1. Either Alabama/LSU or the onesided Alabama/Mississippi st even those those two schools are only 95 miles apart.

  2. BIG is about to distribute like 100 million a year.

  3. The SEC is obviously going up as well. I just went with current numbers.

  4. Us bottom 15-20 value P5 programs will all be left in the dust

  5. I'm assuming we are working on that. The buyout is ~$100 million, which seems like a lot to the G8 schools, but that's only 3 years and a bit of additional revenue if they left, leaving 9 years of an extra $30 million a year if they leave in 2024. It really doesn't add up to stay at that point if you can front the buyout.

  6. Yup. I'm not sure at this point that the SEC and BigTen survive either in their current form. We are slowly inching back towards one large media deal, similar to what we had before NCAA v Board of Regents of OU. Except this time, I think it's only the big boys bargaining together and not sharing their deal with the Vanderbilts and Northwesterns of the world.

  7. Vanderbilt will be getting their cut, trust me

  8. Ok hands up, who actually believed the Alliance would survive when actually money was on the line?

  9. I expected the alliance to last exactly one vote, to delay playoff expansion, which it did.

  10. I'm just here to smile, wait for the defense of the 8-4 season leading to the best recruiting class of all times, and the delusional aTm fans who actively attack other schools for giving money to recruits.

  11. A 5-7 team (with a loss at home to Kansas) is currently #3 in '23 rankings.

  12. Wait, do you not think it's because aTm is spending more? I'm confused. Do you think Jimbo is just really good at the living room pitch?

  13. What? You just scheduled 3-9 LA Tech. Sure one win more than Tulane, but both suck ass rn.

  14. My dude, LaTech is in a horrible position in a dying C-USA with no lifelines left. I honestly feel bad for them and hope they find a way into the Sunbelt or something because they're about to be distantly behind the directional LA schools.

  15. Oh, Louisiana Tech is unfortunately screwed. I was just using this as an excuse to make a Community reference and insult our old rival.

  16. It's got to be the live tiger living out in plain view, right?

  17. For, like, the first twenty minutes. It was already 17-28 by halftime. Clemson scored one more time five minutes into the second quarter, and then never again. LSU had that game pretty well locked up by the half.

  18. It was the dream game for us fans, just like Oregon in 2011. It starts out close then we start dominating. You get the nail biting, then the prolonged ecstasy.

  19. Where is the fun in that? Maybe, if by peacefully you mean a trebuchet, then we can talk

  20. Ole Miss. Being a fan of that team is probably embarrassing enough for the actual fans.

  21. As a Finn: Thank god this shit is over. Felt so bad that one country can extort us.

  22. It's just part of the lore that is 2007, obviously a very memorable season for LSU and Ohio State for different reasons.

  23. For some odd reason we had "The Fabulous Cajun Chicken" as an unofficial mascot for a long time in the 80s and 90s and the antics were pretty good. Because the chicken wasn't officially endorsed by the university, he got away with some questionable stuff.

  24. That was 1996 and my first USL game, even though I had been a student there for a year and a half. The chicken was more known for basketball games, but the tearing down of the goalpost was legendary and scary. Watching it leave the stadium was hilarious!

  25. Northwestern, Duke, and Vandy in shambles right now.

  26. I really like them. They are part of our culture in south Louisiana though.

  27. I ate them at a Michelin starred restaurant in France. They tasted a bit like salty chicken with very little meat on them.

  28. Oh God. I would never pay Michelin Star prices for them. I've eaten them in nice restaurants, but that are always better at just a normal (what you would probably call Cajun) seafood restaurant or fresh caught at someone's house. I'm not paying $30 USD for frog legs.

  29. Saints fan checking in. We love Taysom. That guy is the epitomy of "put me in coach" . He doesn't care at what position.

  30. Eh sort of. You can tell he’s always pushing to be the QB but he gets much more play time as an offensive weapon. I feel like Peyton kept him at bay by letting him play QB a little and then giving him that hybrid contract to keep his hopes alive that he would maybe be the starting QB but in reality we all know he’ll never be the guy. No doubt he gives 100% anywhere they put him though.

  31. You don't sit in on the running game meetings, passing game meetings, WR meetings, QB meetings, and drop in on TE meetings if you aren't dedicated to filling roles. Of course he wanted to be a starting quarterback, but I'm fairly certain he knows he has never been in the position to ascend to that. He's amazing at what he does though, which is open up the playbook.

  32. That's not how any of this works. Obviously, Comcast isn't a great company, but that's wired Internet. It's people like that who bog the system down and have access to better internet already. They are not the customers Starlink is designed for.

  33. I don't think a lot of people understand what Starlink is for and how much people need it.

  34. That is definitely on the shortcomings list, but they still pumped out a lot of cars. They are well passed 2.5 million at this point. They are pumping out cars.

  35. We are finally streaming a movie! I'm not sure if that effects the download speed on my laptop speedtest.

  36. Congratulations! I'm streaming a movie with my dad after we installed it in Mississippi this afternoon. He's ecstatic he can use streaming services. It's such a relief for him.

  37. I'm at my dad's. On HughesNet, the speed peaked at 10 Mbps. It was barely useable for checking email and searching for recipes. An hour after the installation, we are streaming Dr. Strange in 4K and I'm on reddit while he's on Facebook. We keep running speed tests and happily reading each other the results.

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