7 years, a 1000 failed attempts but I finally got the W over alcoholism. Today I'm the longest I've ever been sober & published my debut thriller

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  1. Anybody who wasn’t blind and actually knows football has known this for awhile

  2. The way penalties are so favorable for passing offense right now(PIs, roughing the passer, etc.), it's kinda foolish not to utilize it

  3. Not only that but also if the point of your offense is 4-6 yard rushes, any negative play puts you in an uphill battle to move the chains. A holding call always felt like the death of a drive.

  4. Completely agree. Passing offenses, even with a holding call still has a better shot at moving the chains. A deep pass or a handful of penalties as mentioned before(defensive holding, PI, roughing the passer) all can create a fresh set of downs

  5. Just implying that they're from the "rough" part of the neighborhood, and that they will respond to any antagonism with violence.

  6. Had lamar took us to the Super Bowl he gets paid. Terrible comparison.

  7. This. Not only has our postseason performance been trash during the Lamar era(1-3), but his injury has kept him off the field for a good chunk of the season for the past two years. I doubt a big contract is gonna help this(in fact if we give him full guarantee, he's more likely to not play). Jalen Hurts on the other hand is clearly healthy and has more years ahead. Along with that, the Eagles have built a team, not an individual. Look at our defense. That's a unit. The offense on the other hand is a one man show, and that isn't a good thing if you're wanting to win championships. We need to build an offensive unit

  8. "If the US government decides to stick a tracking device up your ass, you say, 'Thank You', and 'God Bless America.'"

  9. I don’t want to be in a conference with you in the first place. I would’ve much preferred Memphis.

  10. This movie reference needs to be used more often these days....

  11. I fully support more references to The Princess Bride

  12. It really needs to stop being illegal to be a conservative.

  13. Lawsuits like these help. When your constitutional rights are violated, it's time to take go to court and hit them where it hurts them the most: their bottom line

  14. Glad nobody was killed. Good reason to have a rifle close by.

  15. Abortion may save a mother's life(most of us here are agree with abortions if to save the life of the mother), but the reality is that life is always taken during an abortion, even in situations to save the mother

  16. My father-in-law was an Ob-gyn for decades and never once needed to terminate a baby's life in order to save a woman's life.

  17. One of my friends had an Ectopic Pregnancy and had to get one done. In this case, if the baby isn't removed, there is a very likelihood of death for the mother. I'm glad that your father-in-law never had to experience that, but there are definitely situations where an removing that life is the only option to the save the mother, granted they're very rare and are just a small fraction of total abortions

  18. Smartphones have ironically made so many people more dumb than they would've been without one

  19. I agree as Jesus clearly teaches us in Matthew 6:1-4 that we should give in silence and not let others know. However, I do believe doing charitable things even for views/profits is still better than not doing anything at all. With that said, Jesus's method of giving is clearly is the better way

  20. Happy to see UAB turning it around. Everything's finally coming together like many thought they would do in the preseason

  21. Understand, Nothing in this world matters besides serving the lord. Not your wealth, not your survival, nothing.

  22. Thank you for sharing part of your testimony. I know this is a very late reply, but I'm currently in a similar moment in my life. I have a high paying job, and I know the Lord's calling me somewhere else. I know leaving would be a leap of faith and know that requires trusting Him

  23. Well hold on now isn't that USA supposed to be some racist bigoted hellscape compared to Europe??

  24. Just watch a few football games in Europe, and you'll see how racist they can get pretty quickly

  25. They didn't have permission to be in our airspace to begin with that I know of. Respond all you want. Just keep your spy shit out of our country.

  26. Ya. Imagine if we did the same thing over China's airspace. The propaganda machine in China would've gone insane

  27. It's the same with Sanctuary cities that boast welcoming all kinds of diversity until it lands in their laps.

  28. Martha's Vineyard had a meltdown due to just 50 illegal immigrants being sent there

  29. If we had lost, it would be one of the biggest conspiracy theories in football history. Unlike the Falcons who just decided to die in the 4th quarter/OT, everything flipped the moment the lights went out

  30. Oh you're still pretty early! I suggest you find a TV show to take your mind off things then.

  31. Congratulations! Thanks for being inspiration for us who are trying to deal with our own addictions.

  32. Ya this game is considered the greatest Ravens game of all time to most football fans

  33. Tf did we do to y’all? We’re supposed to be united against Bama dammit lol

  34. I enjoy all my Tiger Bros(especially my bros with a lake). I'm just a sicko and enjoy watching giants fall, and South Carolina last season butchered so many hopes/aspirations

  35. BS like this underplays the progress that has been made the the past 100 years

  36. Loser of the Baylor/BYU game has to chug a gallon of milk

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