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Dr. John Cheng charged the shooter at the Taiwanese church and died a hero

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The reason why pregnant people get ultrasounds and not MRIs, is that in an MRI, this is what a fetus looks like

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  1. Fellow ADHD experiencer here- I always feel better when I stop eating sugar. I also feel better and more in control when I exercise (even 20-30 mins/day walking). Also as an aside, healthy sleep schedules (fall asleep/wake up at the same time and getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep) are key.

  2. I was having some serious IBS problems around 5 years ago and the only way I found relief was to pretty much give up all carbs (less than 10g a day). And after about a week of eating like that, I was at work and my coworker asked me to proofread her report to check for errors before she sent it to management. I'm intelligent enough, but trying to read through a multi-page report feels like torture to me because I can never concentrate long enough to understand the content of report, I get distracted by my own thoughts, have to restart and look over things many times, constantly lose my place, and it just takes so long and a ton of willpower to do a subpar job.

  3. as someone that needs a LOT of food (fast metabolism & sports) with at times pretty crippling ADHD, how does one function without carbs? i also have awful IBS symptoms in stressy times but i eat boatloads of carbs among other things in a day to keep myself going.

  4. I ate such few carbs during that time because I was doing an extreme elimination diet. At that time, I was literally sick everyday and couldn't identify what was causing it. After that, I slowly added back foods one at a time to determine what I could actually eat.

  5. Flax oil, aka Linseed oil, is an oxidizing oil that heats up as it oxidizes, hot enough to autoignite. This is a common concern with woodworkers who use flax oil as a finish and need to let their rags dry out in the open otherwise the rags can start a fire.

  6. This is also a concern with artists who do oil painting since a lot of them are made with linseed oil. People will wipe the paint off their brushes with rags and then carelessly throw them in the regular trash.

  7. There are actually studies proving what you said :) They did experiments with multiple people, from different ethnicities/backgrounds, gender, age,... And they found out, that if you haven't learned how to read/write yet you usually go with what feel natural, which is pretty random So e.g. me organizing my tools all in the top row, from left to right, is based upon the fact I'm European and just have learnt it that way. (Someone from Japan might organize it the other way round)

  8. Me organizing my tools all in the top row just has to do with the fact that I'm lazy and everything you pick up goes automatically to the upper most left side of the inventory. Keeping the tools there allows me to rearrange my inventory the least amount necessary while still separating them from the items I want to sell. I never use to rearrange my tools at all, but after accidentally selling my wetsuit, I started putting them first to avoid confusion lol

  9. He did. Obama literally held an anti war rally on Oct 2 2002 the same day the war began..... He spoke out against it on that day. The first day of the war.... Then he voted against it. Then he ran on ending it. Then he did end it....

  10. The war officially began on March 20, 2003. I wouldn't have known or cared about the specific date, but literally just yesterday I looked through my diary I kept as a little kid, and it had an entry on 3/19/03 saying:

  11. I’m not on the autism spectrum but trying to fix the way I walk does the same thing to me

  12. I use to hyperextend my knees when I stood/walked without even realizing it. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and observed other people walking to try to see what walking should look like. Then I practiced it everyday. Within a few weeks, it just felt natural to me.

  13. I'm double jointed and knees and elbows bend backwards slightly. I have a lot of issues with my knees, so I thought that it would help to limit standing while my knees are bent slightly backwards. It helped a little, but my knees are still weak and unstable, which limits how much I can walk around.

  14. There is absolutely zero chance this is true. It happened in the morning and every classroom in the country had the tv on.

  15. My elementary school didn't turn the TV on. Somewhere in the second half of the day, the school's guidance counselor told us that some planes crashed in New York. I had to wait until I got home before my mom actually explained to me what was really going on.

  16. On 9/11, I rode the bus home after working my night shift, I ate dinner and went to bed. When I got up that night, my roommates weren’t home but had left the radio on and I heard them talking about how maybe skyscrapers should have weapons on them and that the twin tower bombing in 1993 could have been prevented. I was like why are they talking about the 1993 bombing? I went out to the bus stop and heard people talking about how they found people in the rubble. Got to work at the hotel and started checking late arrivals in and they were asking me what I thought. I still had no idea what was going on. After things calmed down and I was alone, I turned the tv on in the breakfast room and found out. My heart dropped and I was glued to the tv all night. I cried. I had just found out I was pregnant a month before and I was scared. A woman came down from her room in the middle of the night and sat with me watching tv and we talked about it. I had to deal with it alone though for hours. My family didn’t call me, my roommates didn’t tell me. I found out about this attack alone the night after it happened. I’m kind of glad because I never would have gotten to sleep if I had known.

  17. My mom was driving home from dropping one of my siblings off at school when the radio was talking about the attack. She also thought they were talking about the 1993 attack. It wasn't until she got home that she realized what was actually going on.

