The Ukrainian army released a tapped phone call between a Russian soldier and his mother. The soldier describes how exciting it was to torture, maim and kill Ukrainians. His mother shares his excitement

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  1. this is so important. A few days ago I had to do post-mortem care on a 32 year old killed in a car crash. we are not guaranteed tomorrow. do your family a favor and have all this stuff taken care of, so they can grieve without having to worry about all these other things.

  2. My mother is 86, both her PCP and I tried pushing her to tell us her preference of treatment if she becomes incapacitated. Nope. Not even a hint.

  3. "Even as Russia hammers eastern Ukraine with heavy artillery, it is cementing its grip on the south, claiming to have restored roads, rails and a critical freshwater canal that could help it claim permanent dominion over the region.

  4. Dwindling population issue in Russia. So, I guess the idea is to brainwash them into "good little Russians" to have someone to breed more in the future.

  5. Germany had a school shooting last week and police immediately went in there to secure the premises.

  6. I am confused about their delay as well.

  7. Well... Technically it's not boots on the "ground", so...

  8. Rand Paul is a turd. Just a single solitary turd. Not enough worth to make it to pile of shit status.

  9. Twitter mocked these bikes being sent as aid: "Lol so how are these going to recharge? You're expecting areas without fuel to be able to recharge these worthless bricks?"

  10. I think she meant "permission" in the sense that she wouldn't regard it as cheating on their marriage vows. Which is super messed up. Like she's okay with being married to a rapist who tortures and brutalized captives in war, but she'd draw the line at the point that the asshole has a consensual relationship with a willing partner. I guess if you view these civilian captives as less than human, then hey, that's just having a good time, but if he got involved with a fellow Russian citizen, that would be a threat to their marriage, because then he'd be involved with an equal, someone she'd see as a threat.

  11. I dont understand any mother could be proud of their son for doing this. I would disown my son if he engaged in "21 roses" torture.

  12. It's like the woman who told her husband to keep raping Ukrainian women. I cannot wrap my head around what thought process is happening in these people. It's horrifying.

  13. I don’t know, my brain definitely feels much worse off than just aging 20 years . I’m 30. I often forget what I’m talking about mid sentence. I forget very simple words. I ask the same question multiple times in a row because I forgot that I just asked. Shit, sometimes I’m talking and I just forget how to talk and out comes a jumbled mess of sounds. I cant remember when my next shift is, I have to check multiple times a day. I forget what I’m working for the day while I’m at work. There is not a thought to be had in my empty ass head.

  14. Sounds like me since I developed rheumatoid arthritis...

  15. We first need to invent a missile launch system with enough thrust to clear his table.

  16. We were thinking about giving the whole list of the companies to the user without search, but we understood that for the most users it could be more interesting and fun to use in real use case via search, since they could experience some kind of "finding a hidden treasure" sensation)

  17. Does it know if the product you scan is a subsidiary of another corporation that pays taxes in Russia?

  18. “Fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian.” Is the strategy I’ve heard from the more cynical Washington types.

  19. Well, f*ck those particular Washington types. I am a cynic, but damn.

  20. Nah, I don't underestimate the cynicism, I just disapprove of the flavor. Of course, my disapproval means jack in the big scheme of things, but I tisk tisk it nonetheless.

  21. It's an infantry / light armor area denial weapon. Basically, it can shower saturate an area the size of a football field with rockets similar to RPGs from the sky. If you have a zerg rush, everything in that area dies in under a minute.

  22. Well those 30 ships in the black sea are looking....

  23. I wish we would send in troops and get people out of there. We all know the damn Russians will murder everyone, women and children too. I hate this.

  24. I was thinking the same. We have quite a few states in the US where they cry about taxes and handouts, get take way more than they give. And yet, they're still some of the worst states in just about every objective measure (eg, schools, healthcare). Frankly, I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to give a shit about these people and places.

  25. I know what brand of tires I won't be buying...

  26. Good, this is the news the world so desperately wants to to hear. Me very included

  27. Me too. I uttered a very loud "YEAH!" But, given that the people of Ukraine cannot hear little old me in Virginia, USA I say again in letters "YEAH!" And, "Glory to Ukraine!"

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