Donald Trump indicted over hush money payments in Stormy Daniels probe

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  1. What should look for in a funnelweb?

  2. Depends on your build. I’m a warlock grenade build, so for PvE I like Adrenaline Junky and since burst stinger’s nerf, I really like having Subsistence. But other good rolls include perpetual motion + frenzy. Or Subsistence + frenzy.

  3. You can look at a tier list of F2P warlock exotics

  4. No. Eventually Xur may sell it. So keep an eye on that.

  5. It's not in his loot pool. Maybe they will add it next season

  6. Yes. I know. That’s why I said eventually he may sell it. But currently the answer is no.

  7. There are a couple types of grinding.

  8. Thanks bro, another question, what's the differences between a 1600 player and a 1810, does 1810 do more damage, take less damage, etc etc.?

  9. Depends on the content. In normal PvP? No. There is no level scaling.

  10. I have a 3070ti at 1440p medium/high and get 100 fps. Haven’t tried 1080p, but that seems reasonable.

  11. Leaks indicate that it's grenade energy gen is going from 20% per hit to 5%

  12. The leak is accurate so far with today’s nerfs/buffs, so I assume this specific nerf will be accurate as well.

  13. Guardian ranks are meant to show completion of Destiny content. If you don’t own the content, you cannot complete the content, you won’t be able to progress into high guardian ranks.

  14. Yes. 100%. Usually it took me a dozen server hops to find one. Now I’m finding them back to back really often. Definitely feels increased. I farmed them for about 6 hours today and now am just missing one red border to finally be done with all of it.

  15. I think it’s Wandavision it unfortunately set the bar kinda high and the rest of the shows fell short

  16. At release, WandaVision was my second least favorite marvel TV show (that I’d seen. So Netflix+AoS. Haven’t seen Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, or others). But, now that more Disney+ MCU tv shows have come out, WandaVision is up near the top. Just below JJ, DD, LC, AoS, and Loki, imo. Just beating out Hawkeye and Moon Knight.

  17. a grand jury though. those have a much higher rate of going through.

  18. Correct. Grand Juries do not determine guilt. They only decide if there is enough probable cause to charge. They only need 2/3 to vote yes to indict.

  19. Depends on the state and charge on whether or not it needs to be unanimous.

  20. That’s not true, since December 2020.

  21. This is the artist group BLVisuals. They do this for a fee at lots of music festivals. They can also hydro dip just about anything you want them to. Shoes, hats, shirts etc. I once had them dip some fabric for me for a sewing project. They are awesome guys!!

  22. There is a also company called Hydro Graphics that does this for Nike and other sports groups. Started doing football and lacrosse helmets for NFL and college teams a decade or so ago. Teams like the Seahawks and 49ers, and universities like UNC, Oregon, Michigan State, etc. Nike calls it “LiquidMetal HydroChrome”. But, it’s just water transfer printing like this (though, of course, some extra professional processing).

  23. Surely it isn't that difficult to make it swap automaticaly.

  24. I’m being sarcastic. It’s a R6 Siege meme, sorry. Probably too niche. Yes, of course, weapons should track kills in PvE and PvP, regardless of what the tracker is set to.

  25. Every day, there is one legend lost sector available. You need to be at least 1750 power to even see the mission, and will likely need to be more like 1800 power to beat it. You can find todays Legend Lost Sector from a variety of websites, or Twitter accounts like D2 Lost Sector Report.

  26. ….there’s what appears to be a barricade of potato sacks blocking the sidewalk ahead of him???

  27. It is just a folding table with some produce on it. They do almost look like they are giant sacks sitting on the ground though! Kinda funky angle that makes it look odd.

  28. Are you running a strand build? Otherwise, the first isn’t very useful.

  29. It varies by weapon type. On a pulse it takes 12 bullets. On a scout it takes 6. So about 1/3 of the mag.

  30. PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or any device with GeForce Now. Stadia was removed last year, I think.

  31. I’ve got ya. Will write up a table for how to get stacks of scorch on Hunter. 100 scorch = ignition

  32. Are u sure about firebolt? I can ignite a champ if I hit them with the grenade AND the bolt

  33. Nope. Just pulled them from an article. Could be wrong, but the first few I saw matched up with my experience.

  34. Gotcha, right now I’ve been playing hunter and using the void subclass. I think the invisibility is fun to play with so I was thinking about trying to make a build centered around something in the hunter void class so that I could use the invisibility.

  35. Oh yeah. Void hunters are very good. I’m not exactly which exotics is the best, but hopefully you can find a good exotic that works well. Some are locked behind expansions, so look out for that when googling build guides.

  36. So I just need an exotic that pairs with my build and legendary armor with good stats and mods for mobility and resistance? Also I appreciate all the advice lol

  37. Yup. The website I talked about above (D2ArmorPicker) automatically tells you which mods to run on which armor to get the desired stats. But, really, the more important part first is getting the subclass and aspects/fragments lined up with your exotic and mod selection. The stat distribution is more of a perfection to the build. Definitely not the first step.

  38. As a true noob, you’ll want to follow the New Light story quest. It’ll walk you through the 3 F2P elements (solar, void, and arc). It’ll also give you an exotic weapon to start off, if I remember correctly.

  39. No evidence of cross posting or the original title, at least on mobile

  40. Are you using some outdated or third party system/app to view this? Crossposts work fine for me on

  41. Official app is dogshit, using Relay and was confused as fuck as to what I was looking at.

  42. Yeah unfortunately many of the third party apps are missing features like crossposts. Some also mess up certain text formatting after the switch from markdown. Can make some posts/comments seem very confusing.

  43. Crow already claims control over the hunters. He calls them “my hunters” often.

  44. Currently, yeah. But we’ve been moving more and more towards “light and dark are not good and bad. Just neutral. It’s the user who determines the intent”. That’s been a main storyline for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if the main Destiny Vanguard cast for post-Final Shape is a mix of Light, Dark, and non-wielders. Including a variety of the anti-Witness races like the Cabal, Humans, Awoken, Eliksni, and maybe even the Hive with Savathûn (or Krill if they end up expelling the worms) would seem not too unlikely either. Definitely will depend heavily on how the Final Shape plays out.

  45. What class? Solar Warlock does incredible damage with Starfire Protocol.

  46. I’ve snagged a few Taipan’s I’ll give them a look.

  47. Oh duh yeah my bad. I forget how many of the exotics are locked behind random old DLCs. Sorry. Yeah, you’ll most likely be looking for some more ability related DPS strat. Unfortunately, I haven’t touched Hunter since Forsaken, so I’m OOTL on what works there.

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