1. Did you update the firmware? There's a lot of firmware updates relating to memory stability and CPU updates. I couldn't get my 3800MHz ram to boot on my MSI board, did the updates and got a load of stuff to do custom tuning. Turns out it was stable at 3800MHz and I had wasted best part of a couple of days.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I updated firmware before installing the new CPU last week so should be all good there.

  3. Thanks. This makes the most sense to me. I can’t seem to enable DOCP for my RAM at its current state to get 3200, is that because of the CPU?

  4. Yes .. the 2000 series IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) isn't very robust but with each series AMD made it significantly better

  5. Thanks again. Followed your steps exactly, went with the 3070 and all is good, but my CPU temps seem pretty high. Using the PBO boost thing in BIOS, have the AMD chipset installed and using their balanced power plan, running noctua U12-S. Was idling in like 60s, gaming is hitting 75 average, normal for this CPU?

  6. Dunno why you are being down voted, plenty of epidemiologists and immunologists are saying this.

  7. The Asus on seems pretty good, and not too expensive. Cant open the AOC link though.

  8. You will build a tolerance to it, I have anyways. There are certain strains that will cause anxiety and certain dispensaries will list them and say to stay away from them if you are the type to get paranoid or something along those lines. I would definitely recommend starting slow but fast at the same time. Like maybe try some edibles that are low dose?

  9. Thanks! I’m not sure if the tolerance thing would apply for me though, I spent like the last two years taking dabs daily. However they were like all thc no cbd, I’m a long term user, but my experience has likely only been with high thc no CBD. I have done edibles before, but not often. I ate homemade brownies in highschool and college and some of the best times of my life, tried a 10mg gummy a year ago and almost had a panic attack. I’m worried that my long term use at a young age has ruined my ability to use it therapeutically, but also wonder if the issue is just that the products I get now are much higher thc content than I used in the early 2000s

  10. If you don’t mind me asking, had you tried other treatments for anxiety such as SSRIs or benzos? If so, how would you compare relief from MMJ vs those?

  11. I have severe anxiety and the only thing that helped me is Charlottes Web CBD. every other THC hybrid I tried ended up making my anxiety so much worse. I’d recommend researching high quality CBD tinctures/ pills to see if that’s something that would work for you.

  12. If you don’t mind answering, had you treated anxiety with SSRIs or benzos as well? And if so how would you compare it to CBD in terms of relief?

  13. Thanks, I like the idea of tracking and note taking. Great idea!

  14. Man this community is garbage. Not only is the idea and tattoo cool, but who cares if the encounter was debunked. It’s a very cool and important moment in UFO folklore and that shit is interesting to people rather or not it’s “real” Why are so many people in this sub completely disinterested and down right combative to people with an interest and passion for the topic that the sub is literally about? Like I’m pretty skeptical, but I love UFO lore and history, and you know I WANT to believe and all, why are some of you even here? Disinfo agents? ;-p

  15. And what on Earth possessed you to tattoo this onto yourself?

  16. Well, clearly nothing on earth possessed them, just something visiting it.

  17. It's very hard to know, it might be a return to your baseline if these were issues off them

  18. Thanks. No, only symptoms have been irritability, insomnia and I had some night sweats for a bit but that’s stopped.

  19. I tapered, went from 150 to nothing over about a month and a half.

  20. Hi those are both side effects of Effexor withdrawals, even if those are symptoms you had pre-medication, it is possible you are experiencing discontinuation syndrome (not a doctor, but it’s possible). It may be in your best interest to talk to your doctor about trying a medication (I’ve heard Prozac works wonders) to get you through the period of withdrawal, and wean off of that instead. You can still have your antidepressant free time!! (Again, I’m not a doctor and this could just be your previous symptoms returning but I wanted to offer my thoughts in case they could help you get some relief!)

  21. Thanks, honestly that’s kind of my confusion. Not sure what is withdrawals or what is return or depression and anxiety symptoms. Also to add to the confusion I had tapered off nictoine as well and haven’t had that for 3 days now.

  22. If you feel like you are "breathing through a straw" (as my respiratory therapist put it) at the lower pressure, then you need a higher starting pressure. Try raising it up 1 or 2.

  23. That's not uncommon to hear. I'd bump the pressure up a notch as

  24. Thanks! That’s what I seem to notice as well, if it’s above 6 or 7 it’s not bad but below that I feel like it’s a struggle. Appreciate your help!

  25. I have one scheduled. The doctor believes that the company I did my in home study with “fudged” the numbers

  26. I am concerned about this myself actually. Do you mind sharing what company?

  27. Is till HATE using my mask every night a year later, but I love not falling asleep while driving and being able to read in the mode of the day without falling asleep. Also great to stay up til midnight every night and not suffer the next day.

  28. yeah, that's what I'm hoping for. I think I'll be okay getting used to it because I want the not falling asleep randomly during the day to be resolved so badly.

  29. Yep, I’m at nearly a month and am finally feeling better. I felt incremental results, not overnight results.

  30. Started effexor like a year and a half ago. Decided to start tapering last month. Was at 150mg XR, switched to tablets instead. Yesterday was my last day at 37.5mg in morning and 37.5mg at night. Today, started 18.75 in morning and 37.5mg at night and going to do that for the next week.

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