1. If I joined TIPP last year, this just rolls over right? I don't have to do anything different?

  2. It's pretty good in terms of naming parts and their locations, but it's not very in depth at describing what they do.

  3. Co worker of mine came into work hacking up a lung, couldn't breathe, said it was just a cold.

  4. Well you're tightening it behind the tensioner, so that part of the threads are not used even if you did damage them. Once it's loose, you can get it out and in with your fingers. Just need to tighten it with vise grips. The threads for the nut are not touched at all.

  5. Just FYI, I'm literally doing a CJAA timing belt as we speak and I just tried your trick. (I was on injury, and didn't have an opportunity)

  6. Any faults stored in ECM? My money is on fuel injector wiring harness

  7. You need to roll the Rs more: PaPA Fer-r-r-r-rnando.

  8. Mk3s have big time rust issues, poke around the strut towers.

  9. It isn't a faulty MAP, it needs a software update and a throttle body cleaning. There are a couple TSBs about this.

  10. I got into a not-at fault accident in January and, under these new rules, my own insurance company wrote my car off and is trying to write me a cheque for $1,600 and telling me to go away.

  11. Find 3 comparable vehicles for sale in AB with the same year make and model and submit that to your company to increase your payout

  12. Just took a poke around and any of the ones I found with similar mileage but less equipment are going for more. So I'll send them some and see what they say.

  13. It's last season's stuff I think, but still neat to see.

  14. I got a new 2021 SEL last March. No issues for 3-4 months. Left for a weekend, left it in the garage, came back, clips broken off the sunglass tray. Odd but okay. Then the infotainment started to disconnect, reconnect, restart. Then every safety sensor started going off. Backing up would throw the traffic sensor even if vehicles far off. Bad enough it would brake and throw the parking brake.

  15. Driver's door wiring harness. Obscenely common on newer VWs.

  16. 18.5K for an automatic RB20 misbadged base model R33 sedan. Just lol.

  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's utterly insane. Aren't these pretty much universally recognised as one of the worst Skylines in existance?

  18. I mean, look, I own a GTS25 which is very similar. But I paid $450 for it haha, there's no way I'd pay anything even close to this.

  19. Please tell me how Latifi deserves to be in F1. Serious.

  20. I'm not going to say he's a generational talent, but the back end of that Williams is not at all stable. That's not a comfortable feeling in an F1 car. Give him a few more races to adapt, maybe he won't crash again this season. We saw some definite improvement from him last year.

  21. I ordered a Tiguan clock spring in early December and there's still no ETA. It's the most back ordered VW part right now.

  22. I remember quite a few people thought this was fake because of the appearance of Porsches and, at the time, that licence was still exclusive to Sony.

  23. Gave up on a MK3 Jetta last year for this exact same reason. Would've kept it forever, loved that little car, but sometimes it's just too far gone.

  24. Been to both Rome and Monaco. Stay on a grandstand, you really won’t have much room to walk around a street track, and there probably won’t be an opening to see over the barriers anywhere.

  25. I don't know why the Vancouver prices are so high, decent grandstand seats are like $265 Canadian.

  26. If it's a hatch check the wires going into the hatch. I've seen several of them with the jacket of the wires cracked and even some with broken wires from the repeated opening and closing of the hatch. Although I can't remember if they even made the hatch in 2000

  27. What are some of the operational and cultural differences between Audi and Venturi as a team? How are the cars different to drive?

  28. Sure, but the team finished 6th and 4th in its last two seasons which were its worst results ever in Formula E.

  29. Thorncliff: Somebody's drunk uncle, the house next to the community hall that had 2 unrelated murders, front driveway vehicle work and huge socioeconomic diversity. It's great.

  30. It's bolted to the bottom of the intake manifold. Dead center when you open the hood.

  31. Probably the first time seeing an R33 Skyline for a lot of people on here.

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