Erling Haaland miss vs Liverpool 90+7'

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That's a little funny

  1. The little ones are more scary because you can’t see them coming

  2. Nahi i went there recently with a friend the food was okayish and not upto the mark and it was mad crowded. We went on Sunday tho and they only take cash payments which was difficult for us to arrange since we usually use card.

  3. I can understand it being crowded on a Sunday, as it is a popular place. And making cash payments is not a big deal, especially for such an inexpensive restaurant. The biggest bill I've had there is some 900+ Rs for 4 people.

  4. The one on the right looks like a Nokia 6700.

  5. That's a Nokia 3120N. It had the infrared enabled written on the box, I thought I was gonna be playing with lasers. Was so disappointed.

  6. The only new form factor we've had recently is the folding screens and they're so prohibitively expensive. Everything else is a rectangle with 2 buttons on the side.

  7. That lift is similar to a one handed dumbell front raise at the gym. Even 15-20 kg is a lot of weight for that. Serious lifters might be able to do 25 kg maybe.

  8. Not exactly in Mumbai but you can go to Ulhasnagar.

  9. Even when I lived in Pune, I had furniture (bed, desk, etc.) delivered from Ulhasnagar. Despite paying 1000 Rs for tempo bhada plus tip, it was so much cheaper than buying from Pune itself.

  10. That movement just to be onside in the last second though.

  11. And also that chance he finished where the ball had gone out of play.

  12. Not every school charges the same exhorbitant fees. Some are more reasonable. As a parent it is your choice to make. Higher fees do not equate to better education, neither does having low fees mean a poorer education.

  13. Lol bro got flooded with downvotes for being right, Reddit never ceases to amaze me

  14. He got downvoted for being a prick. Could have simply said it happened in the 2nd episode, not 1st instead of writing all that nonsense about betrayal and trust.

  15. iG8 says:

    Actually think it’s being understated just how good Salah was today. Assist for the first. Set up Nunez beautifully and then scored the subsequent penalty for the second. Then made another brilliant piece of play to set Robbo up for the assist of the third. Barely put a foot wrong.

  16. Terrorised Cancelo and Ake for much of the game. Especially the first 30 mins.

  17. This is literally that trading quest from Link's Awakening.

  18. You can encounter the Galarian legendary birds on Daily Incense. They are notorious for their low catch rates and high flee rates.

  19. WhatsApp is like an official form of communication for government employees?

  20. Not by itself but you can send a pdf/photograph of an official memo/order through Whatsapp.

  21. When I see “winning is for winners” I just exit the battle. I don’t have time to fight 3 Snorlaxes, sorry.

  22. So? I have 11 shadows and 2 purified, and maybe dozens released. The point of a new encounter is that you can get a better Pokemon than the ones you have and maybe replace them. Are all of your Pokemon perfects?

  23. Someone used your UPI ID to try and make payment

  24. Doesn't look like a UPI pay request, but rather an SMS that tries to imitate it. Instead it'll take you to a Razorpay payment page. No UPI IDs required to pull off this scam, just a phone number.

  25. Never seen razorpay use phone number for payment

  26. They don't seem to be using a phone number? It's just and SMS with a link.

  27. Try a gigantic tarantula

  28. Fear to gigantic tarantulas might be learned or cultural, not something we are born with. Even some fears thay we are born with, like fear of the dark, don't kick in until we are slightly older. A one year old doesn't fear the dark, but a 2-3 year old does.

  29. Children have no fear. This reminded me of when a cousin (aged 3-4 then) picked up a big centipede, all laughing and all the older children (aged 8-10) were so scared.

  30. Even just hitting the fucker (not even a nice throw) feels great.

  31. Hamley’s and Crossword are no go. They’ve been supposedly banned in India since 2018 and now there’s no stock in these places. Same story with Amazon. Lots of knock off brands. Thanks though!

  32. Not even close. The lethal dose of salt is something like 250 grammes for an adult male. A tablespoon at once might make you feel rubbish but it's not going to actually hurt you.

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