1. Do people actually not like Deafheaven? Sunbather is a fucking masterpiece.

  2. Let’s hear more about it brother. Don’t leave us hanging

  3. Wow. Me and my dog would eat this right up. Can imagine laying in bed and watching tv, going back and forth with bites. This is one of the best I’ve seen yet

  4. What is in that tank to the right? Is that the rear end of a puppy I see?????

  5. Impressive. Legs longer and more muscular than mine that’s for sure

  6. Pig looks like it almost has a human facial expression. This is probably the most astounding thing I’ve seen today. Please cherish this one

  7. Like I mentioned in the other post, she hasn’t been able to walk or stand.

  8. We’re all rooting for her…. I can tell from her timid yet at the same time confident walk that Roslyn is a real warrior. Such relaxation and pride at the end. This pig is truly something special

  9. Hey brother.. got a few more pics for us? Would love to see more

  10. Amazing! The sun is so warm and can make the piggy very warm too sometimes!!!! Love this pics..

  11. Hey there. That’s what I’m talking about. Great content. Looks awesome

  12. Ha thanks appreciate it . That's her chilling spot. Like to hear our conversations and is always down for free pets.

  13. I’ve never had a goat but I like them. I follow this sub for great pics like this. I like cows and horses too

  14. Has anyone tried it? What's the flavor like?

  15. I can’t speak for that one but his newer one, Butthole Destroyer, is extremely hot and pretty tasty

  16. The data shows that vaccines drastically reduce risk of death and serious illness from contracting it, and that vaccines even reduce the rate of transmission, with an extremely low likelihood of adverse reactions.

  17. Dumb question but are things like V8s allowed there? I've heard Europen countries are more emission conscious and those don't exactly get great mileage above a V6

  18. Are American muscle cars like the challenger common across the pond? I have no idea which ones are available over there

  19. Front angle actually looks good on this one. Rear shot…… not even close

  20. I have a pit dane mix and the head shape is exactly identical. So cute!

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