1. Yeah I was thinking about that, it would’ve felt weird to do that and then say “toss ALL this crap in the garbage I didn’t even want to play with these toys”. James doesn’t seem the type to do that

  2. Plus we are still a full year away from the next Aquaman movie. And the rumor about Jason Mamoa as Lobo was something I saw earlier. Are they seriously going to recast an actor before their next movie comes out as the previous character? All these rumors today seem really odd.

  3. If this means we get the next Mahomes (not Jackson just so we're clear) I'm very happy with the outcome

  4. Just wait another roughly 22 years and you can have your very own Patrick Mahomes at QB (the third...)

  5. Just do the flashback story as a continuing thread through the seasons. I trust Flanagan on this, the way he managed to fuse Shining the book with Kubrick's movie for Doctor Sleep was pretty great.

  6. I think this is the way. Intersperse his journey in the first book/season with the flashbacks. Make it like Godfather Part II basically, parallel a current journey with a past one.

  7. I mean, he is a better fit for Lobo, but we're still getting Aquaman and that's over a year away. It will be weird getting Mamoa as Aquaman and then turn around and there's the same dude as Lobo whenever that appearance might happen.

  8. Generally speaking I'm not super worried about this game. But I don't think it will be a gimme either. Russ has been terrible this year, but Chiefs make every QB they play (outside of those starting their first ever game) look like Brady in his prime. I bet Russ will have his best game of the year. And the defense is still good and is still a concern. I don't think any of this means they will win, but if the Chiefs come out completely disengaged like they have at different points this season, they could find themselves in a game that's much closer than it should be.

  9. I did exactly this and have loved them both. I played about half of the first God of War back in the day and never finished. But outside of that, never played any of them and don't feel like I missed anything. Just through cultural gaming osmosis I absorbed the gist of what happened in the story overall before 2018, but don't feel like it was a huge necessity.

  10. Elden Ring but then before that it was Gears 5 if we're only talking about paying full price for XBox games. I've bought a bunch of other ones for my Switch and PS5. But with gamepass Only those two games have I purchased full price for XBox in the last few years.

  11. I think the problem is that GoW in its first iteration was a pretty generic hack-and-slash game. What made it unique was the story, setting, characters, and fun combat. But it was essentially boiled down to "ordinary thing done in an extraordinary way." They decided to change it for the 2018 version and they were able to change it to make it feel completely new but also maintaining the core feeling of the gameplay. It's more ARPG now than it was before, but still retains the brutal hack-and-slash stuff.

  12. I own it on every console I have.....AND I bought the collector's edition from Limited Run.

  13. Geno and the Seahawks seem like they are guaranteed to upset somebody in the playoffs. Pete Carrol gonna bust out a vintage juice stripe gum for that one.

  14. Thru went from Big Pants Lance to Big Jimmy...Jimmy to Big Cock Brock. Didn't think this is where 2022 would take us but here we are.

  15. Shawshank is the better film. Scarface is more entertaining.

  16. You do it through feeling it. Practice hitting targets and learn how the momentum carries the dart through a certain path. There are some methods to get direct "shots" like crossing the rope over your foot and releasing your foot when the dart is on a tangent path to your target, but again, a lot of that us done through practice. This guy has probably been using that weapon for 5+ years. That doesnt include the years of training to get to train with that specific weapon.

  17. Was a weapon like this ever actually used in combat? Or is it just for martial arts competition, etc. Seems like it would be easy to subdue in combat but I could be underestimating it.

  18. This would seem odd. Feels like a lot of conjecture to me. We are still more than a year away from the next Aquaman which has Mamoa in it. Not to mention the Flash. Are they gonna announce a cancellation of that line of movies with two more to be released in the second half of next year? It doesn't make sense.

  19. The Bengals are built perfectly to beat the Chiefs. Their strengths exploit every weakness of the Chiefs and their weaknesses align perfectly with the Chiefs weaknesses so they aren't a problem.

  20. I want to see Burrow operate a team with a bottom ranked defense for a year or two. See how he does being in a position where he can’t be patient and calculated all game. When he’s gotta be lights out almost every drive just to be in the game.

  21. You might get your wish in a few years. They're gonna have to pay him and Chase and Higgins at some point. Not gonna leave a ton of room for a strong defense.

  22. It’s because, back in the 80s, the pg-13 rating didn’t exist. It was G, PG then straight to R. Uncle Buck and Airplane are examples of PG movies that are very much NOT PG by today’s standards.

  23. Freaking Jaws was rated PG. I believe it was Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that finally got them to add the rating.

  24. I'm really excited for him to be a consistent part of this offense but I really hope he takes it super slow. They don't absolutely need him and I'd rather he be a full-go for the playoffs.

  25. Captain Cold. He was so much fun to play. I had a blast maining him for awhile. The amount of people accusing me of cheating just for using his freeze moves was incredible.

  26. He also threw it deep an insane amount when he had both Crabtree and Cooper.

  27. Crabtree was one of my favorite receivers to watch. Ever since college. I hated when he was on the Raiders but man he was fun to watch.

  28. Red Hood would be the most interesting. But it sucks that we ALREADY got one about Batgirl and won't ever see it.

  29. Fitting. Or Shelob’s tunnels. Both are filled with death

  30. "Hmm. We have a farmer from Kansas in a tornado. What should we base this scene on? Hmm. Oh! I got it! How about Gone With the Wind! It's perfect and everyone will instantly make the connection!"

  31. XCom 2 is an excellent tactical/strategy game. Same for Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

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