1. Honestly I'm lost when people come to the sub as super solo players. Discussing the experience and individual games helps so much and Reddit won't help with that. I went from 'what are the rules' to gold in a week long vacation because I bugged my friends incessantly while I was learning up. There has to be some super permissive to new joinees mahjong server or something right? This isn't a game you just learn in a vacuum without being a savant.

  2. The riichi rate is low because I’m usually afraid I’ll deal into others’ hands if it’s not early in the game. I’ll definitely take a look at the riichi and defense judgement sections in the book. Thanks for the video suggestions too!

  3. Dealing in is part of the game. To win a hand you always have to take a risk.Now if you can avoid dealing in all together by not riichi then sure your playstyle could work but that is next to impossible even for pros. I recommend watching other players play the game. You'll get an idea how the game is meant to played to which you can add your own style further down the line. You can catch English streams on twitch quite often but you can also check a game or two from a room or two above from the watch feature in majsoul.

  4. Folding is basically giving up on your hand to avoid dealing in to another player. How to fold is basically to cut tiles that are safe against the player/players you feel are in tenpai(ready to win). The easiest and most common timing to fold is when an opponent riichi. You can either fight against it and progress with your hand normally or if you feel like your hand is too far from completion you can fold. The safest tiles at any given time are the tiles your opponent drops. There are other techniques to determine safe tiles but for the moment discarding tiles that an opponent dropped is how you start folding. The term is similar to poker where you step back and let the other players fight it out.

  5. The thing about 60% call rate, is that a pretty massive (in my opinion) 40% of the time you don't call. Which are the times that I don't have a bunch of doras, or a fast hand, or the hand probably would be ruined by calling and become incredibly slow or invalid. My average hand value is about 4.7k, which I'm not sure is average or low, but logically I would think that if every time you won you got 4.7k you would be pretty happy.

  6. 4.7k is pretty low. I'm at 23-25% win rate with a 6k value avg. I too tend to call when I see a tile is useful but probably the difference between me and you is not calling the first tile I see if my hand has the potential to complete by itself. The issue with your playstyle is you are essentially pushing 1k-4k hands against closed hands that could easily be over 4k. But if this playstyle is more natural to you keep it up till you hit a wall otherwise carry on. Who knows maybe you'll find a new playstyle that is OP

  7. At bronze level It's highly luck based as the dependency on luck to win is fairly high. Easiest way to notice this is in efficiency. At that level mistakes are gonna be common and it's gonna be upto your luck whether those mistakes end up hurting you or you get rewarded for them. This is true at any level but the higher you go the less mistakes you see which in turn means less dependency on luck for the most part. That said doing the correct thing doesn't mean you'll always get rewarded so luck is a factor no matter what.

  8. Why is it always manzu? I have never seen chuuren poutou with pinzu or souzu.

  9. Pinzu and souzu make it even more confusing? Specially without indexes on

  10. LyyC says:

    Isn't the discount on the 10x summons just an extra purple gift though? It's not really 1 more free attempt to pull. It's essentially just 9 normal summons plus a guaranteed purple gift for you. I mean I take it, but its not really a free summon

  11. Normal summon=200 jade 200×10= 2000 jade 1800 jade =10 summons with a guaranteed purple. Basically the 10th summon is free and a guaranteed purple. I mean realistically 10 normal summons doesn't have a guarantee of a purple gift hence the incentive for the jade(fortune charm) as you can't get a 10× with scrolls

  12. So, I just learned to play and started last week after having tried to learn several times in the past. Am I developing bad habits with this high call rate then? It's been working out so far but now I feel like it's because I've gotten use to people playing slow.

  13. Definitely way too high. Somewhere around 35-50 would be okay in that rank and with that winrate. But the again till you feel like what you are doing wrong don't change it because if this playstyle works for you and you are having fun keep it up. Change it once you hit that level where it's hurting your gameplay rather than helping.

  14. It's super heartbreaking when you have a very powerful riichi and you lose to a 1000 point hand. Just now, I had a white dragon kan, with 2 red dragons flipped as the dora indicators. I was literally saying "plsplspls" irl until the moment an "all simples" win was called.

  15. See the thing is that's his play style. Just because ppl like going for cheap hands doesn't mean you should do it if you don't enjoy it and doesn't mean that it's better than riichi. With cheaps hand you gotta win consistently while with riichi you only need to win a couple of hands. That said I do think the most important factor whatever way you prefer is reducing the deal in rate. IMO a strong player is who utilizes both depending on the situation but reducing that deal in rate is a good start.

  16. Best I've done is 8 and sadly I've done that multiple times.

  17. Started about a month ago and just hit expert. If you know the basics by now I recommend challenging each aspect of the game one at a time. By this I mean don't try to learn about efficiency and defending at the same time. Learn one till you can use it consistently and then move on to the other. If you can master one before moving on it'll be much better but that's gonna take patience. Start with efficiency and don't worry about losing games,just learn it till you can actually see a difference in how quick and how often you reach tenpai. By the time you instantly realize and regret a discard in-game I think it's alright to move on to defending. Which after you know the basics and can do consistently when you commit to it then learn about the push/fold dynamics and if to riichi or not. So efficiency followed by basic defending and then push/fold. Till then riichi everything. But if you do care about your wins/loses this ain't gonna work cause in the beginning you gonna loose a lot but you gonna learn a lot quicker aswell.

