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  1. How would they drown him? Cunt’s got super strength I imagine, seeing that every supe in the seven at least has that

  2. Guys, there are so many more races here in the state that need attention, don’t give a con any money. Give it to Jay Chen who’s running against Michelle Steele, give money to asif Mahmood who is running against Young Kim, Rudy Salas running against David valadao

  3. Yeah it's strange having a GM that seems smart and forward-thinking and isn't an angry drunk asshole who throws furniture at people

  4. Can't wait to see Klingberg walk the line like Johnny fuckin Cash

  5. This is a very weird one, if true. I guess it saves us from having a truly AHL level defense. Hopefully he can be a good short term mentor for Drysdale, and then I guess he's out of here by the trade deadline. Hard to be too upset about this. Seems like a win-win. I don't think this will make us too good to get a top pick either, but that is a slight risk.

  6. Gives us a group of Klingberg, juolevi, Drysdale, Fowler, shattenkirk, vaakaneinen. Not horrible

  7. Chip has killed the program. It’s really not that long ago where UCLA led the conference in attendance for a year during Mora’s height.

  8. It's not like UCLA students show up to games anyways

  9. This, though a more nuanced look at the WC rivalry days...

  10. Good thing Joe Biden is moving forward with finishing the border wall!

  11. Perry’s missed PS is when I abandoned all hope…and it was only the first period lol

  12. This is Reddit. You just say anti-American things that sound vaguely snappy and you will collect internet points. Actual history is not involved

  13. I mean, because there was an excerpt from her? And because its based on a poorly logically framed premise: it is okay for me to do what I'm doing because bad things happen to me.

  14. She said she was sensitive to gentrification, what makes you think she wouldn’t try to blend in? Also this quote: “I try and frequent local businesses and not go with the big conglomerates,” said Rodwell. “I try to give money back to my community and be involved in my community.”

  15. Uh... where the fuck is that quote in the article?

  16. So I was about to make a snarky comment, but I realized that this isn’t the original article.

  17. Basically a bad deal that’s far short of what is needed because corporate Dems don’t really do things to help society.

  18. Bernie Sanders has his own superpac. Does that make him a “corporate dem”? Probably not since he’s not a democrat I guess.

  19. You're probably right. I think it would have to be Thone or Cornyn though, even if McConnell gets forced to walk the plank on one of them probably had to take over as the #2 and #3 guys in the caucus. I can't imagine they'd just put, like, Tom Cotton in charge of the caucus.

  20. I chose cotton because he’s a deranged attack dog, but I see Thune is actually the whip, so yeah it would probably be him.

  21. I'm just a bandwagon Warriors fan (at least I live in the Bay Area), but I hated watching Harden and CP. It was during one of the playoff series that eliminated the Rockets but Chris Paul heard that Stef had reserved some time at the gym for a shootaround before the game, and hurried to get there himself so that he could use it for himself, denying the reservation. Fuck that guy.

  22. James Harden, great offensive talent. But such a massive pussy when it comes to his loser free throw hunting.

  23. Really? how do you think the families of the victims Bout killed feel? Do you think they're happy this murderous sociopath gets to walk free because this dumb fuck brought weed to a country where it is illegal?

  24. We should just let Chauvin out, he’s getting in a few years anyway.

  25. Yeah it’s totally the same when his sentence just started as opposed to a guy who’s almost at the end of his sentencing. Keep crying little buddy. Britney Griner will be free, and you and your little friends can’t do anything about it.

  26. In a world of Saint Bernard progressives, be like Ro Khanna. Apparently he talked with Manchin a ton about this environmental bill

  27. Trout hasn’t even played at least 150 games in a season since 2016, when he appeared in 159 contests. This season, Trout has 326 plate appearances (just counting at bats, walks, hit by pitches, and sacrifice flies), which would be the first regular season in which he’s had that many plate appearances since 2019. It’s been a long time since Trout has been able to have a healthy season. 2017, 2018, and 2019, he was on the DL/IL. In 2020, he lost over 100 games because of covid. Last season, he missed over 100 games because of being injured. Sucks to see that.

  28. George Karl literally questioned it today (as have a ton of people) but ya I’m sure you know way more about basketball than a former NBA coach!

  29. George Karl is also a bitter old man, who probably is triggered since DeMarcus Cousins has a ring and he doesn’t.

  30. This is the best one I think. But I’m also very much a minority on Reddit as a progressive who hates a lot of elements of other “progressives”. A lot of subs bash democrats like a hobby (politics, therightcantmeme, enlightenedcentrism), the “moderate” subs are either filled with cons or “leftists” (politicaldiscussion, moderatepolitics), and the other left leaning subs are a bit moderate for my liking (neoliberal, enoughsandersspam)

  31. You can be an angels fan without being unrealistic. The man said he wants to win, this team has shown that it can’t.

  32. Honestly despite growing up an Angels fan, I hate discussing anything baseball with a lot of you guys because when it comes to fans of this team you guys are just so against hearing anything that doesn’t fit your narrative. You guys talk yourselves into thinking this is a place Ohtani wants to be despite us going for a record losing season and winning being at the top of the list of his desires in this game. Trust me I hear your frustrations but you also need to wake up to the possibility that this team isn’t close to winning anything for a very long time and significant changes need to be made. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he leaves and you guys shouldn’t be either. You guys seriously throw a tantrum when anybody mentions anything about trading Shohei or him possibly walking in FA when both of those things are realistic options. The delusion in this sub & our fanbase in general is crazy. When it happens you guys will act shocked too lol.

  33. I really thought the suckage drove away the homer fans. Guess not 🤷🏽‍♂️


  35. I really really hope MLS doesn’t get political like the NFL has.

  36. It's pretty clear that all these MLS teams and their companies are very political.

  37. Ok so lemme just give a little cute discussion on this fight of Latinx. Ok so I, a latinx non-binary individual, have experienced a language that is completely gendered in naming things especially people. They the o/a, but this excludes everyone outside of that aka people like me. So this was as a term to include people are separate from this spectrum. This is a term that is used by the people of Latin America and is meant to be more inclusive. Language changes with time and if you don’t believe that literally look at Spanish after the colonization of our lands. Some of the word we see now wouldn’t be here without our culture and language. So please don’t discredit this term that endearing to our/my identity because you think it was made by “ucla social justice warriors”,

  38. But I’m told it comes from white people and you’re white if you use it!!!!1

  39. I'm Mexican and when I see SJWs saying latinx you really gotta wonder if SJWs actually care for other races or if it's just "liberal white-saviorism".

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