1. Ngl, sometimes the people in this subreddit are the real lunatics.

  2. Including the altert state of consciousness were you bury yourself under a dead deer 12ft deep. Hapoend twice to me. Wild wild DKAs.

  3. Exactly lol. Nevermind the body being buried, the cause of death was diabetes.

  4. Honest question, how do you keep the insulin in the required temperature while going out?

  5. Don’t focus on what you can’t change and start making changes on what you can. Also, stop chasing women who value your height.

  6. Si, en caso que generes intereses el banco debe enviar el formulario correspondiente. No debes tener problemas.

  7. Perfecto, justamente por eso ando evaluando, por los intereses. Gracias!

  8. You have to create a “new account” for the NASBA Portal. Then, it will ask you your Jurisdiction Code. Only then it will synchronize everything.

  9. Congrats, man!!! I’m sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Motivation for these exams can really disappear when life happens. All the more impressive that you pushed through and passed. Best of luck!

  10. I'm so proud of you man - this was really well written and I hope anyone that's struggling with FAR can see that it's possible. I'm shocked at how you kept your chin up after failing three times. Congratulations!!!!

  11. Thank you, I hope so too it will help anyone struggling with FAR.

  12. Congrats! Any tips on how you passed first time?

  13. I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Unfortunately becker throws a lot of stuff and some of the content may not be tested in the exam. In addition I don’t think their questions explain you in a way that you can understand really why you got certain things incorrect. Since you already went through three times I suggest you take a free trial of uworld Roger CPA and only do some practice questions and see if that type of learning helps you. I would not spend much time on their book or even lectures but the questions and explanations are quite good and may help you understand accounting much much better. This is just my experience. In Addition I make flashcards on the things that I don’t know rather than using their pre-built flashcards. In my opinion lot of the prebuilt flashcards are useless. You need to personalize your own flashcards which you can really do well in Roger platform.

  14. I do work my own flashcards on things I haven’t learned and for key material to remember as well.


  16. This is probably one of the best I’ve seen so far! How did you and/or the artist got the idea to make the Hunter’s Mark look so unique?

  17. Yeah duels with no healing kind of leave out an important mechanic that was clearly meant to be used in PvP, which is that healing can be parried. I really ought to do more fights with healing.

  18. Healing can be parried? Holy shit, I never knew this lol

  19. If the other person is clearly showing etiquette then I wont heal or gun spam but personally I love fighting while healing cause it just adds more depth to the fight cause now you have to think about what you're going to do when they try to run and its just more fun in my opinion

  20. I get your point, sure. What’s good is that you also respect the etiquette.

  21. Are these reputable meter brands? I don’t recognize any of them

  22. I believe the one on the far right is a Freestyle Libre

  23. Do you know about Enactus? It’s an international NFP organization stated in 37 countries, including in Puerto Rico, which main goal is to achieve the United Nations Global Goals by empowering college students to create social enterprises that uplift their communities.

  24. You're an absolute boss! I'll check out those links and make sure it checks some basic boxes. If I have any questions, I'll 100% DM you. Thank you so much.

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