1. Fuck you lol. I just realized I was in a dream and you know what I did? I decided to wake up. I’m pretty sure it was because I read your post before going to sleep.

  2. I find it very very strange how dreams pull random thoughts like that - yet every time I specifically meditate on a subject for a good amount of time before bed my brain just dumps it 😠 but it will pull a thought I’ve had for a fraction of a second 6 hours before bed and make it the main theme 💁‍♂️

  3. If you can‘t afford the subscription, you just have to write an e-mail to their service center and you will get it for free (i‘m not aware of any other app that is doing this)

  4. Flat-nosed dogs have a harder time breathing and health issues when they're overweight.

  5. Yeah i add in the (frozen) blueberries after cooking them on the stove for a short time to thaw. I remove the excess juice to drink later, put a layer of berries in the crust, a layer of flour and thin layer of cinnamon, then berries, another layer. Mild mixing. I stick it uncovered in oven for 30 min or so at 350 (Fahrenheit) gas

  6. It took longer than I expected but I got around to making the blueberry pie! I used an Oreo crust tho and I may have messed up the mixing part before it went in the oven… it came out blobby but it was pretty tasty! So thanks for that!

  7. Cool painting!! I’m just ignorant and thought it was billy bob thorton at first….

  8. Hello I, I or should I say you, disagree but disagreement implies agreement so you or should you say I agree. The universe must report itself to itself to maintain balance.

  9. Why is there a rubber on the revolver. I kinda dig the minimalist plate setup tho

  10. First grab mud from a river then it will unlock in the mud blueprints of notebook

  11. If you’re cool with text chat I’m down! I’m moving sometime next week but before and after I’ll be on quite a bit

  12. yeah im cool with text chat even if voice chat would be better haha yeah im on steam and discord heres both

  13. Cool I just added you, I’m gonna hop on in about 30 minutes and probably be on all night

  14. Honestly, I haven't even paid attention to that. But sounds about right.

  15. Haha it’d be spooky! Can you imagine wandering in pitch blackness with a torch and a foot of visibility and you hear a jaguar growl/pur?? I’d poop my pants.

  16. Don't forget this is a small company. And I'm pretty sure you also agree that did great

  17. Definitely, I consider it the best video game I’ve ever played. Just wasn’t sure if it is a bug because every survival game I start has a full moon every night.

  18. I dropped my AirPods down a sewer drain getting out of the car and decided to try to retrieve them while barefoot. I had a guy working on my kitchen at the time who just hulked up and lifted the drain grate off by himself (these are steel and a few hundred pounds easy) and jumped down in the drain to get them for me. Super Chad kind of guy.

  19. God damn I once dropped a dinner plant on my big toe, did a perfect sideways land, and that felt a sewer grate.. can’t imagine what an actual sewer grate felt like! Did you pass out, get put to sleep during sewing? Or have you been feeling it all this time?? :o

  20. Cool! Can't wait for the sequel "I opened my kitchen door today", gonna be sick

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