NMTs value/ perspective Rant

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  1. The switch version is so crashy. I've lost count of how many times just in the last hour it crashed. I've checked for updates, game and system, cleared my cache and still force closes. I also noted it wasn't saving properly before the crash, I kept having to water some crops multiple times for the game to finally register that those crops are watered.

  2. Just to make sure you know the different crops all have different watering requirements. Some require as many as four waterings to finish growing. Some grow in a few minutes or take several hours. Rain also can dry out crops. So some of your growing issues may not be platform specific. I can’t tell from what you’ve said.

  3. Is the quest tracked in your menu? Early on I got stuck on the foodception quest because I didn't have it tracking.

  4. Yeah, it's tracking and all the requirements for the quest are ticked off..thinking it's a glitch or bug in the game....

  5. Hmm. I'm rather impatient so I'll go work on a few other quests and go back to the one that's stuck. Sorry I couldn't help.

  6. Not all of us can play daily. I work full time and commute for work so on my weekends I catch up on what I missed. It literally doesn't affect other players.

  7. Have you checked YouTube? There's a lot of tutorials on how to place dirt paths.

  8. Well the Tarantula island has a spawn rate of 2% and a max visit of 1 per in game day. Not exactly the best odds for rng. I tend to try for bamboo island or any flat island and bring a few coconut trees with me, clear out the island and force spawn the rarer beetles ect.

  9. Highly doubtful since the hello kitty items are tied with a Sanrio villager. Also considering Nintendo said 2.0 was the last major update.

  10. It's focused on how much profit you can make from selling turnips. So, the profit is determined by how much you paid for the turnips versus how much you sold them for. Literally buy low-sell high. I hit the achievement quickly by using the different turnip subreddits here to buy on one island and sell on another. Back when the game was newer those subreddits were more active, not sure about lately.

  11. I'm sure it's locked to the time you arrived so it'll always be before 4pm on that island (please correct me if I'm wrong)

  12. You are correct, nmt islands time locked to when you arrive so even if your time in game says 8pm, those bugs and fish won't spawn since you arrived at 4p.

  13. The nook store sells customization kits in the cabinet and once Tom Nook talks you through customization, you take the item and customization kit to any workbench and select the option to customize something.

  14. If you wish on shooting stars alone on your island, your max star frags is 20 the next day, if you have people (let's say 5) come visit and they wish on 20 shooting stars your max bumps to 40 star frags the next day. If you visit an island to wish, your max is 20. I've been playing since launch and I have always gotten either 20 or 40 star frags the next day. I believe dataminer Ninji explained the star mechanics, could've been a different dataminer but they are the one I followed since launch.

  15. Not sure if you know but, Campsite visitors only move to the island they are visiting, other people can't invite them.

  16. I'm in central. Just shoot me a message when you're available and we'll work it out. I'm off and on most days

  17. Yeah. Green leaf pile, plain wooden shop sign, green leaf pile, yellow leaf pile, illuminated reindeer

  18. Ok I'll set those aside for you. I'm at work so I can't log on now. I'm in Pacific Time zone. When works for you?

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