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  1. You absolutely can take credit for not socializing that tendency out of your daughter like so many of our own mothers were pressured to do.

  2. Same. Age-appropriate information that the child can wrap their head around. But if they're old enough to google things, they should be told bad or scary news from their parents, not read about it on a website.

  3. I would find a different doctor because all animal proteins are also found in plants. If they weren't, vegan diets would be as unthinkable as living on bark or saltwater.

  4. No. Surgeons and surgical nurses have been wearing masks for 8+ hours a day for decades (well before Covid) without developing COPD.

  5. I am an old lady, and I know a lot of people. I cannot think of any women - good, bad, or indifferent - who would agree with this in any way

  6. When I read her first two items I thought she was making a point about not wanting to make the effort for just anyone rather than actually expecting money. But then that interpretation fell apart with her third and fourth items.

  7. I always appreciate the fact that whenever anyone plays stardew they always arbitrarily hate one of the characters

  8. Hailey. She's a total Mean Girl. My first day in town she says, "Oh, for a minute I thought you were pretty under all that dirt on your face, but... nevermind." And another time I tried to talk to her and the game said "Hailey is ignoring you."

  9. I had that problem in my 'teen levels. It disappeared after completing the Move Out quest, but about fifteen levels later a new variant of the bug started popping up (kids-walking-in-when-nudity-appears-on-screen).

  10. This goes for anything else not strapped down in your vehicle. It can all become a projectile and injure you more in an accident.

  11. That answer kind of misses, or at least under plays, a big point. Using the term "economically comfortable" is like saying that a prisoner has fewer travel options. There were many things a woman could be legally prevented from obtaining, like credits cards, loans, mortgages, certain types of accounts, without a husband's or male family member's signature. Some of the laws to provide equal opportunities in those cases didn't go into effect until the late 1970's. And even then, there was a pervasive attitude that still made it difficult, legal or not.

  12. Women could also be fired for complaining about sexual harassment. An elderly female relative told me that every time her boss made a pass at her she found a new job rather than wait to be fired (or attacked). Married women were routinely fired for getting pregnant. If a woman got pregnant when she wasn't married she could face eviction, too.

  13. I'm having trouble with the OB telling her that alcohol consumption in early pregnancy either causes a miscarriage or the fetus is completely fine. I'm not an OB but I'm not finding anything to support this claim, either.

  14. I could have proposed to my wife with a keyring and she would’ve said yes. It’s not about the size of the rock, it’s about what that object represents. Oop is screwing themself in the long run

  15. My husband proposed with a flower he pilfered from someone's garden.

  16. It's not even an abortion pill. It just stops the egg from being fertilized in the first place. This is just a sad man trying to flex on a young lady.

  17. There's a lot of deliberate misinformation about Plan-B. Unfortunately, too many people do believe that it's an abortion pill.

  18. So I looked (briefly) at your other posts. If it's a housing issue, you might get more practical advice from a subreddit for your geographic area or your city. People will have knowledge of local tenant rights and lease laws, which in my area can vary even city to city.

  19. If she was planning to drive him to every chemo appointment, take a week off of work to care for him after surgery, and pick up his half of the household responsibilities until he's feeling like himself again, it seems unfair that she also miss her trip (assume he didn't stay home over concern about viruses). But given how she buried the lede about the diagnosis, I suspect they had very different expectations about how much support he would need.

  20. But don't do this if you have a busy, shared kitchen. The next person to touch the sponge won't be happy.

  21. I'm assuming something like this has already crossed your radar, but just in case, have you read The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics? Your beautiful dress seems to have leapt straight from the pages!

  22. As many as 26% of all pregnancies are estimated to result in miscarriages and as many as 10% of “clinically recognized pregnancies”. I had to google what a clinically recognized pregnancy is and from what I can tell it means imaging such as an ultrasound has been performed.

  23. One in four women will experience a miscarriage in her lifetime. But because we don't talk about it, people don't realize how incredibly common it is, especially in the first trimester.

  24. A good diet will reduce your risk of some types of cancer, and exercise will reduce your risk of others. If you have to choose only one (which you really don't) choose the one that helps you maintain a healthy weight, as this also plays a major role in maintaining health.

  25. I can't tell if this is a Hunger Games reference or a Brave New World reference.

  26. In the US (at least in New England), we're seeing a bit of the opposite affect as remote working availability of white collar workers is creating an exodus from cities for the exact reason you're specifying. However, this is causing suburban prices to rise - kind of "level loading" demand across a bigger region.

  27. We're seeing it in Canada, too. Housing prices are going up across the board, but it's going up particularly fast in small towns because of remote workers moving here. Locals are having such a hard time paying rent that we suddenly have tent cities.

  28. I would say it is our car based infrastructure that is the problem. Almost half of canadians live along the great lakes and the st-laurent up to Quebec city, the "we don't have the population density" argument is dumb. We could very easily have a super efficient public transport system that span this whole region, starting with a High speed train from Quebec to Windsor, then adding perpendicular to it over the years and eventually bus to every single little towns.

  29. Remember five years ago when VIA Rail had a promotion where they offered a limited number of affordable cross-country tickets and there was so much demand that the website crashed? People would absolutely use the train more if tickets were half or a quarter of the current price, even if nothing else changed.

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