my impressions about this game as a dota player

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  1. absolutely floored to see an intelligent comment on Reddit about politics. Kudos

  2. Tomorrow morning this comment is gonna be buried in downvotes unfortunately. If not, I'd be fuckin shocked.

  3. Anything not wildly left is buried, so yes you’re correct

  4. I mean she’s a 4 star. Anyone thinking she was going to be meta changing is delusional. But also thinking she’ll have zero use is delusional.

  5. I had zero expectations so no need to keep repeating yourself.

  6. Then what are you complaining about? You got exactly what you expected to get, you're admitting you're going to C6 her and spend resources on her anyway, and you're still complaining?

  7. I’m not complaining? Reading comprehension is hard. I didn’t start this thread, just replied to someone ᖍ(ツ)ᖌ

  8. I've found snowballing to be WAY easier in Dota, as well. For example, you can deny the enemy gold by killing your own minion before the enemy does. You also lose gold on death, while the enemy gains gold for a kill. That's a huge gap in terms of buying power and ability to snowball.

  9. Some of the most gorgeous games I’ve played were also the most boring. To the point that I’m almost reluctant when I see a polished looking game; a lot of them have a “look but don’t touch” feeling to them, barring you from interacting with anything.

  10. 60 isn’t even acceptable. We’ve been playing in the hundreds on pc for a decade.

  11. And the balance team says they don't play favoritism with any of the heros. I'm not calling them liars, but the patch notes for the cowboy the past 3 years says otherwise.

  12. Because he has sucked forever? He’s got his gun and flash, and all the other abilities are not even real

  13. Can someone give me an update on the current situation? Stopped following weeks ago, last thing I was aware of was Russia pulling out from the northern half of ukraine.

  14. It’s because we’re mostly broke, rural, and practically half the state has been duped into sincerely believing states with progressive policy and clean energy incentives (like California and New York) are “shitholes”

  15. Are you implying any large city in ca isn’t a shithole lol?

  16. You could have 100% less cd and still do more damage with more cr. Everyone underestimates it so much it’s ridiculous. High cd with low cr is extra bad because all those stats put into cd are only even used 43% of the time

  17. EeveeA is going hard on defending her because she's her girlfriend. To be fair though if I had a "yandere kitsune girlfriend" I'd probably do the same thing

  18. Because he was the perfect example. While sharp and knowledgeable, rarely fumbling for words, he was also extremely racist and homophobic. It amazes me that more people don't find old clips of him spouting off his outdated views. It's quite shocking, actually.

  19. Why is it surprising? Most media is controlled by the left, so you only see what they decide to show you without doing your own research. Also does anyone actually believe he’s changed his views? Give me a break lmfao

  20. Stop pointing at one side as if they’re not all garbage. You are the problem. It’s all one big soap opera where they all get rich while the morons point fingers at each other

  21. Because they are that. Conservatives in my state have been fighting to take away life saving medication from trans people, especially trans youth. Iirc one even tried to get it banned for trans people younger than 25.

  22. I'm straight, and I've played with the Pride icon ever since it was added to celebrate and show support for the diversity in the community, and so has the rest of my team (whom as far as I know all are also straight; or at least in heterosexual relationships).

  23. I think it says a little about your critical thinking skills

  24. I don’t think the guy you replied is speaking specifically on this instance, just about how extremists are created generally speaking.

  25. What actually happened - America profiteered from both world wars, American businesses worked with the axis (IBM infamously helped facilitate the Holocaust {yes the Holocaust happened} and knew exactly what they were doing), demanded repayments from the only allied nation that was still on its feet at the end of ww2, spent the immediate aftermath shitting all over Britain and France for being colonial empires and demanding they decolonise, expanded its own empire, started fighting proxy wars in Asia and South America purely to destabilise those areas and claimed to be the world's police force (and this is really apt given the behaviour of sections of American police forces).

  26. Yikes. Showing true colors now lol but continue being the "grown up"

  27. I mean whether you think he’s right or wrong he makes actual coherent statements and you just post meaningless garbage so you’re not convincing anyone

  28. It’s because half the country are idiots convinced that Democrats are evil so will vote for whatever corrupt Republican is up for election.

  29. You’re just as idiotic if you just shake your first at the “bad guys” as if they’re not all shitty across the board

  30. garbage take. I have never done this shit and never will

  31. Or you know, play a game you actually like and not play a punishing game and cry about the difficulty.

  32. I do like the game, it’s like an 8-9/10. I’ve put a couple hundred hours and done a deathless run. Saying any criticism about the game is “crying” is the exact dick-riding I’m referring to

  33. Well when the complaint isn't valid I feel like being called out is necessary. Not wanting to use what will work and complaining because using what doesn't work on a boss designed to punish a lack of learning through out the game is ignorant. Just saying.

  34. It is not a debatable opinion, but a fact that some of the bosses break the games own rules. Malenia is the worst offender. Just because you can play around their bs doesn’t make it any less bs. It’s just frustrating and cheap for the sake of being so, especially for someone that isn’t super practiced/hasn’t fought the boss tens of times before

  35. Right? I’m no programmer but wouldn’t more lines of code INCREASE the chances of a conflict happening?

  36. I guess but the main issue with more code is exponential complication

  37. And does that mean it doesn't have value?

  38. People won't stop bitching about everything until this game is basically 5v5 DPS, no heals, all hitscan because checks notes, waves hand vaguely it's unfair shrug🤷

  39. Gm cass main here. Yes it sucks and is boring and should be changed but anyone claiming it’s op must be high as fuck. It’s soldier helix rocket on double the cd with like 3 foot range. I don’t see people crying about how op helix is lol

  40. I would say tanks are the ones really having a miserable time. Like, DPS's main issue is just that double barrier sucks balls. The CC isn't too bad for a DPS player. Tanks though. They have to eat all the cc all the time. It's awful.

  41. Bro what? Dps has almost zero impact. If your tanks are hard feeding might as well tab out and watch YouTube cuz nothing you do will change the outcome of that game unless you are just astronomically more skilled than everyone else in the lobby

  42. Same goes for tanks if your dps are ass. You'll spend the whole game pressing S or dying.

  43. Obviously if your other roles are truly terrible the game is hard. But tanks have a way easier time actually influencing the game with bad teammates

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