1. I guess it makes sense in certain contexts since Steve's air and ground speeds are so atrocious his only real method of disengaging from the corner is rolling. But Acola also kept doing it as a ledge getup option

  2. Don't see it as often in the jp sets, maybe the na crowd has him edgy

  3. Trying to communicate with people is a bloody pain. Trying to tell people stuff in separate short messages is beyond unintuitive.

  4. Trying to tell people to not wake up the sleeping mon is the hardest..

  5. I've had a bug giving permanent slayer form, it broke the game

  6. As much as I hate Kazuya, the games go fast. The flow is there, the interactions are there.

  7. Ultimate's buffer system is what makes kazuya broken - the actual kit itself has it's fair share of weaknesses.

  8. I mean, it’s broken, but EWGF is a 2 frame input so by definition it’s frame tight

  9. It's 2 frame, plus ultimate's large buffer window

  10. I'm pretty sure there's an active Smash scene in Madagascar, not sure if that counts as East Africa though

  11. At least your druid died honourably. Dying to load screen or lag is the absolute worst.

  12. Well, given how awful my internet connection can get, arcade is gonna get played a lot more

  13. Sf4 singleplayer is great, the combo challenges for each character are very rewarding once you finally get them down, then bringing them into arcade feels really good

  14. Noticed this when dk country 1994 wasn't 1st - game is a masterpiece

  15. I loved blind forest so much! I appreciated how my gf and I could play co-op, by one of us using the mouse, and the other the keyboard - never seen that in a game before or since.

  16. What ever happened to that singing debut? 🥰

  17. The fact that DK64 is higher than Tropical Freeze is insane

  18. Tropical freeze was my biggest regret purchase for wiiu - beat it in an afternoon, over a few hours, and the levels weren't dynamic enough to justify a 2nd playthrough to get the collectibles I missed (though this only applied to a few levels as the collectibles were very easy to get). The game in general was too easy, and too short.

  19. Sucks on inclines and against really short enemies though, so it is the WORST choice in catacombs

  20. Jump r1 then target will let it snap to whatever altitude at the last second, actually making it the best wep against wall or roof clinging enemies aside from bow/xbow

  21. That's a fantastic idea! That would be an upgrade for sure and would more or less solve the fire resistance problem. Thank you.

  22. Keep in mind items are worth more on switch, as mfing is much harder, and there are less players.

  23. He ain’t top 10 either. Maybe top 15-20, but definitely not top 10.

  24. You probably don't remember this then

  25. They are not the same. Many old members left the team incuding one of the most talented music creators!

  26. Also the parkour feels like halo, especially after upgrades you can jump way too high and far, or double jump in midair.

  27. why do you think it's trash? im open to discussion!

  28. Imo it's because the awesome characters were locked behind p2w dlc. Witch class was amazing to play as for example

  29. Honestly surprised at how much mewtwo there is

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