1. I used to be anorexic, now I have an ass!

  2. I was actually going to rewrite my comment as "I went from anorexic to being able to use angles" but didn't have the same ring to it

  3. and idk I think I'm falling out of love with my sport which is both distressing because it's a part of me before my ED but also because it's a form of burning cals and idk man it's ugh

  4. if they eat that much they are excersising a miserable amount

  5. tmi warning don't read if u can't handle poop

  6. Exactly!!! That feeling is so uncomfortable.

  7. it sucks! makes eating even worse too because you're hungry by it feels like an empty bubble is pressing on your intestines

  8. me when your mom- your mom when- me and your mom when-

  9. "Joe Rogan is actually a really clever guy" op I'm so sorry

  10. Babe this is so normal!!! That's not even a lot of food, it's gonna be okay I promise. You need lots of good food to live and recover and thrive. I ate over that amount for lunch today and far more for dinner :)

  11. thank you, you're so sweet 🫶🫶 I'm sorry if this post comes off as some sort of weird humble brag I promise it's not, I ate dinner with my family and thoroughly enjoyed it

  12. speaking as a man I obviously can't speak for everyone but I'd say it's mostly just typical male standards and echo chambers

  13. i am still perplexed over the fact that these people feel the need to film their every meal when we all damn sure know one of the biggest problems in ed is hating to eat in front of others etc. idk, it just all seems very staged to me and them happy dancing and smiling while eating makes me wanna roll my eyes.

  14. I wouldn't say that tbh, I know that I'm not a part of the majority when I say this but I actually prefer eating in front of people as opposed to by myself so

  15. gonna get downvoted to hell but can someone pls say who this is

  16. come to Antalya kebab in luqa, my dad owns it and he loves talking to the Turkish ppl, most people working there can speak Turkish actually

  17. Can confirm, great place. I'll have my stamps ready soon...ish. 😅

  18. ngl unless they berate you or constantly comment on your food choices this post is just gross and you're also in no position to talk

  19. Legendary foods has protein cinnamon rolls & pop tarts!!

  20. I wish I was American to have any of the items you just mentioned 😂

  21. Fulfill are good! What country? Maybe I can find stuff lmao

  22. Also anyone notice when she grabs a meal deal it’s just a sandwich and a Pepsi max where is the third part 💀💀💀

  23. I feel like she's be the type to buy the plain grilled chicken strips 💀💀

  24. work probably consisted of personally training herself

  25. holy shit that's gaining any weight wtffff and her next post which shows the workout that day makes the WIEIAD so much worse

  26. Fr- “doing the rocks leg day!!” Like babes you’re becoming an exercise bulimic

  27. it's fuckijg insane too!!! maybe it's because I only got into the gym recently but superstring leg press and lungres?? AND 40 OF THEM!!! WHAT?!!!

  28. my weight is so 📈📈📈📈 guys I'm gaining weight guys, I promise this my weight GAIN account and I'm definitely gaining weight

  29. I really relate to the social life aspect. I’m nearly 20 and have never been party, never gone out, kissed or dated anyone or done anything you would expect someone my age to have done. I only really have one friend who lives miles away so I can’t meet up with her often. I think there are probably more people like us, than we think, we just don’t see them. It used to really stress me out, that I felt like I didn’t have the usual teenager experiences, but that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect, and partying isn’t for everyone. Over time I’ve just accepted that I’m content not doing that stuff. I can be happy how I am. I just wanted to comment this so hopefully you feel less alone.

  30. yeah it's just weird, hearing all of my friends talking about parties and stuff and being invited woemtines and haph hazardly saying no because I'm scared dthwyll never invite me again but also Id rather be alone. its so ugh

  31. 6 months is amazing, but it’s still very early into recovery. I was eating 4-6k kcals daily for 10 months before my appetite began to taper. It’s hard to eat that much for so long, I know, but if you’re still eating this much it’s because your body needs it (especially considering you’re a teenage boy you already needs 3500kcals daily at least). It gets better, but please be patient and know that you aren’t alone.

  32. thank you. I really appreciate your comment and it does bring some more logic into my situation

  33. I know where you're coming from and I've been there. but honestly imo it's not right to say that around people who wouldn't understand what you mean.

  34. Oh my god babe. I could never eat that much 🥺🥺🥺 but good for you 💖💖

  35. that's crazy no one asked + we're all mentally ill you're not the best at having an eating disorder + L + Ur weird + I'll check back on this when you're either downvoted to hell or delete your comment

  36. this post and that comment may possibly be a joke/sarcasm but its really hard to tell.

  37. idk this isn't the satire sub so I assumed the comment was some weird bumble brag, if I am being 100% honest I have no idea why I was downvoted so bad and if someone tells me a good reason I'll gladly delete my comment

  38. no cuz this was me literally last week and I was so unbearably full to the point I couldn’t even sleep or sit without being uncomfortable. When I felt like binging, I would just go on TikTok or something and see if I’m still hungry like an hour later. Tbh if that doesn’t work, try binging on more wet foods that can be digested easily like pasta or soup. Also try chewing like a million times before you swallow, if your jaw gets tired you’ll forget about binging :)) I hope this helps!!!

  39. thank you! I can't tell if it is binging though :( I'm definitely eating a lot in a fairly short amount of time but I'm definitely not having an out of body experience or not tasting the food

  40. This might just be me, but when I restrict for a long time, my appetite gets a lot bigger. So eating a “normal” amount of food looks different. Id suggest visiting a doctor though it could definitely help

  41. I think that's a possibility though judging off the amount of calories it definitely is a lot, even objectively not my restrictive standards

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