Trying to get antidepressants so I can function normally. Everything I make goes to rent, and I can’t afford to move, and make 13 an hour while working 40+ hours and taking on double shifts. This is the “discounted” price of my meds. How tf is this discounted?

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I worked in customer service for a few larger banks. This is why I left. I'm telling you the amount of time this 45 $ will be pending depends on your zip code. Poorer areas, I swear, they leave it open on the account longer to create more fees. I would fight with bosses about returning these fees all the time. It depends on the rep you will be speaking with. Some reps like the power of fucking people over.

  2. Would have given the server an awesome tip, told them they will find a better restaurant to work for and told the manager he's a fuckng twat

  3. No joke. I have a son on the way, due in less than 2 weeks to this same method. She caught the "baby fever" from her best friend. You have to be moron to not catch on that your significant other wants a child. I knew it was coming. Or ...... I was.

  4. Unlike vyvanse, the meds I take for my adhd... Luckily I hit my limit with my insurance so they pay for everything that's covered, including prescription meds, but it'd be about $330/month even with insurance.

  5. I take Strattera for mine. It's 960 a month before insurance. It's cheaper to use GoodRx than my own insurance

  6. It's an absolutely beautiful spot. always interesting to see other people in Maine with Starlink.

  7. LOT’S of terminals are here on the island because TDS is horrible and over priced. I remember they still had dial-up in 2008… omg I about had a heart-attack when my father-in-law was checking his AOL email

  8. We live in a somewhat secluded area of Union, we tried them for $140/month for .5 -1 Mbps down and nearly nothing up. They are thieves, they know they have rural people stuck in an unconnected situation and take full advantage

  9. Don't talk numbers. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 6 years now, no clue how many guys she's been with. I never understood why people do this

  10. Every time I see a company ( not just SL) send a package via fedex it’s disappointing. FedEx is the worst, but they know they are and will let you pick it up .

  11. Completely random question but. Does Verizon watch you guys work? Like you have a camera on you even when not in a meeting but just working ?

  12. They watch your screen and listen to your calls whenever they want, but they don't activate your cam off meetings.

  13. I haven't gotten one. But I want to fill one out. Should I just go to the fcc website or wait for email?


  15. Great, thank you! Should we post this to the main page? I can't be the only one who didn't get it

  16. Works well for us here in Maine. Latency is low 20's to 50ms. 100 to 200mb down /upper teens to as much as 40 up. It's been dependable enough to work from home now. Company VPN is left on nearly 24 hours/ 5 days a week. With enough bandwidth for 3 kids and a wife to play games / stream. Snow storms have yet to be an issue. The only weather event that gave us a few hiccups was a freak thunderstorm with more lightning then I have seen in a long time.

  17. If it were up to me I wouldn't have an issue with that. But it's owned by aunts, uncles, and my father. He has always had a hard time not seeing the house being used, even if not by someone in the family. I think you would call his brothers and sisters tories? What we call conservative or republicans here.

  18. Oh, well in that case you may be contributing to the problem

  19. I've been thinking about doing the same. I even picked up a flag. But I know it's going to get the house shot at.

  20. I'm one of the silent folks who still regards StarLink as magic. I'm not a gamer but do rely on (too many) video meetings for my work. Starlink has made our VT home viable for remote work. It's not perfect, and if fiber ever makes it here*, I'll drop it, but it's damn good.

  21. Lmao. I have my way of saying fuck you. Up until recently he did make an effort to pay child support. I would gladly take his money and go do fun stuff with the kiddos. (Of course, after necessities are paid first).

  22. The fuck. This reminds me of my step daughters father. He's still out doing pre-child things and never sees his daughter. I think for some parents, they don't go through the mental change or whatever you want to call it. They still put their needs before the needs of their children. These kids didn't ask to be brought into the world. Time to buck the fuck up and be a parent.

  23. I think it's religion. Finding out it's not true. Lue has mentioned our religions not being the truth a few times. I could see this seriously disturbing an adult believer.

  24. I love my dog. But if she did this without justification, she's getting punched in the face until she lets go.

  25. I wouldn't blame those who do not want children on the flight. I can hardly stand flying with my own children I can't subject others to their inherited ADHD. So we drive as much as possible

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