1. Yeah, it'w fucking terrifying. I'l just be driving along and then wham, no idea where i am or how to get where i'm going or back home.

  2. I am, newly sober for about two months, except vapinig nicotine. I tried really hard to keep SOMETHING but i go psychotic when i drink or smoke weed now that i'm medicated. I guess i always did, but i notice it more now.

  3. I personally can't meditate for this reason, though i spend a lot of time daydreaming. Giving myself a direction to go and focusing in on it gives me the relaxed and centered feel without driving me literally bugnuts.

  4. Daydreaming is a form of meditation... helps you find self or your center. You even said it gives you focus.

  5. True! But i meant formal meditation doesn't work for me.

  6. I haven't held a job since 2019 either, and am currently working on getting on disability.

  7. To be honest, this is like asking what the wrong way to exercise is, or what the worst food is. Everyone responds to everything differently, and if there was a medication with a high enough failure rate that it caused significant increase in the primary symptom it claimed to treat in a high enough proportion of the treatment population to be anecdotally notable, that med would get pulled. Cause that's a liability, yes?

  8. Idk if it's an indicator for everyone, but in me there were a lot of signs like you mention, magical thinking, delusional beliefs, etc. Mine went uncaught due to religious upbringing, but in hindsight they eere definitely there.

  9. No vag, but i have groin area hallucinations similar to this, drives me nuts cause i also have actual muscle tics and it's hard sometimes to know which it is without staring at it for a long time to see if it do a twitchy.

  10. No, phones don't do that, though hallucinations DO do that. Believe me, i feel you though.

  11. I made being eccentric and weird a personality trait for years, still sometimes pull it off, but mostly i cannot with people.

  12. He takes a level in badass, but so does everyone else, so...he stays at about the same level vs the rest if the gang throughout.

  13. Happens to me all the time with fans and road noise. I don't mind super bad with fans, but i have to have talking or music on car trips if i'm driving.

  14. For me personally, 1 beer can take me right out. Wine, whisky, anything else is fine, but hops specifically knock me on my back hallucinating, as does weed.

  15. Eyyyyyy, i live in Vegas. Telemind Health does telehealth psychiatric services, accepts all Medicaid, and is my current doctor for psychosis. Ask for DR. Fedak if you do. I see you already have an appointment tho, but if you need a telehealth appt, that's who i suggest.

  16. I live with my partner, but have similar limitations. If you're on medicare or medicaid, call your insurance and ask about PCA services. Or if you have a trusted friend or family member that would be willing, you can get PCS services, which means they get paid to help you, which is what i'm doing with my partner.

  17. Yup. Drives me nuts, especially when the voices are going ham and i can barely think. It's caused a lifelong problem where i speak so softly that no-one can hear me.

  18. Thank you! I've considered making a divination deck several times, might just fuck around and do dat.

  19. Hwhat the actual fucc. I am so sorry you had to deal with that.

  20. Art, writing, my partners, science fiction, my cat, reading.

  21. As John Mulaney said, if there's two words and you won't even say or write one of them, that's the worse word.

  22. I've always been able to rely on my older sister, but i'm NC with the rest of my family.

  23. Try Telemind Clinic, ask for Sarah Fedak. Appointments are by phone, almost always available, and they take Medicaid.

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