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  1. That or the Chinese civil war. We see a sten gun prop here and if the movie producers were trying to be realistic, they probably wouldn’t use sten gun props in a movie about 2nd Sino-Japanese war that started at least 3 years before the Sten gun was invented and even longer before sten guns started making their way to China.

  2. Tbf every description I've found of Adam's injuries say he was effectively blown to pieces, while Becca seemingly lost a portion of her brain (which can be survivable as early as 20 years ago) It's unclear how far gone is too far gone.

  3. Adam smasher didn’t die, he just needed to have cyberware replace most of his limbs and organs. However, there might be a way to “resurrect” Beccas: the Soulkiller.

  4. Because people didnt want AI turrets firing into bases, with AI being removed that is no longer an issue.

  5. AI infantry turrets are shit anyway. Low damage and inaccurate as all hell. A Mana AI turret would probably be more useful.

  6. This is probably the most balanced source I could find that didn’t come from a PRC mouthpiece.

  7. Play LA for a few days and you'll start to understand.

  8. Construction brainlets keep trying to bring up other awful mechanics with “AREN’T BASTIONS/A2G/HESH/MAX/etc ALSO SKILL-LESS?” as an argument and yes, yes they are.

  9. Straight up nerfing things to uselessness instead of giving players more counter-play options would just be lazy and detrimental to the health of the game.

  10. I don’t think the point was to equate “the West” with the Nazis but to highlight that we tend to be more sympathetic for people we feel are closer to us ethnically and culturally.

  11. If you’re hitting your kids, you’re a horrible parent. If you’re whooping their asses for acting like a spoiled brat because they know it’ll give them what they want, then you’re a responsible parent. There’s a difference between abuse and punishment. I know, my stepdad would beat us with ropes and plug in cables up and down our backs and legs. But getting a paddle or small switch and spanking someone’s behind is not abuse. No matter what the pansy participation trophy crowd says.

  12. Punishment or not, parents have to explain to their child what they did wrong. Otherwise, the child would probably just keep doing the same things….but just when their parents aren’t watching.

  13. French Butcher knife is not a listed award in the featured operations battlepack. Neither is Russian Award knife. I play featured operations almost exclusively. So much so that the only skins I am missing ither than getting french butched knife are super rare vehicle skins (Of which I have half)

  14. You can buy the individual pieces from the exchange for a few thousand scrap every now and then.

  15. I mean since matter cant be created nor destroyed. That means the stuff in dirt might have been used to make us. Plants thrive on dirt by using the matter inside the soil like hummus which is just dead plants and animals. Animals eat the plants and we eat the animals. And the protein from the animals which come from plants which also come from soil is used to build another human. So possibly ye

  16. Not just during pregnancy, a lot of the nutrients we need came from the soil one way or another. The nutrients you took from the soil built your body, and will return to the soil once more when you die.

  17. War, just like love, requires both parties to participate actively.

  18. Iirc the creators said he’s actually got a rather successful sex life, just off screen as that wouldn’t be funny/ appropriate for a kids cartoon, we only see his numerous failures

  19. Wasn’t there a meme where Johnny Bravo finds a diminutive, female clown and takes her into a bathroom with him?

  20. Well, he’s pivoted from being a youtuber to being a streamer now. Maybe your real argument is that you want him to edit his gaming streams into shorter highlight videos on his main channel?

  21. I can count on one hand the number of times I won as the French on that map. Congratulations.

  22. The French always win, it’s unbelievably hard for the attackers to win, that’s why they get 350 tickets per battalion

  23. Hot take. Honestly. out running scps is more impressive than killing one.

  24. An inch is about a thumb. A foot is about a foot. A yard is about a step. A cup is about a fist-size container. A pint is a tall cup. A gallon is a small bucket. All very intuitive.

  25. Everyone thinks metric is good cause its base 10, but they dont realize that the world isnt base 10.

  26. It’s not any base really. However, base 10 is just useful for extremely large and extremely small quantities.

  27. Tyson is not short. He is 5’10 Levi on the other hand is 5’3.. tell me about one "badass" man that’s 5’3 I’ll wait.

  28. Take his gun away and he’s just a very short guy that ain’t got shit on taller man, sorry but it just is what it is lol

  29. I dunno man. I don’t think being tall necessarily makes you have the balls to jump into a burning tank just so you can use the MG to stop an advance by yourself.

  30. Except VS A2G is doodoo. Should be a mozzie & whatever NC’s shitbox is called

  31. Damn, well that happens. Actually I think this is the first time in history that we've had such mass suicides, well a time in history without a plague killing off millions anyway.

  32. Is it possible that humanity has always had suicides, but we’re only now starting to notice?

  33. Shouldn't believe the inverse either, that false accusations are common.

  34. Tbh, you should be just as angry towards false accusations as I hope you are towards domestic violence. In addition to ruining an innocent person’s life, false accusation would also lead to actual domestic violence being ignored as people start blowing them off as false accusations.

  35. That info is pretty much irrelevant without knowing his DPI ...

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