1. Congrats!! I’ve done it with AGL ginyu team last week

  2. Bro, I hope for u that u still have enough luck for the anniversary

  3. Congrats! I've gotten close on one but couldn't pull it off when they came out. I think your post is going to inspire me to try again.

  4. Thanks a lot! I thought that I need the LRs to complete the missions but the f2p charas have done their job really good!

  5. So if I go to my bedroom and look to my bed, is it a 50/50 that there is a bag with 10million euro or not ?

  6. I would max it out & use it for gym battles & the like. The best stats for pvp for any form of this all have a base attack stat of 0. So I’d max this one out, imo.

  7. Sorry for asking but why are 0 atk stat the best for pvp. I’ve read this many times but I don’t get it why xD

  8. It allows you to power up Pokémon more close to the number you’re hoping to reach.

  9. I’ve caught 14 out of 16K. My fav one is my shiny Ho-Oh

  10. I’ve caught him today in shining pearl 😆

  11. First U should eza masked saiyan because he is real good for this mission

  12. Transforming frieza as leader, LR 17, janemba, guldo, raditz, Lord Slug

  13. Maybe his Linkskills are on a higher Level

  14. I‘ve got three LRs in the three discount summons so for me it was worth

  15. Why has the suit from TUR vegeta more broken parts then the LR ?

  16. Ah like INT Ultra Instinct Goku. That make sense to me

  17. What ?! I am spending over a week and about 1000 Stamina to get the kamehameha link skill from my LR AGL ssj Gohan from 9 to 10 and it‘s Not happening ;D

  18. Broly would say: so many kakarotts ?!

  19. The only thing That is really disgusting and funny at the Same time are the shoes from billy :D :D :D

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