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  1. I'd say probably not. You could survive on a low pop server or a dead server for AT MAX maybe a month before getting raided. Alpha/megas and generally just bored people looking to raid will still check low pop and dead servers for bases to raid. Regardless of where you decide to play and how big your base/tribe is, you will get raided. But you will probably also raid others. If that sounds like fun go for it. You'll make both friends and enemies, have both stressful and fun times and spend a lot of time breeding and building that will inevitably be wasted. PvP has a good and bad side. I'd recommend unoffical servers with higher rates so building back your base and tames are a lot, lot, easier and generally less stressful. And if you join their discords, they usually have grace periods and usually everyone will adhere to those rules, if someone trolls and you get raided during a grace period more than likely an admin will compensate you. My two cents though, hope you get it figured out and have fun :)

  2. its disgusting and disrespectful to Mako.

  3. I'm not really a big fan of either communities and idk why you're replying to me this late. Regardless I don't know how it was disgusting or disrespectful, but you seem to be a bigger part of the community than I. So if is this is true, that sucks that an influencer of his size would do something like that to such an amazing and charming show.

  4. He was the one who made it with his stream and

  5. Seeing the posts on this sub why would you want to try this drug?

  6. Some people like it, some people don't, was just curious I suppose to try it at least once. I still haven't though lol probably won't tbh but who knows, I still might honestly don't know at this point.

  7. Oh yeah i have taken DXM with DPH already, You see dxm is a dissociative and dph is a deliriant. But when taken together they boost ? eachother and both have stronger effects. on dxm you dont really have open eye visuals (for most people) and on dph you have alot of open eye visuals and dph is just more trippy.

  8. I see, thank you. I think I've made up my mind. I'm going to try a pretty small dosage, see if I can find a spot around where the euphoria and music sound better starts and go from there.

  9. Haven’t tamed any. Only hitting with arrows until they die or they kill me.

  10. I did DXM everyday for 6 months, not saying you're wrong about your parents. I'm not. I get it. Some parents really are narcissistic.

  11. Praying for you man. dxm is amazing, and after awhile the retard brain from excessive use literally kills all anxiety. Or at least it did for me. A good feeling. But I've been clean for a year. Done it almost everyday for 6months. If I can break out of the cycle, I know you can too. You got this.

  12. thank you for the reply and alright awesome, i'll subscribe and keep an eye out for that

  13. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!!

  14. If all the enchantments you want show up as a possible enchantment for the item youre trying to craft, it is possible. It will just take a lot of grinding and RNG. I have Cursed by Wealth, Embracing, Greedy and Spell-engraven on my staff of Lorelei and yes it did take absolutely ages to get. vanilla. no mods.

  15. I've been there once, I didn't even know the sigma plateau was a thing at the time either. I was up all night, redosing the entire night. I don't remember 4-6 hours towards the end, but when I snapped back to reality everything was different. Like I genuinely thought I fucked my brain up and was going to have serious irreversible damage. It was like my vision was coated with a dark tint, maybe like I was wearing sunglasses, but not that dark. Light wasn't bright, I had no emotion, I didn't care that this was happening. It was hard to think, concentrate, almost like I was in a dream, similar to being on DXM but without being high, while still being high, if that makes sense. My balance was off, it was hard to walk, so I'd stumble around my house, again not caring if I bumped into anything, because I had no emotion or mind that could think coherently, so I'd slam into walls and furniture with my full weight. Had a slight headache, but that was probably from lack of sleep. I eventually had to sit down on my bed and think really, really hard about what was happening and what I was experiencing. I thought a shower would help, it didn't. I just got wet, didn't feel like washing my hair or body. barely dried my self off. I don't know how I didn't hurt myself, if I did, I don't remember. Made a sandwich and then went to bed lol. It really is hard to explain with words, its a different kind of feeling that is hard to produce, thus making it hard to accurately describe. can't really remember too much other than light being dark and feeling like I was in a hazy dream though, except I was awake.

  16. I have had visual hallucinations, but not while I was in sigma.

  17. was definitely scarier because I didn't know it was a thing and I had never experienced it prior, even though I'd been abusing robotabs for a few months.

