1. At what point does it stop being a wand and start being a staff?

  2. uj/ lod-GOK as in Gock which is short for girl cock, if you pronounce it as spelt it also sounds like Log-gock which is 😳

  3. post some video of your skirt going spinney. that way Trans Central will know you're serious about being trans and they'll ship you a copy for free.

  4. What silly little name will they have?

  5. Hey I'll have you know I personally oppose gay marriage just like every other conservative! Being trans is totally irrelevant, plus I'm good at it so the conservatives totally love me ❤️

  6. there should be an island somewhere where they can be warehoused and the rest of us don't have to look at them or put up with their nonsense.

  7. It's good to be up front about these things, even if they're only asking how your day is going.

  8. yea I don't get this. The stupid tran community doesn't get that saying your straight and can have sex with futas is like saying you're vegetarian and eating meat

  9. the animal you're eating probably ate vegetation, so you're still a vegetarian.

  10. knock your hot coffee over onto his lap. let him worry about his own genitals for a while.

  11. I don't know what in God's name possessed me to make this, but

  12. I wonder who on transcirclegenderjerk will get that tattoo first.

  13. while a Blåhaj looks on and wonders how it can get back to the nearest IKEA.

  14. I've always wanted a mob of hate-filled and terrified villagers to gather outside of my abode to shout "kill the beast troon!"

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