1. Yup had lemon slushee and big head same thing!!! I posted it and all the klutch fan boys were crying like I made it up😘 I’ve been smoking for 30 years I know when I taste mold!!

  2. I have lemon slushee and big head right now that taste like straight mold and I won’t smoke it

  3. To be honest I’ve had a lot of there flower! In my opinion the biker kush hits the hardest for me!! Perfect for evening and night use

  4. Was wondering the same! The last batch was phenomenal!! I hope this is the same cause that’s what I ordered

  5. That biker is 🔥 hands down a top 5 in my opinion!! WAs lucky enough to get a half last week for 125

  6. Galenas Electric peanut butter cookies, blueberry cookies, klutch jealousy, big head

  7. Sure is a nice container!! Nobody probably wants to know what the actual product looks like just the container🙄

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