  18. Craftopia was just PocketPair (game studio) dipping their toes into the water, I look for the game to be considered finished soon. They'll release seamless worlds later this year and soon after probably new bosses, weapons, and an actual way to beat the game with some polishing and accurate description of items instead of "Not enough room to describe item" along with making the bosses tameable, plus some other miscellaneous stuff. I'd say it will be finished around mid 2023, maybe beginning of 2024.

  19. I counted 35 pills. That's 875 mg. Your "psychotic break" will probably only last as long as the drug, you will probably feel somewhat "zombie-like" the next day, and by that I mean you'll feel like your iq dropped 30 points. Also, you could die, but it's not super likely at these doses, but a hospital trip is definitely in the cards depending on how much you've taken before.

  20. i took them all and i didnt die lol i just have a massive headache and was in a sleep coma for like 3 days but now im all good. didnt have a psychotic break, didnt even have any hallucinations of spiders or what not. feeling good now, but nothing cool happened except for feeling really sleepy so i dont think dph is for me

  21. haha I did that, the only thing I wrote in my notes that I don't remember writing was just... "It can't be." thats literally it lol

  22. want to have psychotic break is this good or more

  23. If you really WANT a psychotic break for some weird reason you're more likely to have one by just doing like 3-4 4th plat dxm trips in a row.

  24. i just want to break some strings in my brain ans burnout anxiety, but nothing happened just slept a lot

  25. Going to try and meditate through most of it and enter into a dream like state of mind. will update how it goes.

  26. Sounds like you were in the alpha platuea that everyone who takes very large dosages in sequence for days on end. It's basically like a veil of the underworld, a shared psychosis that everyone such as your self experienced. do some research on it, I hyped it up a bit lmao but it is a real plateau

  27. If you have a giga you can do the Velonasaur hunt misson on Gen2 to get about 60k points to use in hlna's shop. you can do the misson in about 5-6 minutes. 60k points gets you around ~20k paste

  28. You all need to realize that DXM should be taken alone. with no other active ingredients. DXM is a strong dissociative, it is not going to be like weed or alcohol. It is going to be a different feeling, lower dosages can feel similar but still totally different. It can make you sick to your stomach or itchy. if youre prone to freaking out whenever you smoke or drink, do not take DXM. If you cannot handle feeling sick to your stomach for around an hour, do not take DXM. Did someone make a Tiktok about DXM, what is going on?

  29. Well I love Ark. If it's going to play and be similar to Ark that one can understandably assume is going to be way less buggy - through their experiences dealing with so many and that Microsoft $$$, better combat, better models, graphics and animation along with new dinos, maps (maybe not at launch but you know what I mean, potential content updates like they do with Ark1 and DLC) and potential taming of humans to do tasks for you, I expect it to be better than most are anticipating. Because Wildcard started out as a indie studio when they first developed Ark didn't they? And got put onto early access by Micrsoft/Xbox and probably got paid a decent amount to port the game? Regardless I'm sure that story is somewhat accurate from what I can remember lol. Around this time they got sued a pretty heafty amount. And so while their funding is somewhat low, with a small team, they put together a game that was ahead of its time for console that many still play despite being so old. Hopefully with enough time and work with the unreal5 engine they'll be able to make a pretty damn good game. The new trex model already looks sick af.

  30. Both sides can be argued. On one side it is selfish for you to want to end your suffering, no matter how temporary it may or may not be. On the other side it is selfish for those around you to want you to continue to live, regardless of the pain you feel. Both sides are selfish, but that is okay, if one thing is certain it is that you alone exist. They're a lot of arguments that can be made. But when it comes down to it, if someone genuinely wants to end their life i'd rather them do it in a proper way, with the help of trained professionals.

  31. Arlong Park got me hooked. Really enjoyed Luffy's humor since the beginning, I didn't think I'd like it but was pleasantly surprised. I'd say on and off, binged for a couple hours a day I caught up in about 2-3 months, I skipped most intros, recaps and outros.

  32. As a 7 gang member, I also have to salute 6 and 9 gang members. Bravo. And of course to everyone else who went out of the way to help!

  33. Ludwig done this, someone share it to the respective communities! He also done Kirby and an Avatar The Last Airbender. He also helped repair some artwork from when XQC was running his meteor across the canvas.

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