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  1. Base of a cut near a road or trail? Those vertical features 30 to 36 inches apart? Looks like presplits and fracturing from blasts to me.

  2. The orb is a concretion. I find these often around Kentucky.

  3. Please inform me on what these are lightly because I’m pretty sure I destroyed THOUSANDS of these litttling things digging too other fossils and minerals. Didn’t know they were something worth collecting

  4. They’re actually super common! One of the most common in the world actually.

  5. You found that in Perry County? I’ve never heard of geodes being found in that area of KY. That’s awesome honestly. They’re super common here near Lake Cumberland with Mississippian age statra though.

  6. It was packed in since geodes aren't found in Perry Co. which is all Pennsylvanian siliciclastics. This is from the Ft. Payne or Warsaw/Salem Fms.(Miss. carbonates) of the Pennyroyal Plateau west of there.

  7. Interesting. I see your comments a lot, and they’re very insightful. Especially the ones about Kentuckys Geology. Are you from here? I don’t meet many other people from Kentucky into geology.

  8. I’ve found stuff like this in Kentucky before. Likely crinoid imprint fossils and a Brachiopod imprint.

  9. Lithified mud with a bunch of calcium holding it together. I could be wrong, but I find stuff like that all the time here in Kentucky and it’s mistaken for coral often.

  10. Great all around cleaner: 8oz spray bottle with 6oz distilled white vinegar,1oz lemon juice,tsp kosher salt,10 drops of dish detergent. Scrub with firm toothbrush and bottle cleaner for hard to reach spots.

  11. That one quote from the opening of No Country for Old Men..

  12. Recovery isn’t a finish line or a point that’s crossed. It’s a gradual process that can’t, and shouldn’t be defined in black and white.

  13. Curious as to where you found these. They look pretty similar to some of the ones I find in Pulaski / Russell county. Neat cuts!

  14. The yellow hues were from Lincoln county, and the green/grey from Jackson county.

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