1. Hunger games, I'm not saying it's a bad film I just hate the story and some of the characters. The acting is fantastic but... I really don't get drawn into the story at all.

  2. Looks to me like the washers that are in the spout have failed, so you need new ones. Also looks like the cartridge is also passing so I would recommend getting a new one as well. Not a hard fix and of course the old age plumber fix... New tap.

  3. Only has to be an access in the soil pipe not in a pipe for the shower, it looks pretty well done to me from this picture. If the shower is blocking up have you taken out the trap? Most showers have the chrome cover and then a trap below which can be lifted out either for cleaning or to make it a 'fast flow' waste.

  4. Pray the transfer window delivers us a finishing god. We are inept otherwise because we create fuck loads of quality chances so the tactics are working.

  5. Angol I think is good enough just need to keep him fit

  6. We could do with a left back. Don’t think Threlkeld and FCD are good enough.

  7. I agree, Threlkeld isn't poor and might be a good back up but apart from that he isn't good enough. Can't think of who we could steal though

  8. The thousand eyes gave it away

  9. If I put a 100 women’s teams against 100 men’s teams in the same league would the women win over 50 of the matches?

  10. Hard to judge with football as luck can play a big part. Watching both regularly I would say that women play a more physical game these days at the top level.

  11. Luck can play a part but I’m supposing over a large number of games so the luck element is removed.

  12. Back to back or with rest time? I think the men having more funding would win the back to back games. However I think with time between games it would be very close. Also depends on the teams, American women teams would surely out see the American men's but European men's teams are a lot stronger in terms of skill and ability. So I think men would edge it but it would be a lot to do with funding.

  13. As a ginger who burns, I also ask this question of many people

  14. I mean, in your case it’s a bit like asking why lactose tolerant people like cheese so much.

  15. She was a paranoid mess, constantly thought I was cheating on her, wasn't allowed to talk to girls. She woke me up once at 2am by throwing my phone at my face and asking if I want to explain my self, she'd gone on my emails and deep in my spam folder was one of those "hot girls in your areas" email and she screamed at me all night until I had to go to work

  16. Darn. I hope you are good now.

  17. Caffeine, preferably from my favourite mug

  18. I had to collect money to bring to my head office for work, I was driving around with roughly £750k in cash.

  19. I sell bushes, flanges, male and females. Oh they also purchase my pipe

  20. I got this first time round by mistake, I was shocked at him being an ass... TOTALLY out of character for him...

  21. On the 5th of November, we celebrate the fact that the government hundreds of years ago foiled a plot to blow up parliament, by setting off fireworks at Parliament, mocking the guy

  22. 1605. To be fair I'm always curious if they would have got away with it, but it is a fantastic celebration I love it even if bonfires have got less and less over the years.

  23. Not myself but I was there. Went to go watch the rugby and I had a season ticket, my friend came with to pay in but ended up finding a ticket tucked into one of the boards and got in for free. A few months later he came again and got given a ticket for free.

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