1. Ye is cucked for associating with a woman who called the mother of his children a prostitute

  2. Yeah, this is just pathetic. This sub jerking him off for posting shade to some 20 year old fucking his wife regularly was also just as sad.

  3. I like how Smokey’s eyes are obscured by the brim of his hat as if he’s hanging his head in sadness.

  4. Wish I saw them live when they reunited. Apparently Ian Brown can’t hit anything anymore but nobody cared because the audience screamed every word.

  5. Some of the best Americana ever. Almost feels like a folk tale.

  6. Very low bar so yes and people who use it as their exclusive hobby are usually terribly boring.

  7. Copy one niche, fashionable person you admire. Straight up just buy their wardrobe and rip off their look.

  8. Porn commenters are so deranged they can be funny. City subs are just a bunch of tattletales and hall monitors.

  9. Not a big AM fan but Alex turner is looking the best he has in his life and their new album is about to drop

  10. Why the fuck would you ever ghost someone you clearly were at least friends with prior. What the fuck

  11. Strike another match, go start anew. And it’s all over now, baby blue.

  12. All-time great performer. Nearly peerless. Also the perfect combination of masculine, flamboyant, and mischievous as far as looks and movements go.

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