Eugenia’s New Clothes

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  1. Last time the boycott happened- this sub wasn’t visible. I do agree though, a boycott would be worth trying again- just a shame mods made it clear that won’t be happening again here.

  2. you're always free to lead by example and not engage on the sub. that would be infinitely more effective to show the lack of engagement rather than tons of sub activity thats about random stuff - which just kind of illustrates the amount of people invested in the sub.

  3. Dooting I dont need the passive aggressive attitude from you when I’m not even complaining.


  5. The proof has already been put out there. We acknowledge the proof and agree with phan that the situation is/was not good. It is not forgotten.

  6. That is a lot of words for “ignore all of my faults and shower me with compliments”

  7. Mine is my pillow. How could I make drama with a pillow :/ ?

  8. People are praising her (her simps anyways) for quote 'standing up' for herself. She isn't really, she's losing relevance and its pissing her off that no one is buying her uwu act.

  9. Looks like she is blocking anyone that isn’t a simp too, which just goes to show that she is capable of setting boundaries and utilising the block button… just not on the creeps.

  10. Am I supposed to believe that the woman that finds water too spicy has used this full bottle of Listerine…all week?

  11. Yeah, what the hell is with all the posts lately breaking rule 1 of the sub?

  12. I didn’t get that from the video, I got that she said when Eugenia said “fat rolls” she said it with contempt, and that she means it when she says “fat rolls could trigger someone” [aka herself]

  13. She can’t control how people act = Nobody can stop anyone from saying what they want. Unless it mentions food, that’s a ban.

  14. It’s almost 8am in her time zone (I’m in the same). In the time she streamed, I got a solid night of sleep, woke up, showered, got two kids up and ready for school including feeding them and myself breakfast and drove them to school.

  15. In the same time she has streamed herself talking in circles, I have been asleep, woke up, walked to work, and I am just coming off a lunch break.

  16. That chair has blue ass juice on it I don't want it.

  17. But what if I told you, that it is actually super cute and everything? Would that change your mind at all?

  18. She is playing Life is Strange, rated PEGI 16: Spoilers This game has received a PEGI 16 because it features depictions of realistic violence towards human characters, depictions of the use of illegal drugs, and use of strong language. Not suitable for persons under 16 years of age.

  19. Seems like he just really wants to defend her for being Anorexic so much that it becomes a go to answer all for anything and everything…

  20. Is she saying that to avoid saying “well it is no different to the content I post on other platforms, and I always get away with it on those!” as it would be inadvertently admitting that her content is harmful and the other platforms are too lax.

  21. This same dude said Disney princesses were hot, while only 3 of the Disney princesses are considered 18+, the rest are between 14-17 years. I mean I just find that REALLY odd even if they are animations.

  22. That, paired with the fact that Eugenia looks and acts prepubescent too sets off all kinds of red flags for me.

  23. I cannot understand how his loyalty to Eugenia never wavers, but, his girlfriend is an inconvenient nag for wanting to spend time with him? How on earth Eugenia makes priority over his own loved ones in his life is beyond me.

  24. Should have used the “She’s like so whatever, You could do so much better…” -“and that’s what everybody’s talking about!” Spliced together instead.

  25. This footage of a banshee on her way to the country roads to terrify late night drivers is so clear, modern technology is truly incredible.

  26. I saw a comment once that said that Jack is a metaphor for her ED, and the more I see her talk about Jack, the more suspicious I become that “Jack” is just a way for her to talk about her ED in a personified way.

  27. BRAVO OP. well done hahaha this is great. brilliant. thank you for this :-) <3 hahahhahahaha. this is as clever and astute as it is humorous.

  28. That only means she'll DEFINITELY read it. Lol

  29. If she ever did, guarantee she would describe my writing as “uhh…interesting, aha!”

  30. The hair breakage is going to be too hard to hide soon. She keeps editing her mouth weird in her pictures, there are blocky strange pixels around that area.

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