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  1. Welp, that explains why everything is grimdark

  2. dont tell us Euro Nordics that, we LOVE our Licorice

  3. That's probably already happening in Ukraine, but we won't heat about it for a while. We really do need to start thinking about moving certain things underground. Agriculture could be transformed this way in terms of fertilizer run off. I think ultimately housing might have to start moving underground as well. Building underground would also make you less vulnerable to this sort of attack.

  4. that dosn't sounds practical at all... especially considering the already existing trend of vertical urban farming..

  5. Two big issues with vertical farming is the power needed for cooling. Unless your making it from specialized materials that block only certain parts of sunlight your going to get the building heating up during the day.

  6. you are correct about the how, but what about the "why", and have you considered what it would take to convince people to change lifestyles so drastically. It might work for some agriculture/industry, but getting a majority of people to live underground away from cities is much more difficult.

  7. too much emphasis on the everyday man, too little about how the 1% would exploit it..

  8. and constrast that with; On February 15, 1933, an assassination attempt threatened the life of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was in Miami, Florida giving an unplanned speech from the back of an open car. After the first shot was fired, he took cover; at the same time, the assassin continued firing as he was being pulled to the ground by those around him. Roosevelt was unharmed, but five people were shot as a result of the incident, one of the most badly hit was Anton Cermak, the mayor of Chicago, who had been standing directly next to Roosevelt when the first shot was fired.

  9. anti war-support tax on all business operating in Russia, no matter their country of origin might be a place to start...

  10. Me too but since I don't have the expirience and the time I am not gonna make that. Here is a good map from someone else though:

  11. ah, yes ok. sorry for being snippy :)

  12. I suggest we invest in new efficient reactor designs or small modular reactors and/or new fuels, like thorium or something even safer like pebble bed reactors...

  13. How come so many of Nordic countries have female presidents? Its really impressive.

  14. For Denmark she is only the second female prime minister, the other

  15. my theories 1; ATACM missiles, but like the HARM, US wont admit they send them until Russia claims it with evidence..

  16. I know that it's a fucking old comment but it always makes me think about how people before science believed that nature was created/controlled by animalistic humanoid gods, and all these sorts of weird things and concepts, then we figured out how a lot of stuff worked and everything became so mundane. Now we live in a "space exploration" dark age where we don't know what life might look like in different environments, but I'm pretty sure that we'll eventually (if we'll ever be able to figure out how to venture out into space) realize and discover that life is just... a lot more "mundane" and there are certain well trodded paths and body plans that just work better, especially for more complex lifeforms. I personally don't think that there are a lot of humanoid alien species out there since we are already pretty unique on our home planet and only ever evolved once that required a very specific environment and timing, but I'm pretty sure that there are universal traits that will pop up very frequently on other planets. Cephalization, bilateral symmetry, and yes, even four limbs, because these are just... The best. People always say that tetrapods evolved four legs because our fishlike ancestors also had four limbs (or four fins, to be more specific) but that's just not true... If you look at the lobe-finned fish from which tetrapods ultimately evolved, they actually have/had 5 fins (actually a lot more because they also had a dorsal fin but that never had the potential to turn into a limb because of its position high along the back), not just 4, and somehow only 4 remained, the anal fin disappeared and didn't turn into a fifth limb. Also, we have 5 fingers, but there's fossil evidence that shows that early tetrapod-like creatures had actually a lot more fingers, like 8 or even 10 on each limb, not just five, but they didn't last long before their number got reduced to only five (and in a lot of later species and clades it reduced even further). I wonder why. So I'm pretty sure that we'll see a lot of bilateral and even tetrapod-like creatures, at least in the form of megafauna, and we'll also see a lot of fish-like creatures in liquid environments.

  17. A VPN is a friend, and its a pirates life for me. screw the mega corporations

  18. all state employees and officials should be automatically banned along with anyone working in a business / industry that contributes to the military effort, otherwise we should allow any young well educated Russian's to flee and brain drain Russia...

  19. Angry Tory PM, yells at people who hate her government, so that they will hate her less and not break up the country while she is PM...

  20. Racistiske skældsord virker bedst til at gøre folk sure og ødelægge deres dag efter min erfaring (lige meget hvilken nationalitet eller etnicitet), så hvis det er det som jeg søger, så er det normalt min tilgang til at fornærme folk. Kan ikke rigtigt se hvorfor det skulle være et problem?

  21. fordi racisme er moralsk forkasteligt og burde være ulovligt og strafbart og alle som ikke kan se et problem med racisme er næsten altid forfærdelige mennesker demselv

  22. Why All Russians Are Complicit In Putin’s Evil

  23. work at the company, live in the company town, and vote for your company lobbying target

  24. I dont know about a total ban on everyone, but I could be persuaded, but we should ban everyone connected to the any Russian state officials or any industry that contributes to the war.

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