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  1. Holy damn, shafted after 2k :/ fells ur pain bro

  2. Masteries are now build in perk, only for legendaries, other still has to be rolled.

  3. Story no damage runs are my ususl opening after fresh reset XD

  4. Ultra Ego Vegeta that exchanges into Granolah when he goes to fight Gas. I know Goku had some shit in the middle but those two actually connected, Goku was just there as part of the fights.

  5. Yup those upcoming units animations will be crazy good they, hopefuly they will take manga as source dor those new animations!

  6. This is old and out of topic but dfe tur hakai goku

  7. Maybe old but theres a lot of latest characters and a lot of exchange, assist, duo characters that fight together.

  8. Guys i have a lot of energy restore pots but i can not use them, option isynt highlighted whenever i try them

  9. If you don’t have the item for levelling up the limited time job then only options are nameless spheres or waiting for a rerun. They can be farmed, and I have quite a few spare ones from doing the job rooms when they have increased rates. But if you want to get a bunch quickly, there is no easy way to do it.

  10. So where should i start farming that hard way?

  11. Oh damn XD doesynt sound promising, cheers anyway i gues i need to w8 for the rerun…

  12. That means everything from the Remake is continuation and should be considered as sequel!

  13. i only have wishlisht or follow for every single game in the store, i cant even buy games.

  14. Maybe you can not download the demo cuz it is ment to be „open beta” which mean’s only players who are eligible to connect will be able to play, at least how i understand it it is locked tor open beta demo

  15. Reborth isnt ending in junon you dinger its a sequel trilogy that goes to all the same locations ff vii og did. I have a feeling Rebirth will end after the Northern crater reunion. And the third one will obviously be called ff vii reunion and will be the one where we can freely travel the world in the highwind and donall the sidewuesr and chocobo raising and the fughting arena at Gold Saucer and the emerald and rubybweapon fights. As well as the 2nd assault on Shinra

  16. Northern crater and Junon is basically the same period of time so i dontu understan wy it can in your opinion end there but cant end like few moments later Xd

  17. Its in the main section! If youre brand new you kight have to unlock more spots in the baba shop! But its the olace where you can buy or exchange things for baba points! The nuking items appear frequently there

  18. They shuffle items around every 30 minutes. So they arent permanent, but unlimited since you can buy them in batches of 5, 10, or 15.

  19. Its ur game and you can build any character the way u desire or fits your playstyle! Go for it! Tey like stardust heal/keen eye/honey elixir etc, maybe Altair of the forbidden book to cut healing magic mp by half, it drains HP every cast you do but magic will restore it at the same time, i run only holi elixir on him cuz he has high normal attack hit count paired with high damage its like seconds after i use holi elixir my mp is back and i can use skills, rinse repeat

  20. Hey does any1 know good way to farm dual swords? Locations, spots, enemy etc?

  21. This could be my winter screen shame i cant use it as animated wp on my ip12

  22. Ive seen few opinions to keep them and save for the 200% lead that suits best with units u have

  23. I guess that means I'll save my coins for the GOAT Captain

  24. Same here but dont know on who yet, ill just keep saving

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