching X-Files on company time."

  2. For crying out loud, I've already specifically told someone else that this is a joke in a comment very close to this one. I thought it was pretty obviously a joke from the phrasing, the fact it's in quotes, and the content.

  3. Define AI, because modern CNC machines are a lot smarter than you think.

  4. CNC machines aka computer numerical control is essentially a subtractive manufacturing process in which engineers still has to incorporate data points in order for the CNC bits to remove material to get the finish product.

  5. Congrats, you read the wikipedia article and you are talking to someone who works in the field of CNC manufacturing.

  6. Mentioning your occupation doesn't negate the fact that I'm right.

  7. So Abortion ban + Sex Strike = Rape season.

  8. I am afraid it will be more like California telling the Supreme Court to enforce its decision and then President DeSantis putting the hammer down … hard on “insurrectionist States”


  10. Miami Dade Police department, always known to be racists something they must've brought over from Cuba

  11. Does that mean students can pray using

  12. Looks like the Texas GOP's ideas are Dog shit insane.

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