1. Really?! I’ve only ever seen this one. Although I worked at Best Buy when this came out and the box they came in came damaged so the corner is all scrunched. Never was able to exchange it. Makes me sad but I still love it.

  2. 1, It's just playful banter, they party does still clearly love Mythra

  3. £279 from eBay. There was probably a cheaper way, but I feel like this would've been better than trying for a pre-order on the Goodsmile store.

  4. You were almost making a strike with those solar panels

  5. I just Googled it, I know what I'm playing when I get home XD

  6. Reminds me of this guy called Fred...I think second name's Perry?

  7. Yes reva was weird for a lot of it i didn’t really get her motivations until they sorta info dumped it. But i could like her more if there was a season two. But i do agree some of the shows are content for content’s sake

  8. Everything which came from lucas or filoni was great. Vader, young leia, kenobi, grand inquisitor, all real gourmet shit. All the stuff they added was poorly done.


  10. Took me a minute to realize where I’d seen it before. Thought I was looking at a cylon for a minute

  11. I fucking love xenoblade 2, but fanservice really ruined it

  12. I have this image as the Nintendo switch wallpaper, and there's a thing that bothers me immensely.

  13. Did you call it a fucking meta quest? ₩ Ⱨ ₳ ₮ ₮ Ⱨ Ɇ ₣ Ʉ ₵ ₭

  14. Holy shit, that's a nice custom. What tools did you use?

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