Attempted Robber Stabbed Multiple Times By Employee

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Depends how close you are to the window when you greet them. Is your nose touching the glass?

  2. It's not rude but I feel it's a little bit intrusive depending on the situation. They are in their own private space and they can be in a bad mood sometimes, how would you feel? But if they are standing in the window in a very obvious matter and seeking contact then sure why not? You have to analyze each situation accordingly

  3. I can sometimes see my neighbor while I'm standing on a ladder looking through the bathroom window while he is sitting on the toilet, I smile without blinking to make sure he is not uncomfortable though, is this ok?

  4. I don't know that story, but I'm pretty sure it's separate from the ghost army.

  5. But wasn't it the Spanish guy who said it was a separate story to mislead in the first place?

  6. Kung fu is a far superior martial art, as far as movies go. It's proven to be pretty useless in the real world.

  7. I think people often get things mixed up when they say it is useless, sure, it is inferior to modern mixed martial arts, but when it comes to a street fight, knowing how to kick and punch compared to your average joe who windmills punches is enough to easily handle your opponent.

  8. She fights exactly like Frankensteins monster when he is fighting the vampire girl in Van helsing.

  9. Really who knows mabe this is just a simulation of some type and that is just the creators making sure our leaders dont ruin it for everyone.

  10. They are admins, hope they read my ticket about the governments ninjalooting.

  11. Sees rainbow in the horizon.. " ugh cringe, looks like the pride flag". The world must be gay

  12. Next time I hurt my feet I know what I'm going to say to my doctor, it hurts in my feet meat.

  13. Sounded like someone got a 1up at some point.

  14. Yeah, the kid got a staple up the ass, that's why.

  15. I can say, in Germany he could be charged for homicide. Even though our self-defense laws are pretty intense, they have an outermost border of proportionality which you aren't allowed to cross. This requirement was introduced due to a very old case in which a boy stole cherries off his neighbours tree and the wheelchair-bound neighbour had no other way to stop the boy than shooting him. It was deemed that even though acting in the only way the neighbour could've defended his property, his action crossed a line.

  16. I can picture the guy sitting In his house in the dark, blanket over his head, with a rifle waiting for the cherry thief.

  17. I think you need a splint for that broken thumb...

  18. So it's ok for the astronaut with a vasectomy to drop loads all over the place.

  19. It's a me Mario, and it's a game changing.

  20. Watched it without sound, looked more like Herb Dean was just watching while screaming "world star!!!"

  21. It was me, and i just pinch and release in the camera app to zoom in.

  22. I’ve found that alcohol helps. Danish makes more sense when you’re drunk. Probably even to other Danes.

  23. "Want to know my secret, i am always drunk"

  24. "Yousa no tinken yousa greater den da Gungans? Mesa like dis. Maybe wesa... bein' friends"

  25. hey did you ever find a fix? my frame rate is fine (apparently) but when I move forward and back and strafe using the stick I get stutter on my hmd... hope you found something

  26. Unfortunately no, it seems to be a part of some VR games and people just either don't notice or don't care, I upgraded my whole system and still had the frameskipping, I even got myself a htc vive and it displayed the same type of frameskipping so i just gave up at that point because I basically confirmed that it is just is part of some VR games.

  27. ok, så klippa av botten och skrapa ur, då vet jag nästa gång!

  28. Usain Bolt called you human ejaculate?

  29. Och sen ge han " til Bolisen utten huvud?"

  30. Det kan vara lite svårt att knäcka nacken på fåglar då de har otroligt rörligt huvud. Har man tillgång till bil kan man lägga ut den på gatan och köra över den i 10-15km/h så är det ingen risk att man strular till det. Då skickar man också ett viktigt budskap till de grannar som ser en när man genomför avlivningen att man inte är att jävlas med.

  31. Man ska gärna stirra, vinka och le åt grannarna under tiden, för maximal effekt.

  32. When he leaves and mom is out of his life she’ll wonder why he doesn’t phone home 😂

  33. E.Ts mom must have been great, dude never shut up about "phone home" during the whole movie.

  34. They used a large vibrating buttplug or something.

  35. Elon musks dad probably fucked Elon aswell.

  36. Det han utelämnade från sin historia var att personerna i trappen var barn under 10 år som försökte ta sig hem medans han stod och sparkade neråt i trappen.

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