1. From a Facebook update: "Female suspect was detained at one point but then released because the vehicle had not been reported stolen by it's owner..........

  2. care to expand on that? just don't like their work? "news" in general sucks, right?

  3. Aren't they the remnants of the plain dealer after they cut a shit ton of their staff? The quality took a very noticable nose dive, probably because they cut most of their editing staff. Also, the comments section of their website was filled with pure unmoderated hate speech and trash for a long time before they just decided to disable comments. Then they put all their online articles behind a paywall. They may have changed the quality of their content since they went behind the paywall, but I don't really have any interest in paying to find out.

  4. Is there a good simple way to look into the candidates for State Central Committee? Some of the candidates are proving difficult to find any information on.

  5. I have been scouring the internet for a few weeks trying to find info. I have feelers out to some of the organizations I'm part of to see what I can find that way.

  6. Thanks for posting this, especially with links. Good succinct writeup. I wasn't able to find much else on the democratic candidates from what you posted. I also couldn't find pretty much anything about the Republican candidates running for committee.

  7. These tortillas are from the same "burrito"-sized package. The two tortillas on the outside of the package were normal. The six tortillas on the inside of the package were significantly smaller.

  8. Maybe it was a packaging error and some taco tortilla got skipped in? Seems sketchy enough to bring it to their attention though.

  9. I can appreciate your feelings, but you apparently were supporting the team with all the questionable player signings (Johnny Manzel, for one), and all the worthless front office and ownership, and coaching people since they came back in’99? Sure he comes with baggage, but he’s the best QB we’ve had since Kosar!

  10. If you can't understand the difference in severity between a 24x serial sexual predator and a self destructive alcoholic, there's not much to discuss. You just summed up all the accusations against him as "baggage" and then rationalized but because he's good at football, that's exactly what people are upset about. Downplaying his predatory behaviour and the testimony of 24 victims because he can play a sport well. I know there's plenty of Browns fans that will continue to support the team, but don't be a dumb ass and rationalize that kind of behavior, it just makes you look like an asshole.

  11. Unproven. He was not proven to having done anything illegal, regardless of public opinion.

  12. Proven to have done something illegal, and being innocent are two VERY different things. Short of video evidence it's hard to prove what he's accused of having done by over two dozen women. If your judgement of someone only relies on wether or not they were proven guilty, you have a very shitty judge of character.

  13. 8 hours puts you within reach of most of the Midwest and some East Coast cities. It really depends what you're looking for. Camping? City/night life? Touristy stuff? Seclusion?

  14. don't bother arguing with him, he's on his alt account looking for attention

  15. Oh I know. He's already admitted he just likes the attention. I just enjoy when they can't give an answer to something that contradicts them and instead say some dumb whataboutism.

  16. Was just at the zoo this past weekend and did see a sign to see the corpse flower but didn't get a chance to see it. The sign was pointing towards the directions of the rhino, so your information is probably correct.

  17. Here's my question about the 3: do all three leaves come from a single differentiated place on the stem?

  18. Why is it that on a touchdown you only need to break the plane, but on a kick you can do this?

  19. They really left out the Terminal Tower in Cleveland. Second tallest building in the world when it was completed, next to empire state building. Stayed the tallest building in north America outside of New York until the 60s. Still the second tallest building in Ohio.

  20. 20 years from now Cleveland and the rust belt region will be hot in the real estate market from everyone escaping climate change

  21. Cleveland plays used to have a classified section for players looking for a team and teams looking for players. Haven't tried it out though so I'm not sure how active it is.

  22. West side, we're actually in Avon

  23. You can put a toothpick in the hole to make up done of the lost material and give the smaller screws more to grab onto.

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