1. My favorite is that he was indicted in 2020, and then got a payment in 2021 and asked them if they wanted more information 🤦

  2. WayB Pico is what you’re looking for. I use them day to day in a performance car with a smaller back seat, but they’re great on planes and rentals, too.

  3. It seems these aren’t sold widely in Canada unfortunately as they’re only US FDA approved. Appreciate the recommendation all the same!

  4. Makes sense. You just need the temporary P.O. Box in Pt. Roberts!

  5. Get an attorney in Island County who advertises for this and has good online reviews. You want someone who knows the judge and doesn’t have to drive a long way (bill a lot) to take care of it.

  6. That does indeed appear to have a lot of water coming out where it should not be.

  7. I also like North Face. Depending on which of the Ivies and how far north he is, it may or may not be worth splurging for Canada Goose.

  8. Hahaha - this brings back the memories. I vividly recall wearing a black suit to OCI 1 at a T14 law school simply because I didn’t know any better. Brutal. I’ve done plenty well since, but I did not help myself at all.

  9. I wish I had had you as an uncle - this was exactly what I needed.

  10. I'll disagree here too. All season weather tires are helpful but not mandatory. And Seattle is a bitch to drive in when it snows because every neighborhood has significant hills. If Seattle were as flat as Phoenix, the same amount of snow wouldn't be nearly as much of a problem. Again, get here first then assess what you need to buy.

  11. You should not be driving in Seattle year-round on summer tires. They harden under 40 degrees and have 0 snow traction at all. Are you thinking of snow tires?

  12. I stand corrected and have edited my comment.

  13. Where’s this? Also, does anyone know how to find out how many homes would be buildable on the house your lot sits on if you were to sell it?

  14. ...yeah? It's good but it's the exact kind of building that people are terrified might get built next to their house. So maybe it's not the best example to use to celebrate denser housing

  15. On Boylston between Olive and Thomas? This is as perfect a location for density as they come.

  16. I’m rather surprised. It does feel like you can “have it all.” Sure in a place like Bend you can afford anything, but at your NW (depending on spend), and with just the two of you, you can live in a really nice home. Maybe not Manhattan or SF proper. Sure you may not be the king around town, but doesn’t seem like that’s what you want

  17. Bend would qualify for a lot of people as having it all, depending on the quality of their relationship with the Porsche dealer and how much they liked Bachelor.

  18. I’m just glad they’re no longer punishing non-addict pain patients. These are the conversations that should have been happening YEARS ago instead of tightening restrictions on legal prescriptions and making life hell for disabled and chronically ill non-addicts.

  19. Pain patients and pain pills are a large reason why we’re here. Restrictions on opioid prescribing are essential - Purdue pharma was a thing.

  20. That’s a small truck payment. Probably around a $30k note at 1%, 6 years, or adjust for years or rate.

  21. I’d worry less about mileage and more about deposits in the engine. The cost difference is in the detergent package, not the stored energy.

  22. The stress and competitiveness of the private school application should not be underestimated.

  23. There are good schools in the SF Bay Area, but then you will pay with housing. In fact, I'd argue housing dictates housing prices far more than anything here. Shitty school districts are where it's cheap. But because there aren't enough good schools, you crazy inflation in prices where you try to go somewhere good. Distance is a factor too because East Bay has a lot of good schools when you go into the Tri-Valley area, but because it's very clear everyone has to drive into Silicon Valley/SF for their job, the price is slightly cheaper than say living smack dab in Cupertino where you get good schools AND jobs, but you pay for it with the commute.

  24. Even in SF 80-100k per year for 2 kids buys a lot of mortgage, and that’s the math.

  25. It’s simple - use the on ramp to get up to speed. Your relative speed should be within 5mph to the cars on the freeway making it very simple to merge. Speed up or slow down as needed when you make visual contact with the car(s) in the right lane.

  26. The on-ramp is also the best place to “legally” speed. I like to get up to 90 or so from the one on olive just for kicks, then brake coming onto the highway.

  27. Ask the question about why people feel the need to go fast in the right lane. It might lead you to an uncomfortable conclusion.

  28. I hope they do and the suspects skip bail. Beautiful bankruptcy that would be.

  29. To be honest it’s going to start sucking for the people in the restaurant industry if it hasn’t already. I’ve mostly stopped eating out and can’t be alone in that.

  30. I hate to say it but yeah pretty much. It's at the least a serious value consideration.

  31. I hate it, as I can “afford it” by any reasonable measure, but I’ve done the math and it can save some pretty vast sums. As you say, a value calculation.

  32. you might look at eastern and rural WA where there may be a higher share of family businesses and farms that go back a long time

  33. There is a very wealthy landowning and industrial (fruit packing) class in Yakima. More traditional society structure with less middle class.

  34. Posted this elsewhere, but it’s an interesting look at what you’re talking about.

  35. I am very curious about the legal arguments for this and how it will get past equal protection. IIRC that was the issue that put paid on board quotas, and this feels very similar. I guess we’ll get to pay the legal fees to find out and then lose.

  36. Pony up - you’re probably in the nannyshare/nanny route with that timing. Cost will range from $25 if you’re incredibly lucky to up to $40 an hour. Your share is whole or half depending on if you can find a share partner.

  37. Ah, OK! Never heard of this before. How many kids do nannies typically take? Here it's 3-5

  38. Did you try other options besides transplants?

  39. I wasn't aware that VM has a transplant program. I worked there until 2018 - is it new? UW is very well known for theirs. I'd definitely be looking into it if I were you. They all can provide dialysis care - but go with the place that does a lot of the surgery you need.

  40. VM has had one for a long time (1972) and is fairly high volume. I don’t have time to google all the quality data.

  41. Ah, we’ve found a believer in the surveys where the home address is somewhere in pioneer square.

  42. I was liking what I was reading about the Fremont/Ballard area a lot. I just don’t know if it makes sense to be that far west with a commute to downtown Bellevue every day. I’d be very interested in your or anyone else’s thoughts or experience with that drive!

  43. If I was commuting to Bellevue I’d look at the CD and take i90 (and then light rail when it opens). Good food, cheaper, close to Capitol Hill nightlife. Lots of younger people given cost, and far more gentrified now (read: fewer shootings) than threads 5-10 years ago will reflect. Also better grocery stores.

  44. They are loud, but they are quieter. Gas tops out at 90 decibels and electric tops out at 70.

  45. And for those not aware, the decibel scale isn’t linear.

  46. I used to rent a room in a house located in an upscale neighborhood where everyone hired landscapers. 7am to 2pm every day all you heard was a constant buzz of leaf blowers and goddamn was it annoying. Probably more important issues to focus on but honestly I'm good with this

  47. Please, please ban my neighbors from having these used (because none of them are actually using them themselves).

  48. Was it running California premium or regular? Because then it would have had torque in the 200s, just like you say.

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