1. Please forgive my ignorance on this, I’m not trying to be offensive but genuinely want to educate myself - why was the MLK name drop bad? I don’t know if I’m missing something because I’m not from the US but it honestly went right over my head until reading the comments.

  2. It's gauche to mention an assassined civil rights leader and one's own follower count in the same sentence. Talking about them together creates the impression that they're of similar importance, which makes the poster look self-centered.

  3. Can you follow me around and explain things I don’t understand please

  4. You know, I've been wondering if I'm a good enough teacher to try moving into a non-academic teaching space (American schools don't pay nearly enough for the life I'm trying to live). Having an internet stranger say this to me has bolstered my confidence, thank you!!

  5. Wait, how much do you pay them? I think tipping would be less of a concern if you pay a living wage. You can't really control other people's behavior, but you can definitely control yours.

  6. It sounds like you may be including too much info & you're not using enough shorthand in your notes. You'll typically only need to communicate who called, what they called about, and how you resolved their issue. Anything else is just not relevant. While on the call, I usually keep notes to myself that answer these three questions as I go along - this also prevents asking customers to repeat themselves. Once I've determined how to fix their problem, I'll usually put the customer on hold to complete the actions that resolve the issue. I'm also sure to finalize the notes before I return to the caller. That way, when I'm truly ready to end the call, there's no need to go into ACW. I just press "enter" when the taxpayer disconnects and move on to the next call. I'm not allowed to use ACW in my current position, and I don't miss it. I just don't find it necessary with this method.

  7. Reading this for the first time on Jan 11 at 4:45 PM EST is giving me such joy.

  8. Nice. Tomorrow I'll have to update all my files from tomorrow's date to today's date. Which will be yesterday tomorrow.

  9. It's a perfectly normal desire to have, and if you're willing to indulge it then all is good. If you are afraid to say no, or if you say no and she pitches a fit, then I'd check in with a therapist.

  10. HR people talk about "office culture" because they barely have a job so they think that's the part of doing a job that matters.

  11. Right?? I have to go in office once per week and I can't drive. My partner drops me off, then I Uber back. The monthly Uber cost - only one way! - is more than my entire monthly electric bill.

  12. This actually sounds super supportive. Like something your bff would say while you're crying after a break up.

  13. A lot of new employees are making more than established employees. One of the best ways to get a raise is to leave, might want to remind them of that when you ask. Good luck to you, keep the power sis!

  14. What's this thing where able-bodied people assume that disabled people don't need to know what a thing is just because they can't use it?

  15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I didn't have a chance to like the characters before they started throwing racial slurs around and that's a journey I simply don't need to see.

  16. I needed this. I did a bridal consultation recently and the MUA said my ideas were, "Not very bridal." I think

  17. The other pieces are... Not for me but that bag?? Please produce.

  18. Incredible actress, infuriating character

  19. She was so very well written! I just meant she would frustrate me as a real person.

  20. Interesting, why so? The only problematic thing I remember from her was that birthday song, which personally gave me more ick than frustration.

  21. "You don't need a smug 'I told you so' from me. And smug it would be, because tell you I most certainly did." -- Malory Archer

  22. With student loan forgiveness in USA, I'd only need 1k. Without it, I'd need ~30k.

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