  18. It's entirely plausible... and not concerning on the overall vaccine safety in the least.

  19. I'm extremely provax, but the covid vaccine gave me some rough side effects. The first dose had no side effects, the second dose made me feel like I had a very bad flu for 36 hours, and the booster made me feel like I had a bad flu for 48 hours and then I had two weeks of intense muscle spasms and increased nerve pain in my joints.

  20. He should be okay! One of my younger sisters was about 6 weeks early and had to spend a few weeks in NICU after she was born. She was 4 lbs 4 oz when she was born and my stepdad could hold her in one hand. She had a lot of issues with her kidneys when she was little because they were underdeveloped, but grew out of them around puberty.

  21. I was born one day before my due date at exactly 7 lbs, the biggest of my sisters (one was 5lbs ?oz, other was 6lbs ?oz). Now as adults, I'm the smallest at almost 5'3" and 104lbs. My hands, feet, and head are literally child sized, and I have to often buy children's clothing/shoes. My sisters are both average sized adult women who are taller than me.

  22. Chinese people arent just a mono ethnic block of generic yellow people.

  23. The Wikipedia article for the shooting states that the shooter's former neighbor said that a few years ago, the shooter was beaten nearly to death and suffered a head injury. I can't verify that information, but head injuries can potentially cause major personality changes, which may have greatly contributed to the shooter's motives.

  24. shingles happens because you had chickenpox as a kid. varicella virus stays in your body for life

  25. It does. But before there was a vaccine, getting chickenpox as a kid was the only option to prevent you from getting a much more severe case as an adult, which could be deadly.

  26. I got chicken pox at 6 months old so luckily I don't remember it. My big sister brought it back from kindergarten (typical.) But yeah my mom said it was not fun to have a crying baby covered with pimples in the heat of the summer.

  27. I got it at less than a year old as well (in 1991 because my my older sister also brought it home), and I obviously don't remember it. My mom also said I had a very mild case. I have one very faint chickenpox scar which is the only proof that I actually had it. My mom was always worried that I didn't get sufficient immunity because I had such a mild case, but now I'm 31 and haven't yet recontracted it. My younger siblings were both lucky to be born late enough to get the vaccine.

  28. I've been in some crazy mosh pits in my day (2004-2012) and any time I or anyone else got knocked the fuck down, someone immediately came in to help me or them right the fuck back up.

  29. I've been in many mosh pits and some crazy crowds, fell down or got dropped a few times, and it always amazes me how there are like 6 different people helping me back to my feet before I've even processed that I've fallen.

  30. Yes, yes and yes. Before I had kids, it was a mystery to me how anyone could hurt their sweet, innocent babies. Then, I had a baby. Throw in post-partum hormone shifts, a HUGE life change and massive sleep deprivation, and ANYTHING is possible. I'm not condoning it in any way, but I really think the vast majority of the people who do this are not in their right mind when it happens.

  31. My parents really wanted kids and it took them eight years of trying to finally have their first one (my older sister). My older sister cried all the time despite my parents doing everything right. They were absolutely miserable and sleep deprived, but did everything they could to be atrentive because they really wanted kids and wanted to raise them right.

  32. Is the "crying it out" method really controversial? If the baby's fine and you need a breather, there doesn't seem to be an issue. Baby's gonna baby. They will probably learn to self soothe like you said.

  33. I have noticed some posts on social media saying that the method causes "trauma" or "abandonment issues" in babies. I don't think it's a good idea to take parenting advice from social media (I'm also not a parent), but I only saw the posts because some of my friends have shared them. So some people do believe it is harmful.

  34. My neighbor came over and asked for a fire extinguisher last summer, his grill had caught fire and he didn’t have one. I keep some of those single use ones in the kitchen and each car, and bigger more traditional ones in the garage. The under sink one was enough to get him handled. I highly recommend those myself, they’re inexpensive and I have proof they work as intended.

  35. I bought 3 of those smaller spray bottle looking fire extinguishers and put one in my kitchen, the spare bedroom (which I use as an art studio), and the room that leads to our back porch so it's nearby when we are grilling. I live with my boyfriend and we have a small house, so no matter which room you're in, there will be one fairly close.

  36. Good on you! Make sure you watch the expiration dates too, and replace them when they are due. That’s the other problem I’ve seen with some people’s fire extinguishers.

  37. Thanks for the reminder! I just checked and they don't expire until 2026. I'm glad I ran across this thread since it reminded me that I have been meaning to purchase a couple more so I can keep one in my car and in the garage. I will make sure to buy them this weekend.

  38. And the fact that it’s so loud makes it even more unbearable.

  39. I always joke that MRIs sound like really bad dubstep.

  40. I used to freak myself out as a kid thinking about if I was real or living in a dream. I would get stuck thinking about it to where I would cry and repeat over and over “I’m alive, I’m alive.” to bring myself out of it. My husband is the only person I told this. As a kid I had a huge imagination and also thought I was pregnant because I had a pot belly. I was a stupid kid.

