1. The lease agreement was concluded in good faith, but the Lavra is a sacred site and one cannot treat it as an ammo dump. It belongs to god, not the FSB...

  2. Nothing against UltraSearch, but indexing allows to search also inside offline drives. Priceless to me.

  3. Lets face it. This is probably endemic from the time of the USSR. Russia is quite happy for this to continue to exist in former Soviet states as it allows them to leverage things to the benefit of Russia.

  4. Indeed, Ukraine started setting a "bad example" just across the border, can't have that. There's even something about the Muscovite mindset that they're OK with their own misery as long as others are miserable too. (Perhaps that's why they so willingly head to the trenches…)

  5. "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results"

  6. Good work. The very fact that the article exists is good & part of a healthy, functional democratic society.

  7. And fighting corruption is part of the war. Not only for financial reasons, but also because it's a Muscovite Trojan horse.

  8. First of all, the fact that independent, investigative journalists exist and can freely report negative findings is a huge step in the right direction and absolutely crucial to the long-term fight against corruption.

  9. Nothing to stop you from running Linux on your Windows machine. Give it a try by making a bootable USB key (or drive) with something like

  10. C'est vrai, dans ce cas pourrait-on plutot dire bolet du Demone?

  11. Actrually I've tried Bridge a couple of hours ago, and it seems like exactly what I need. It's so stupid, i've actually had it installed for years as part of Creative Cloud, but never actually bothered to see what it was and what it did. Apparently the solution I've needed was there all along.

  12. Ça pourrait être le "je" des autres aussi, p. ex. une série de portraits (sens large, même quelqu'un dans sa chambre) mettant en valeur le style, la personnalité de chacun : expression, environnement, habillement, activité, animaux de compagnie, &c.

  13. Bonjour Ça paraît tellement simple mais c'est superbe

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