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  1. You are probably suffering from RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome).

  2. So I just learned that I stopped eating beef years ago. Now when I try it it makes me ill. Really ill physically in horrid pain etc. Turns out if you stop eating a food like beef or pork for years your body will literally reject it when you try again and acts like it is being attacked. It's an intolerance.

  3. Gas generators are not appliances. That's like saying your lawn mower is an appliance.

  4. Well how was I supposed to guess that being that California is banning lawn motors and gas generators FYI. Why not Maryland?

  5. An important distinction here is service was not refused based on religious beliefs, but on the basis of actions taken against the LGBTQ community and against women by that group. The business owner clarified this.

  6. Exactly this wasn't bc they were a Christian or Church group. It was because this was a Political group that was getting together to work against women and minorities.

  7. I don’t know what American families you’ve been a part of, but it has never been a part of mine. Ew.

  8. Incest aka intrafamilial sexual abuse occurs in roughly 10% of US families.

  9. I mean you have to remember that a lot of what was made was specifically written to get past the Roman Catholic church censors. They took more issues with a kiss lasting longer than 3 seconds on film than with child exploitation unfortunately. They were fine with Lolita, but had an issue with an out of wedlock mother. As I get older the more some old movies really disturb me. Things that I didn't think of as a kid now make me go Ugh.

  10. AD is winding these people up. AD is a grifter so I can actually see why he keeps talking about NK. He *needs* to talk about her to keep the money flowing. I don't however understand why people keep buying into his bullshit. There is no evidence to suspect that NK was involved and a ton that says she isn't. I've come back to reddit and nothing has changed.

  11. At Long Last Love (1975) - a Cole Porter "jukebox musical romance comedy" (parody) set in 1935 and filmed like an old musical. It was actually both weirdly entertaining and epically funny at times. It starred Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn, and Duilio Del Prete. I could almost see the Cohen Brothers making it today but I could also see someone like Vincent Minelli making it back in the day. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it even though it isn't quite 50 years old. I also was impressed that they sang it "live" on set rather than pre-recorded just like in old movies.

  12. Depends on what style you like so here is my list:

  13. Hart to Hart (Tv series from 1979-1984). I forgot it for a minute but being that it has actual movie stars from the 50's and 60's in it (Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers as Jonathan and Jennifer Hart) you will probably like it. It's similar to the Thin Man movies. It also had 8 movies made after the TV show ended. It has glitz and glam and drama and romance and a murder every week.

  14. Absolutely stunning! It's like a cover of a novel I would read!

  15. I think it’s a combination of circumstances. Religion has been deep seeded in me since I was a kid. At first I went because I was terrified of going to hell as a kid then it was out of guilt, then from obligation. But after I went in my spiritual journey in 2020 I now know I want to go out of my own accord. I’m just going to have to find another more acceptable place

  16. If you don't mind me making a suggestion... there is a Professor Bart Ehrman who is a top scholar and former Evangelical who currently teaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who has done a ton of research into the History of Christianity. His work is fascinating. You may want to look him up on youtube (his Commonweath Club speech is very good IMO.)

  17. Constance Bennett was a gem! I would love to see this whole movie.

  18. People make loads of stuff up about this sub all the time but being that the numbers of subscribers keep going up here... well it's backfiring on them.

  19. I have ad block. What is everyone talking about?

  20. The mod won't allow "armchair diagnosis" but will happily allow people to make fun of his name in every imaginable variation like people are 10 years old and also call Andrew a psychopath.

  21. This subreddit is pointless. Honestly it's just whatever the mod is ok with. I'm seriously contemplating starting a new sub with no rules.

  22. I’m pretty sure Dennis Rader was never a home inspector. And unless this happened right before his arrest, cell phones weren’t a thing when he was active.

  23. Wasn't he a home security guy? Like he set up security systems (which would have required some sort of being in a home thing right?)

  24. I probably would have just gone with "Jolly good show" and walked away bc my brain too would have completely come to a stop. lol

  25. A drunk was walking on the stairs and suddenly got an urge to go swimming...

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