  41. When I was a kid, I would test if I was dreaming or awake by holding my eyes open and purposely not blink. If my eyes started to burn, then I was awake. I decided this was a decent test because in my dreams, I never had to deal with trivial things like needing to blink. I only ever figured out I was dreaming while dreaming once like this, and it was a surreal experience since I did not know how to wake myself up (I was having a bad dream).

  42. So similar. It was like giving yourself a panic attack. Did you have vivid dreams as a kid? I did, lots of tornado dreams and flying.

  43. I had a ton of vivid nightmares about tornadoes and fire as a kid. I still have pretty regular vivid dreams, but thankfully they are mostly now normally over mundane things like work. Occasionally, I will have dreams that feel so long and different from my actual life, that it takes me a few moments after I wake up to remember my real life.

  44. I ordered a few gifts off of my friend's Target babyshower registry last year. Trying to be funny, I wrote amusing messages for each gift. Things like, "Congratulations on your fertility, your uterus and ovaries impress me!" Well, I learned that Target puts the gift messages on the label on the outside of the box, so I hope I made a bunch of delivery people laugh. Thankfully, my friend found it absolutely hilarious.

  45. VHS was still a thing when I was a kid, and my parents didn't get a DVD player as soon as they came out, so I think I was 14 or 15 when we finally got one. I'm only 32.

  46. My parents (especially my dad) loved new technology, but they were also really poor, so I grew up with a very odd combination of new and old technology. I'm 31 now, and growing up, we had a computer and the internet for as long as I can remember. I remember starting school when I was 5 and having to help my teacher navigate the computer because she didn't know how to do something basic on it. But also, we had dialup internet until I was 16. And I was also in high school before my family finally got a DVD player. I also didn't have a cellphone until I graduated from high school.

  47. I'm an internal auditor, so lots of company rules have been made because of the errors I have found during my audits. My coworkers are not really fond of me...

  48. You mean you found errors in their work, they didn't like that and made rules against it??

  49. When I find errors in the work I'm reviewing, I will describe the errors in an audit report. This report goes to the management of the company and they are responsible for trying to fix the errors. A lot of the time, management will create new rules and procedures to try to prevent the errors from happening in the future. Some examples would be changing how the employees do certain tasks or requiring them to have two employees do a task so that careless errors are less likely to be overlooked.

  50. She publically announced on Twitter in 2014 that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was taking medication for it. Her conservatorship was officially terminated on March 22, 2022. I hope she does well and continues to take care of herself.

  51. Usually "[decade]'s kid" means you grew into adolescence in those years.

  52. I was born in 91 and I feel like a late 90s/early 2000s kid. It was a wonderful combination of butterfly clips, Lisa Frank, and emo culture.

  53. I don't scrapbook, but I do sketchbooking. Which seems to be very similar, but instead of using photos, I use my own art to make collages.

  54. A degree is supposed to give you a solid foundation about an academic field. Most of what you learn you'll probably never use on the job, but that's not a bad thing. It's not your professor's job to motivate you either.

  55. I'm not sure why people are down voting you. College is one of those things where what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Good professors will do the best they can to relate the information to real world applications, but some information is just industry specific. Also, motivation has to come from within. If you can't be bothered to open up the textbook and study the material, then maybe you are in the wrong degree program.

  56. Oh my god! I've always suspected this was a thing but just felt like I'd be called a sexist. The Vindication!

  57. It probably depends on the guy/girl. I'm female, and before moving in with my boyfriend, a roll of toilet paper would last me about a month. Now that I live with him, we go through it much much quicker. I'm not sure how he uses more than me, but it's something I've noticed.

  58. Yes! It's a weird, infectious kind of smell that they breathe out.

  59. I use to be able to smell when people I was close with were getting sick. It happened a lot as a kid when one of my siblings were coming down with something. My mom could smell it too. It smelled slightly sweet and almost medicinal. Now that I live with my boyfriend, once every few months, I smell that same smell on him for a couple days but he never seems to come down with any symptoms afterwards. So I'm not sure if he was fighting off an infection that never produced symptoms, I'm smelling something else that smells very similar, or I'm just crazy.

  60. I wish that fully grown lawns were considered the right way to have a lawn. I'm not just saying that because I'm lazy.

  61. My allergist says I have the worst grass allergy that she has seen in her 20+ years of being an allergist, so I must disagree with you lol. But I also don't use any weed killer or pesticides in my yard and have lightning bugs every year.

  62. The country being brainwashed to thinking beakfast cereal is a healthy meal when it's basically no better than eating a plate of cookies or something.

  63. I remember having this conversation with my boyfriend when we first started dating because he kept buying flavored cheerios because according to him, cheerios were the "healthy" cereal, even though he didn't like them as much as other types of cereal. I was just like, cheerios are sugar and oat flour that have been mixed with a spray-on multivitamin, which is similar to pretty much every other cereal on the market. All of them are unhealthy, so if you want to eat cereal, you might as well get the kind you will enjoy because the extra 3g of fiber in cheerios isn't going to make up for the fact you're literally eating a bowl full of simple carbs.

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