1. Social media is toxic. If you speak up be prepared to be berated by loons and down voted to oblivion. I have also heard of people getting doxxed or swatted over internet BS.

  2. I said this back during the Vegas music festival shooting that went down a few years back. Everyone characterized the guy as a leftist, never had guns until right before then bought an arsenal. They wouldn't release his suicide note, the FBI actively investigated him before the shooting but won't release info. It looks a lot like anti gun folks are buying guns and committing atrocities so heinous that most people won't think twice before giving up their gun rights out of fear.

  3. I mean it seems so simple. I work in industrial manufacturing, every job I’ve ever had required a key fob or badge to unlock doors from outside of the facility. It’s not like reinventing the wheel or turning schools into “prisons”.

  4. I build commercial and industrial buildings. Our internet has better security than our schools

  5. evil people will do evil things regardless of the laws. Can't have a gun free zone without a hard security perimeter. Stripping tha masses of their rights because of the actions of a few is absurd. Gun control advocates love to preach what everyone should do and fail to see how banning guns would make millions of Americans less safe. Cops can take 2+ hours to respond to an armed robber here. So how about a home invasion or car jacking? How many violent assaults are stopped by a good guy with a gun. If you cared to do the research the numbers would shock you. But of course all anyone will do is react out of emotional fear for the news headline. God forbid they look at a variety of perspectives as opposed to the one where school is the most dangerous place of their day.

  6. Plenty of laws already on the books. Wouldn't be so much of an issue if the people writing laws actually knew what they were talking about. But that's rarely the case as demonstrated most recently with the TikTok CEO/ Congressional hearing. Feel good laws keep popping up to sate constituents. Murder, theft, assault, rape, are all crimes already because there is a victim whose rights have been infringed. Having a gun does not make someone a criminal or a mass murderer. Just like having a dick doesn't make a man a rapist. As an avid shooter the "AR15's are more deadly" argument is trash because people fail to understand how deadly any firearm is. People see charts of muzzle velocities and go crazy because you showed them a bunch of numbers in the 1ks when most firearms will do similar damage regaurdless of how many FPS it shot the bullet down range. Bear in mind all firearms were designed to kill something. The only real comparison I see being made is between a rifle and a handgun caliber, there are tons of pistol caliber rifles that reach close to rifle performance, just like there are tons of rifle caliber pistols that reach rifle performance. The ATF is more worried about how long someone's rifle is than what their intentions are with that rifle. I am for having laws but before we go rewriting the bill of rights there needs to be a real attempt at securing gun free zones with real armed security. I don't trust the government to come save me and neither should any of you. With the public track record of shootings where the Feds failed to act on Intel. Or even in cases where they egged it on.

  7. Arent some(if not most) of the materials used in making even US-made optics sourced from abroad? Its a genuine and not a sarcastic question.

  8. You would have to do a break down by brand. Depends what they claim to be US made. Some companies will claim US designed and outsource production. Others buy components and assemble in house. Then I'm sure there are a few that make their products start to finish. Most electronics though are imported from Asia, not necessarily China

  9. Seriously speaking, most people don’t understand just how much 2500lbs is. It’s a lot. The average US citizen weighs around 180lbs. That’s roughly 12-13 people in an elevator. No one EVER wants that.

  10. Elevators are built with 4x redundancy at minimum. If the tag says 2500 Lbs it's actually able to support up to 10k Lbs

  11. I have in the past. I do sheetmetal work. I worked for a specialty company years ago that did all the finish metal for elevators and escalators

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one to recognize this.

  13. There's a bunch of us Tinknockers hanging out in this subreddit.

  14. Yes but you need to configure your bed screw positions in firmware to do it automarically. Else you can just use G30 Xpos Ypos to manually probe a specific point and then just turn all of them to the same probe height

  15. 5 years in a paid apprenticeship will get you 100k/yr here in most building trades.

  16. I mean technically as long as what you are saying isn't illegal can they deny it?

  17. Yup. Not everyone is into 3d printing. Not everyone has that budget.

  18. Prices are coming down and the 2A community is handing out developed files... just saying.

  19. My company buys us Gtek cut level 5, they hold up great to sheetmetal work.

  20. That's an excellent point about Marijuana. I think the forces pushing that into legalization will ultimately win out, and that would be a good use for those agents. They could do things as benign as safety campaign messaging similar to alcohol and tobacco, plus the law enforcement side such as making sure all legal Marijuana isn't laced with Fentanyl and that it's not being trafficked to avoid taxes or other regulations around transportation and consumption.

  21. I can see it now. You can have weed but only strains 1-6 every other strain is illegal without a special tax stamp.

  22. Tell them to learn another job just like everyone likes telling us construction folks when we bitch about illegal immigrants driving citizens out of the trades

  23. Lots of ranges frown upon it because it is a loaded firearm in a designated "safe space." No different than slinging a loaded rifle and walking around behind the lanes. I will say I was surprised at the placement of that sign but after wandering around with rifle bags and seeing that they have armed security I was ok with no CCW. They should have a locker system though.

  24. Can you sling an unloaded rifle and walk behind lanes ? I always wondered that

  25. Depends on the range and circumstances. Not uncommon to see people with weapons holstered or slung at a competition but most ranges don't want rifles off the firing line. Usually they make you put it in a case.

  26. Own several, carry permited in like 40 states. I carry every day everywhere I can.

  27. does this mean P80 gonna stop with the BS 76%'ers and go back to selling 80%'ers

  28. There was a pre-order ad somewhere with a May ship date

  29. Holy shitballs. I remember buying my frame for like 60 bucks at the start of the Pandemic.

  30. Right, back in 2020 my kit cost 69.99 + shipping. That had the rails, pins, and jig. Maybe I got lucky but it still seems like this stuff is getting price gouged because of the politics.

  31. That’s what I’m thinking. The charge is 15 years old. I do armed security. I have my dc and Utah but this wasn’t a stipulation for those licenses

  32. If I recall correctly, the form says 2 convictions to prove habitual use.

  33. You could probably do it yourself. I used to have this happen to me all the time with my AR. I’m still surprised how delicate the screws are in firearms but I learned not to tighten then too much and just use loctite

  34. You can order smaller screw extractor sets on Amazon that might fit better. The ones at HD last time I was there were for bigger screw

  35. It is the mecca of creativity, never have I known it to be a place of sanity

  36. I got it from creality. I hear there return policy is shit

  37. I think there are a lot of people stuck in the 2 party mindset. They yearn for freedom but forget to check their shackles at the door.

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