1. Probably "Cneoridium dumosum (Nuttall) Hooker F. Collected March 26, 1960, at an Elevation of about 1450 Meters on Cerro Quemazón, 15 Miles South of Bahía de Los Angeles, Baja California, México, Apparently for a Southeastward Range Extension of Some 140 Miles"

  2. Solved! That's the one, thankyou so much!

  3. There are a lot of things I could (and do) criticise Plymouth for, but the truth is those same things are far worse in most other UK cities. We have some of the lowest crime rates in the country, for instance. Plymouth is far safer to walk at night.

  4. I'm currently struggling with this, but the time frame is shorter. It's excruciatingly difficult but unfortunately the only thing I've learned to do is ignore them and block them on social media. I hope it gets better, and I'm really sorry you had to go through that.

  5. Thanks for the help. Sadly blocking is only somewhat effective - my city is a small, insignificant one and our local paper gets overly excited about anything that puts our city on the map. They put out endless drivel about the few locals who've gone on to be successful, so it's only a matter of time before I see the celebrity's face plastered over social media whether I like it or not.

  6. Go directly to jail for that pun, or community service as an alternative.

  7. He should definitely be in jail Faraday at least

  8. I'm worried that in Plymouth there may be a biased opinion against the police in light of what's happened in recent years. Might be worth mentioning in your findings as a limitation of your research (dissertation supervisors love that stuff) nevertheless I have completed it, best of luck to you!

  9. I'd argue that the opposite could in fact be true. The two largest cases in the past year have (in my opinion at least) been the Keyham shooting and the murder of Bobbi-Anne Mcleod. The failings by D&C police led to Davison legally holding a firearm he shouldn't have had access to, and Cody Ackland turned himself in, meaning the police weren't able to have their "catch a killer" moment. If anything I think Plymothian sentiment towards police has soured over the past few months.

  10. Dawn of the Black Hearts wasn't a studio album, it was a bootleg (i.e unauthorised, unofficial) live album. Mayhem had no part in its release, though Euronymous did arrange Ohlin's body and take the photo.

  11. Babe are you okay? You've hardly touched your bean mug

  12. I’m sure every generation has felt that way. I said “rad” and “booyah” growing up. My parents probably wanted to disown me at times.

  13. Well are there no places that you know of or...? And Other people have actually answered my question, pretty simple really

  14. It seems like you're trying REEEEAALLLYY hard not to say what style of tattoo you want. If you're uncomfortable even describing the style to strangers online, are you sure it's something you want on your body permanently?

  15. Liverpool played Real Madrid tonight. They went 2-0 up but ended up losing 5-2. A normal British house is a 2 up, 2 down as there are 2 rooms upstairs and 5 rooms downstairs.

  16. Congratulations, you explained the joke and made it even more confusing. That takes some skill.

  17. I would say "Yo goober, where's the mash?"

  18. People keep saying "smell of weed" like it's a negative, but for me comparatively easy access to cannabis is one of the main selling points of the city, no pun intended.

  19. Stop asking us what we're thinking. It's a pointless question and you're only asking it in the hopes we'll say something romantic. Chances are we're daydreaming, and you asking what we're thinking has just interrupted it.

  20. I tried this stuff a few times before it was banned in the UK and the effects were so varied, presumably because the chemical composition was always changing.

  21. The word pronunciation and the accents all sound really cool😁 i wish i was american but im British and both countries have pros and cons

  22. The way people from Alabama say words like "church" and "curl" makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I can't explain it. Americans should celebrate the diversity of their accents as much as we do

  23. Nah I'm with you on all three. I actually live in the same city as the most recent UK mass shooting and I remember vividly how alien of a feeling it was. It was such an unusual event, the first of its kind in 11 years, and authorities quickly acted in response. Devon and Cornwall Police held an internal investigation into why the hell they returned his shotgun after he threatened a group of kids.

  24. Act like you're an exception to some trend about men that isn't true. Essentially making a crude and false generalisation about men, excluding you from that sweeping statement, and acting like it's a compliment.

  25. Humans were killing each other in a much more barbaric fashion before guns came along. I'd rather catch a .50 cal to the dome instead of being carved up with a sword.

  26. Not only do guns depersonalise killing, as was pointed out in another comment, but they make it far easier for murderers to escape capture. For instance, in Oakland, CA, 82% of solved stabbing murders were cleared within a week, compared to just 32% of solved shooting murders.

  27. Move out of my hometown, or even the country. SW England is completely void of opportunities, no chance of home ownership or social mobility. The country as a whole is spiralling downward, and the government are more concerned with socially engineering the public's attitudes towards problems rather than fixing them. Sadly I'm classed as "limited capability for work" and live on benefits, so not only can I not afford to up sticks, but I wouldn't pass the points-based systems anyway.

  28. Circumcision. As a non-American I find it highly disturbing how routine it is for you guys to have your children's genitals mutilated, all either to appease a sadistic God or on the off-chance your kid's gonna be unhygienic enough to get a dick infection.

  29. That's true, after a while it becomes self-fulfilling, and the procedure is performed simply because it's routine. Kinda like saying "bless you" after a sneeze, we're not actually saying it for any tangible reason beyond "people used to say it before germ theory and it kinda stuck"

  30. I don't find long nails attractive to look at, but when my partner digs her nails into my back it drives me crazy. Maybe I just like being used as a scratching post.

  31. A113 was a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts, and many alumni like to include it in films as a subtle reference. It appears as Andy's mother's licence plate in Toy Story, and also appears in other Pixar films like Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. Along with Pizza Planet and the Luxo ball, it's one of Pixar's most enduring and recognisable Easter Eggs.

  32. I'm from Texas, lived in Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Hawaii, and I've never heard anyone in my life pronounce the middle c. What kind of monster does that?

  33. I'm British and I've only ever heard it with a silent C. I'd assume anyone who does pronounce it is just getting it wrong, like when people pronounce the "-shire" in British place names as "SHY-er"

  34. It fell flat on one guy in the comments, which was purely accidental

  35. Thankyou! I forgot to try and figure out a comparable American coin

  36. Funny thing is, Britain isn't entirely metric, we're officially metric but in reality it's kinda hybrid. Our speed limit signs are in mph, beer and milk are measured in pints, most people know their weight and height in imperial but not metric

  37. this gives me the same feeling as when some irls talk about the antidepressants they’re on. it’s gross, bc it’s the same people who won’t put in the actual effort of therapy etc to get better and just take a pill

  38. To some extent it depends where you're from. In the UK there just isn't the funding for mental health support, you either pay extortionate amounts and wait years for private therapy, or get sertraline thrown at you as you're hurried along a conveyor belt of similar patients.

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