1. If you're going to put clowns like Rees-Mogg in a position where he is in charge of policy, don't act surprised when you get shit policies.

  2. Not a surprise when significant numbers of fans from both clubs were in the host city.

  3. That was my plan as well.. just not sure when pep gona hit us with the kdb bench again lol, salah has some tasty fixtures...

  4. Wasn't he benched already this year lol

  5. There's no silver bullet. But I'd prefer a flat subsidy. Basically, £3000 (or whatever) for everyone.

  6. No wonder Daemon hates him, Daemon for all his faults and his being, well a nutcase is probably the best equipped to rule as he at least understands power. He wouldn't be a great ruler but he would never allow this kind of nonsensary to happen. Vizzy T and his incompetence to be a king is the reason for the dance to occur.

  7. This reminds me of one of GRRM's comments on show Sansa being raped by Ramsey thing. He said something like it is interesting to see how many people went crazy about it while few people cared when Jeyne Poole suffered the same in the book. Most people care about characters they are more familiar with.

  8. My issue with Sansa ending up with Ramsey was that it makes fuck all sense for Littlefinger to just gift Sansa to the Boltons and get nothing in return.

  9. Cersei's own recollection is that she was actually fine with marrying Robert - keep in mind that back then he was still the athletic, handsome mighty warrior-king, not an overweight drunkard -... Until they went to bed and in his drunken stupor he called her "Lyanna".

  10. This would just deter too many players from playing.

  11. People who had him in from GW1 should be rewarded though.

  12. Came here for this. She ain’t no Maggie that’s for sure. Love or loathe her Margaret Thatcher had principles and stuck to them. No chance of that with Truss.

  13. Sticking with an unpopular policy that has caused economic chaos isn't something that should be admired.

  14. I’m glad she’s ditched it but I have more respect for people who have principles and stick with them (she clearly doesn’t have principles and only wants power).

  15. Again, sticking with an obviously bad policy because of 'muh principles' is stupid.

  16. Not had a pen against them since about 2005 in the league. Something mental like that.

  17. I can only imagine the calm rational takes if Celtic hadn't had a penalty in an Old Firm game for 15 years.

  18. 1 win in 15 games. 3 goals in 8 games this season. After over 100m spent in the summer.

  19. Burnley have scored more Premier League goals than Wolves since April. And Burnley got relegated in May.

  20. Similarly the inverse? A reckless pedestrian crossing the street in front of a car going 55 mph assuming that’s the speed limit? Given the environment on the edge of the road it could be impossible to see or stop in time if the pedestrian steps out.

  21. Ok then 35 MPH and someone steps out from between two parked cars 10 feet in front of you? Can you stop?

  22. No but I'd be speeding in that scenario. A 40 road wouldn't allow parked cars.

  23. It was pretty amazing how good Mawaan was at scooting backwards in a chair while driving a remote control car in the opposite direction. The task itself wasn’t very fun to watch, but that bit was impressive.

  24. Yeah Mawaan makes that task for me. How easy he makes it look contrasts pretty hilariously with how hard everyone else found it.

  25. Best time in history for the monarch to try that untested 'dissolve the government' power

  26. Honestly, if there was another leadership challenge I'd be fine with the King going 'nope, you lot are taking the piss now' and dissolving Parliament.

  27. Hopefully that result shuts up some of the online shitebags in our support.

  28. I just have no confidence in Kent any time he gets the ball in a shooting position.

  29. Goalkeeper protection. Stupid shite that needs out the game. Jumps into Matondo ffs

  30. It's not even goalie protection, it's a sympathy decision because they're getting pumped with 10 men.

  31. Can you imagine - 'sorry we've spent the 140m - employees you're not getting paid for the rest of the year'.

  32. Mercedes had to make staff redundant to stick under the cap.

  33. How? What the fuck are you doing that it takes you an over an hour to make fajitas?

  34. To be able to start a recall petition, your MP has to have done somethign that leads to either:

  35. Does a recall petition not also need the signature of so many constituents (10,000 rings a bell?)

  36. Can’t kings/queens legitimize bastards though? Like how Ramsay became a Bolton and nobody complained? If Ned accepts Rhaneyra, she simply makes her sons Targaryen’s and nobody, including Ned, care.

  37. Bastards work differently for men and women (they still do in todays society). A married woman’s child is presumed to be her husband’s child unless the husband or the potential bio dad contests it. Here, the husband and bio dad are not contesting anything.

  38. I almost agreed with you at first and was going to say that this isn’t anything new. A certain subset of AAA gaming is getting more homogenised than ever, such as Ubisoft open worlds and Sony cinematic action adventures. Mechanics are being shared so every game feels almost the same. Designs that feel like business checklists are more common than ever. This also feels more prevalent because it’s in most the most popular games.

  39. I really hope that GTA VI really innovates with the franchises gameplay elements and fleshes out the multiple playable characters system more

  40. I just want the actual missions to be more sandboxy rather than being so scripted. Think Uncharted 4's set pieces or a Hitman mission where you have a target to kill within a set piece (think the plantation mission from RDR2) and how you achieve that is up to you.

  41. And labor will come in and do almost nothing as everything gets worse, until people vote tory out of frustration, and we get another cycle of cuts.

  42. In terms of mirroring tax bands, one area the First Minister arguably should be questioned on is the 41% tax rate, which hasn't moved in about 5 years and still kicks in at £43.6k. Someone earning £50k in Scotland pays about £1.5k a year more in tax than someone on the same salary in England. Shifting the 41% band up gives middle earners quite a decent chunk of change back which arguably might provide more of an economic stimulus.

  43. Seems unlikely that it’d be worth moving. Most folk in Scotland who earn enough to really benefit from the tax cuts probably own property which means there’s a significant cost (financially and time wise) to selling and then buying in England. Add on the fact that these tax cuts probably get reversed in a couple years once the Tories are out and you probably don’t even make much savings, if you even do manage to break even from the costs involved with moving.

  44. I would like to know why Celtic didn’t have the same reservations as Rangers did over this extension with Sky. It’s a shit deal that doesn’t have any long term benefit for Celtic.

  45. Just another situation where as soon as it becomes Rangers Vs. Celtic, or we (Rangers) raise concerns against others clubs it is instantly dismissed as noise making, sectarian or just Rangers being difficult.

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