1. Influencers like Chloe Ting I just pity her after watching her breakdown yet post her ass on YouTube

  2. Pampered pupz Sasha fashion pixiez Lina and Yasmin forever diamondz sharadian rock angelz Yasmin original passion for fashion destiny there all dolls i got as a kid

  3. Yes but I see her all the time she drives by my house and stares at my window she been bullying me for years eveer since the 10th grade when I started developing breast

  4. Well she said it herself she looked at mine and back at hers I’m 23 now having my dream job and she’s stuck with no real path I think that’s why she was jealous of me she can’t have my body because she knows guys like them and pay more attention to me then her

  5. Hey if it makes you feel better my bully was just jealous of me because I have boobs and she didn’t she has a shitty job now and I have a real job better looking boyfriend

  6. Fashion pixiez with the original outfit my 8’yesr old self would die for joy

  7. She do give off those vibes. I honestly think she posted this in response to some event or for someone she’s talked about to her followers, so all the people ITT defending her or patting her on the back so quickly feels a bit off for some reason.

  8. Thank you Yeah she hasn’t she hated me For having boobs before her she’s a d cup now I’m c 14 so I don’t know What’s her deal is she’s hated me for the Fact I weigh less then her and Still c 14 but I have no Back pain etc she call me every name in the book I was 16 even at 21 I’m still A virgin most of them have more then me I still feel dirty when it comes to those types of things the amount of shit I went through makes me realise that there lives are probably boring I hope she moved on from her high school days gee calling me a whore her logic is that until she got them and stop shaming woman for big breast guess karma is a bitch I think anyone over the age of 20 that post this shit is a major red flag most people grow out of that phase after 18 it’s wired when your 16 and being asked you got implants now at 23 they still look the same I guess its because I’m small weighing 42kg but I remind myself there not I had low Self esteem for a while Due to this but I’ve grown past that now guys never complained about them and have good friend’s and life

  9. It doesn’t happen overnight! I never really had to deal with bullies much, but I was always a strange, loner type that people left alone if I didn’t have classes with any friends in them.

  10. I’m Sorry you had to go through that my aunt had suffered something very similar which messed her breast growth which explains why she’s doesn’t have any breast anymore the amount of rude comments she got while she’s suffers breast cancer along with Thyroid cancer this made me Tear up I hope your doing better most girls my age have more that’s fine they can’t help it I’m not someone who judge a character based on chest size it really makes me Feel like crap that I went through this on someone else’s behalf because they were jealous thank god they stopped at 21 now I can breathe I just turned 23 recently I never had a problem with guys usually it’s because they find me to thin which is fair enough because I weigh 42kg because my mum was about the same when she was my age but That’s to expected

  11. Try different recipes or eat food you love to eat I know how you feel in this situation I’ve have. Set meal plan every week what do you like sweets sour fired etc

  12. Probpass licklylickly brumy is just trash they somehow made trash Pokemon look cute

  13. Anyone who makes fun of underweight people I can’t count the times I been mocked for being smaller because of someone’s ego then all of the sudden I’m the bad person if I fight back I can’t stand people like this I think I have the right to stand up for myself and others

  14. N was some crazy homeless kid Ghetsis found in the middle of nowhere so this design might as well be canon.

  15. I asked my bully why’ she’s such a coward she gave me a stink eye and why do you body shame me while your overweight with no breast and make Me feel shamed of my body

  16. It’s because we have low self esteem. We care too much what others think, we are too hard on ourselves. So what to do? Well that’s a good question

  17. I listen to my music and focus on things I enjoy it helped a lot a gave me some self worth

  18. If you feel like you should but you should worry about your health first that’s very important please don’t take any if you don’t feel like you should

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