1. I've heard it referred to as "Marging", I assume because the ash is reminiscent of Marge Simpsons hair!

  2. Not unnecessary. It’s called accessibility.

  3. Are they squishmallows? I use a giant one of those on my couch

  4. I actually researched this as I have the Charmander one but it has a different company on it - not squishmallows. However, both companies are owned by the same guy, so I think they are pretty much squishmallows without the squishmallow name!

  5. Oh cool! If you don't mind sharing the name let me know :)

  6. The company these Pokémon squishys are from is called "Wicked Cool Toys", at least in the UK anyway :)

  7. Don't feel bad, it took me 6h to find this

  8. The smell alone from any seafood is nauseating to me 🤮

  9. I hate the path. I loved having the choice of leveling up different categories!

  10. Same here; that was something I really liked as I could keep my attention on learning for longer! Now I fear for my streak 😅

  11. I’m kind of ambivalent. I dont mind letting it choose my next lesson, so the path doesn’t bother me, but the timed challenges seem sort of useless. I know the answers but can’t find and arrange the word bubbles fast enough to pass the harder levels. I wonder if it’s easier on the computer because you can just type an answer.

  12. Same about the unit checkpoint! I had done that to unlock unit 3 Spanish but now have loads of greyed ones where they would have been level 1. I dislike this new update the more I use it.

  13. I think my parents found a really good line on this issue. I wasn't allowed to say I didn't like a food unless I had tried it at least once, but if I really hated something I didn't have to finish it.

  14. I always say that I'll at least try things once. That way I know if I actually like it or not. But I also have to be in the mood for trying something as some days I just can't make myself try something new no matter what.

  15. O is "Order of Magnitude", so indices/exponents

  16. I have! I had surgery in January and it's slowly been evening out, I think massaging helps a bit, but it mainly sorts itself out :)

  17. Hahaha came here to say this, did NOT think it would be the top comment 💜😂

  18. I opened the comments hoping this would be the top one 😂

  19. Classic Positive Teddy Bear Sign. Common documented finding in fakers.

  20. Probably some of the ones I tried in Amsterdam but the only strain name I remember is Buddha Kush, which was the first strain I had in 'dam! :)

  21. Let me know how it goes. You can use any chocolate chip recipe and replace half the flour and add a half a cup of oats. Toasted.

  22. Yeah gotta have non-weed versions for snacking, otherwise I'd probably end up eating all my edibles at once lol, and cookies are the best!

  23. I still get ID'd for energy drinks. You have to be over 16 to buy them. I'm 23.

  24. Literally did this twice today at a theme park lol

  25. She looks like one of my brothers cats! She looks like the male he had who was called Pasha, but he also had a girl cat called Petra and I think they're both pretty cool names! :)

  26. ASMR with objects isn't too bad, but any mouth noises or whispering and I’m out lol

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