  18. Are the collabs periodical? If so how many month's in-between?

  19. Game has been out almost three years, total of 4 collabs (saki, kakegurui, akagi, now Kaguya). Safe to say every 8-10 months.

  20. Damn for some reason I thought there were more. Btw do they add new characters periodically or were all of them available at launch?

  21. the guy wasn't all that worshipped...more like a loner god if I remember correctly

  22. Yeah only on a couple of occasions. He was worshipped in his past though.

  23. Congrats! I’m stuck at 4/5 for 5 wins for 1st place in 4 player game. I’m not sure whether do I need to win 1st place consecutively 5 times in a row. Any idea how to complete this?

  24. Quick hands. Never go back to increase the value. But this needs to be accompanied with good defending. As your hand won't be worth that much this should be easier to commit to. But at the end the deciding factor is luck. Lost my 7 1st place streak to a yakuman.

  25. Additionally if you can spare 5 bucks the fortune charm is the way to go. You get 300 jade+60 for everyday you login upto 30 days. To give an idea I've been playing for about a month and 3 weeks of that have been in silver rooms and right now I got 150 Stardust worth of gifts which is 3 rolls and 2040 jade which is 19 rolls. So if you can spare that money it's gonna be much easier. Plus I'm not 100% sure whether you can cash in summon scrolls for that 10× summon which I think is what's recommended to do. Preferably on rate up day.

  26. Other than watching streamers/higher room gameplay (highly recommend wrath_ss) and learning about tile efficiency and practicing them one thing I recommend is forgetting about your majsoul rank,your round rank and solely focus on your hand and your discards. Sure worrying about your position ingame is crucial to getting better but first you gotta develop the fundamentals that let you worry about them in the first place. After all you only get 20secs and the less you need to think about obvious decisions the better. If you need any links shoot me a dm. Beware though this all coming from an adept 2 player that started playing mahjong only a month ago so it may not be the best advice but it has been working for me so🤷‍♂️

  27. As person who's first game of this franchise was yakuza 6 which I did play mistaking it for a sequel to shenmue I gotta agree that Y6 is better than Y0 if you like strong/developed characters and an already existing fully-fledged world which does play into the nostalgic aspect if you played the games in order. But Y0 is better if you like to be introduced to a world and characters foreign to you and see both develop. That said Majima does sway a lot of people towards Y0 so it's kinda not fair to compare the two games.

  28. Glad they did tbh it was interesting but it just got annoying whenever u just wanted to practice some combos on random goons

  29. Would have been way more interesting and fun if fighting the cops was an option as well.

  30. Normally if you want to get better and understand the game a bit more people recommend Riichi Book 1but if you are having trouble understanding it, this

  31. Thank you for explaining it. I was actually considering that very fact during play, in that, I would have to wait for the same tile so I can ditch the 9 since the 5/8 wait is better. I also have a hard time with sequences like 677889 because I wouldn't think about 678-789, I would think about 66-77-88 or 77-88-99.

  32. Mate If it's not too late I recommend utilizing one of the tools on the left to assemble your hand freely when you get shapes like that. Sure this maybe redundant to skilled/experienced players and anybody should be aiming to be able to do that without any aids but it's a lifesaver when you really can't figure it out.

  33. Did you deal in at the last round? I'm not sure but I've noticed that if I deal in and end up at the same score as another player I place below him. Reversed when winning a hand an equalizing. Somebody needs to fact check this😅

  34. Wrath_ss. Check him out. Easiest way to understand why to fold.

  35. When you draw tiles that complete your melds as soon as possible it's luck but it could also be called chance. Best advice I've learned recently is no matter how nice your shapes are if you don't seem to be getting the draws you need and you've been stuck for way too long fold unless you need to win that hand. Maybe you'll miss out on potential big hand but you'll also survive dealing into a big hand. Cause as the game goes on the potential of other players hands becoming much more valuable gets higher and higher.

  36. Playing a Kan, closed or open, when two other players are already in richii is another classic. I just saw it happen. Fortunately, I was just folding my own hand and took no part in the tragedy that followed.

  37. What about when it's south 4 I'm in 4th or 3rd and the top 2 or 3 are over 10-15k ahead of me. I'm not dealer nor is the player below me if I'm third. I don't have a hand that is valuable or at least it's not easy to get value fast enough cause ppl are rushing. Would calling a Kan or multiple Kans to make either person's hand more valuable and folding there onwards trying no to deal in while hoping the other deals into a huge hand hopefully increasing my position at the end. Worked for me a couple of times but felt shitty doing so🥲. Is this a viable and recognized strategy or scummy or is it even worth it?

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