1. I don't see Sandin re-signing until a trade is done to open up a spot on the blue-line (and in the process opening up the cap-space to actually sign him).

  2. They can go over the cap right now. The cap isn't why he isn't signed. Statistically holl is better than muzzin on average. Especially considering he's healthier and makes way less.

  3. But they need to free up cap-space eventually…that’s why I put it in brackets. It’s not needed to re-sign him but you do take care of it in the process now.

  4. Versus a 80 IP 5 ERA starter? I'll take my chances. We're all pretty desperate right now

  5. The Jays solid high on Castillo. He was a nothing prospect for most of his minor league career and broke out this year. Most scouts don't think he was capable of maintaining his success and his peripherals would suggest the same.

  6. Zimmer wasn't really outputting too much. For 2022 his BAA was .105, and his OBP was .209. JBJ has a BAA of .212, and an OBP of .258.

  7. Weird, so I guess the stats are super narrow than. I was looking at his sprint speed numbers and he was 1-2 below Zimmer but I guess that's a bigger differential than I thought.

  8. Pretty much. A difference of "2" means Zimmer is running 2 entire extra feet per second more which is a sizeable difference.

  9. Call me crazy but I think the optimal lineup (in the playoffs where you have off days to keep players fresh) is this but with Kirk at C and Tapia/Biggio DHing.

  10. Kinda trust Jansen with the pitching staff over Kirk for pitch calling so I penciled him in there even if an argument can be made that others are better offensively.

  11. With the following 2023 payrolls:

  12. Ryu and Chapman are in their walk years. It would be one year of a tight situation at worst.

  13. Absolutely zero chance Atlanta makes the same mistake in back-to-back off-seasons

  14. To be fair people thought there was a zero chance they were going to mess it up the first time.

  15. When the Yankees were dominating half this sub was worshiping them and now that they have been sucking hard there hasn't nearly been enough shit talking of them.

  16. There is no such as thing as a bad minor league signing.

  17. Hmm I didn't because I sort by best comment where this was the third highest comment:

  18. Tavares I feel is just controversial and difficult to value. His contract and playing on a team where he is the 3rd or arguably the 4th best forward makes pinpointing his value hard.

  19. What farm? Outside of Moreno the cupboard is pretty bare.

  20. Teddy is pretty legit pitching prospect at this point who will universally be a Top 50 guy in baseball by the off-season.

  21. I think it’s any video game featuring real people. There aren’t wnba games and they probably stick a white player on the cover anyway. Tennis would be a spot but not sure how many games there are. Track and field game I don’t believe feature real athletes. Not a lot of options for black females to be featured on game covers.

  22. Wasn't one of the Venus sisters on the Virtua Tennis 3 cover? I vaguely remember due to owning that game...

  23. Kind of pre-mature to call him a mistake. Every manager has their pro and cons. A manager needs more time to get a footing for things.

  24. Most Americans don't really care for the one Canadian team. It all comes down to their own ratings and numbers. The Raptors recently won an NBA Championship and don't really get premium games.

  25. Gurriel is slowest player ever for a guy who doesn't look like should be slow. Most deceptively slow player ever.

  26. He is a DH hitting .236/.320/.342 with an OPS+ of 93. I don't think there was much interest.

  27. -13 for saying the truth. This sub is full of assholes that can't handle the truth.

  28. Leafs still pretty much have to make at least one trade (unless someone unexpectedly starts the season on IL). Most fans debating between Kerfoot, Holl or Muzzin.

  29. imagine Soto hitting lead off for us. oh well. Orlevis and Moreno better be Cooperstown bound.

  30. WSH don’t even listen to us without Bo, Kirk and/or Monoah in the offer.

  31. This is all part of our fairytale story of the season.

  32. Who tf is Foster Griffin I must have missed something this season lmao

  33. He was DFA by KC in mid-July. We traded a 20-Year Old A-Ball Pitcher for him.

  34. I’m too lazy to go through specifics but I agree with your overall standings.

  35. Bad take. Momentum and confidence matters. Losing a series to a playoff team will hurt the confidence and momentum of the team.

  36. "Important" sure but it is a complete missuse of "Must" win. Using the term insanely loosely.

  37. Even for starters. A guy can pitch 4 perfect innings but won’t ‘qualify’ for the win. It’s a dumb archaic stat baseball refuses to get rid of

  38. Getting “rid” of the statistic might be a bit extreme. Wins still have value with added context. It just doesn’t mean too much on its own.

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