1. I sure do love shooting my M1816, I hope yours is a blast as well

  2. I’ve become addicted to them! The variety of conversions and contractors is almost endless. They’re super underrated. In a dream world I’ll have one of each of the major variants, I still need a cone-in-barrel conversion, and if I’m really lucky a Colt conversion someday.

  3. Where do you find all these muskets in good condition like this? I'm always browsing but never seem to find the deals that you do

  4. I bought the original 1842 in this pic last week at Union Drummer Boy in Gettysburg. I live about 30min away, and there are several stores there that almost always have large quantities of various muskets on hand. The key is following them on social media and seeing when they go to gunshows, they’re usually buying up inventory. Then you show up two weeks later and cherry pick!

  5. I carried a Solo DC for almost 5 years, always glad to see another one! Definitely bought one because it reminded me of my 1903 Colt, and even though I’ve since replaced the Solo as my EDC, it’s still a classy piece.

  6. I'm glad to hear your 1841 is finished! That's got to be exciting!!

  7. Funnily enough, the huge .69 cal. Minie/Burton bullet was found to be highly accurate out of the rifled ex-smooth-bores. Even more accurate than the patched round ball out of the .54 cal. Mississippi rifle! Problem: fatiguing to shoot. Also, equipment to carry the ammunition was about as twice as heavy and large as it needed to be for a smaller caliber. Also, lots of lead, made for heavy ammunition too. So small wonder that U.S. Ordnance came up with the .58 cal. Model 1855 suite of weapons.

  8. I can confirm that it is positively unpleasant to shoot more than a few strings from a bench with a rifled M1842, and any at all from the prone. It is proper battering.

  9. I aim to get there with my '58 Enfield, but it's going to take a lot of practice and working up the right load.

  10. It does help having a lot of rounds through the rifle, and sort of getting to know what it likes. They’re all a little different and sometimes seem to have moods, but this one’s definitely been good to me!

  11. Yeah, I need a few different molds and such to try out too. I have the Lyman 575213(NS, I think). Haven't decided what else to look for, though.

  12. The trigger on some of my muskets is atrocious. On the ones I live-fire the most I’ve gone to the trouble of fussing with cleaning the lock guts up to help it out. Polishing the inside of the lock plate where it contacts the sear/tumbler is a good start, and then cleaning up the notches in the tumbler where the sear interacts as well. After that is mostly experimenting with the sear spring, or sometimes the pin/screw on which the trigger actually pivots.

  13. I have 3 by them, all of them far outshine my other BP rifles from Armisport/Euroarms/Chiappa in terms of fit and finish and general build quality. So much so, that I don't plan to buy reproduction black powder firearms from any other manufacturer at this point. In my experience, they are a worthwhile investment.

  14. Of course, newly cast lead will oxidize before too long. I just had a batch of .685 Minie/Burton's turn up from my shed all gnawed by rodents! Dang it!

  15. I have used beeswax quite a bit, but I got a canister of Frankford Arsenal fluxing compound for free awhile ago, so I've been getting through that.

  16. Dead-pure, super clean lead and a very well seasoned mold is all it takes. (Also good lighting helps)

  17. "Bite RIP Pour Spit Tap Prime Shoot! The mark of a good soldier is being able to make of 3 shots in under a minute!"


  19. I think my next musket will be a Brown Bess, that way I am ready when Pedersoli releases their Baker...

  20. Nice, looks awesome. Still waiting on my rifled 1842 that I ordered in December to shoot the gigantic minies you made me.

  21. Hell of a wait, where'd you order from, I can't remember? That's a bummer.

  22. Damn, I'm sorry dude. I had a backorder thing with them a few years ago, wasn't happy then either. Hopefully it comes in for summertime!

  23. A special piece to you is all that matters.

  24. Great to see it as it should be! Though I was hoping for more photos. Good on ya for doing the Lord's work of restoring Bubba's masterpieces.

  25. Circling back on this thread. Were you able to test out the Nessler prototypes? And if so, what was the performance like?

  26. I was. Over 100 of them, in fact. I'm in the middle of writing a term-paper style post with multiple pictures and lots of data about them for my main page.

  27. Yes, they’re on my site with several others! The link to my site is on my profile, and they’re under the “merch” tab. Thanks!

  28. I use MS Paint 3D, and StickerApp prints them for me. They're very easy to work with, good prices, fast turnaround time.

  29. I haven’t tried Duco yet. I’ve been using strong aerosol hairspray once the priming compound is set and dry. It has worked for my purposes, but when I run out of completed caps again I may try the Duco method.

  30. I have a Shiloh 1874 Sharps Carbine, and it is my very favorite. I just love a Sharps.

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